1-day streak
I love figma
I think this is ship-worthy!!! This is the biggest overkill in the history of overkill: I built a full-fledged platform for Jeopardy-style virtual puzzle hunts (can also be used for CTFs) in 4 months, and I finished today! It's built on top of Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, caches information locally, and pulls competition puzzles from Airtable for easy modifications. It also comes with a companion standalone announcement/alert system for real-time communication with your competition attendees. First run of it will be in a few weeks at a <|puzzle hunt> run for middle/high school female/nb students (you should signup if you are eligible!) Still figuring out how to deploy everything across multiple servers so students from around the world would have no trouble using the platform, but that won't take long! Code is very rushed, but it's completely open-source
ok I guess it's cool to post about this next.js conf thing so :nextjs:
Hardware problem, hardware solution
TIL: Zoom without hardware acceleration is painful
New GNOME setup! This one's really nice =D
Sorry I’m boring and HACKATHON
Probably the coolest thing I’ve done in a while
snapped a moon pic for a school assignment
Day 1 of building actual pages to fulfill our promise of making Execute Big almost 100% transparent: publicizing our analytics data! Check it out at
Made a few cards for my blog theme Ganymede.
Made a CalCentral-style latest-commit project meta display
Just one of those days that I just so happened to want to buy a poop plush for my friend uwu
alright joining the exciting class enrollment gang, 3 days of class only 🤷‍♂️
Just moved to the basement and figured my mom likes to walk behind me even if I’m on a call. So I wrote this “ON AIR”-styled app to make her aware of my status before she runs into the camera 🙃 (updated by an API endpoint, so I can control it from iOS shortcuts, Zapier, or by yelling at my Alexa)
Fall WFH distraction-free setup in basement is ready! Starting tomorrow you’ll be enjoying my new call background :$
Started working on a commissioned piece of software today
Virtual... Virtual DSLR?
took time today to chat with my college advisor 🙂
Changed the streaming name badge to match @melody's Figma-styled overlay! This is what it looks like on the stream when you were asking questions during the AMA.
Hehe flex
Inbox-zeroed for the "day". Now available for the next batch of emails incoming in the evening
day 1 with minimal outreach! this is going well. thanks for a few bug submissions from people we know ❤️
Launch day?
prompt: "all questions are 300 words max" me: f---
That’s something! 🏃‍♂️
Tbt Flagship
300+ lines of code this morning to finish up data feeder for Execute Big Research... We're ALMOST live!
Recorded an opening video for CodeLabs... @Kognise anything looking familiar?
This, my dear kids at CodeLabs, is how you were half-automatically, half-manually matched to your mentors.
Started rebuilding my resume... this time not for college apps or internship application 🙂
I started off this morning by thinking to myself: maybe, just maybe, writing plain HTML code will work for a large form. And yet here I am, writing a mix of plain HTML components and dumbly parsed JSON data partials. I really should start looking into React.
Solved the "Airtable form is way too long" but "API does not support file upload" problem with a somewhat creative approach
Made... barbecue with a family friend.
It’s been 5 years since I got this piano and this is the first time I’m setting up MIDI input and paddle shortcuts on it! I guess I can finally record down my random melody ideas now
Started writing daily check-in and check-out journals so I can be more mindful of what I’m doing every day.
Hosted the WWDC watch party! This was fun.
Assembled a new chair
Another page built! So much easier to review & collect data. (why not just do it on Airtable? Lacks customizable features not shown on UI rn... 😉
Made this autoemailing system for the research project
Removed a broken TV from my yard and found a birds nest with an egg behind it 🙈 ~(my mom’s nails not mine)~
Built a little tooling for a research project that I'm currently working on. Damn I miss writing code.