ran a workshop for :teamliquid:'s hackathon with the help of @clairebookworm @jsneak @matthew. @jsneak and I built a multiplayer among us game in 5 hours right before the presentation ontop of @matthew's v2 of the personal website workshop & @clairebookworm team-carried the vibes through the whole thing. started with 100 attendees & ended with 160
found this t shirt today from a whileee back and decided to wear it, it was actually my first ever hackathon (and where i met @zrl + @clairebookwormand a few other hack clubbers)! we didn’t win but we made this system that detects i think breast cancer or some type of cancer, in early stages so you can get treatment before it gets worse.
trying out memory league for the first time and DANG it is hard. shoutout to @clairebookworm i cannot comprehend how she can do this so well lol i got lost at 8 cards
Day 2 of my hunt for the perfect note taking app this school year. @clairebookworm and @rjhangiani recommended Notion, and now I’m addicted 😆. I decided to take it for a spin and take notes of a youtube lecture on smart studying techniques, so far so good!
nice job @clairebookworm w a sick p5 workshop 🙂 ! hoping my hardware grant goes through! yall there r 64 peeps in #osf and counting! check out #announcements, join #osf, and go to the OSF website to find out more info, rules, etc.!!!! TONS of gp for participants in OSF 🤑 :walter: 😁
recreated some awesome paintings, but with orpheus, thanks to @clairebookworm