0-day streak
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!! @zrl enjoy this scrapbook update of me wishing you happy birthday, you are incredible and i am so grateful for the two years i’ve spent here
had a blast @ at the AMA, and the Kahoot before hand! huge shoutout to @dinaelhanan for hosting
Lost my streak 😞 also updated my website
went for a bike ride for the first time in awhile
working with @fiesta to plan some cool stuff 👀
played around with python today and got bored, attempted to build a stupid auto counter in 12 lines of code LOL
Working on a potential scrapbook decorating competition, here’s my scrapbook theme as the homepage Psst..if a scrapbook decorating competition is something that interests you…send me a pm 👀
Did a lot of potential event work today!
spoke at a board of ed meeting today, here’s a screenshot of part of my speech
i drove fourty minutes today to fail my road test for my license, so here’s a pic of me playing chess with my sister
had some fun at an awesome art gala 🙂
Cooking apples, writing code, and having fun!
attemped some bob ross stuff for Art Week, shoutout @melody for hosting!
hours from today
recreated some awesome paintings, but with orpheus, thanks to @clairebookworm
here are my hours from today, really productive day Worked on activities for next week, enhancing Art Week, and more.
Recreating some paintings in the dark today. try and see if you can spot which one is the original Art Week!
my terminal is pretty
plz come to Art Week
worked today on a potential revitalization of hack night! no photo to share, so here’s a selfie!
Things I have made in Figma for the AMA, social media posts for Windy Hacks, BLM content for an instagram page / potential website :figma:
talking with the homies & @dinaelhanan about running some cool art shit!!
Spoke at a board of education meeting regarding SRO’s in schools and our 2020-2021 budget
Haven’t been playing around with sift in the past couple days and felt rusty, so I made a super quick magic 8 ball app just for fun. Also rip my streak :pensivecowboy:
Today with the help of @cwalker I ran a hack club style jeopardy game (Gpardy!) on #hack-night. While it was a bit hectic, it ended up being a lot of fun. I also remixed and made a custom GPardy client to use during the game!! Check it out here
Working on a jeopardy web client to hopefully run a hack club jeopardy style game!
I made an app where you can randomly roll two die!! truly groundbreaking for those who need two die at any given time
Hello everyone!! I have spent this summer so far learning. I’ve played around with more advanced web dev concepts, tried my hand at python, but today I’m super excited to start my new journey - learning Swift w/ xcode. This summer, I want to build an app, and I’m going to use scrapbook to follow my app dev/learning journey. Today, I set up my dev environment and played around with the storyboard and View Controller.