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Almost done with the schematic part. It's a custom Arduino Uno board. Altium is cool !
Holy Orpheus at my home! The Leap is Here! ~totally not flexing.~
it's ALIVE!!! (amazing work credit to @ky200617) This is just a pre-print, but an order of ~500 will be in production soon.
Its coming....
Seeing it in person is a completely different experience. I must say @ky200617 this has made my week, this is absolutely amazing. This is all so surreal, I am so grateful to be apart of this. Wow.
i have made a couple of things for z internet over the past three days! may i present them to you? first up us Leap Manual - it's an apple inspired manual for the Orpheus leap! ( it's based off @matthew workshop slide deck thingy... i must say mdx deck is wacky next upp is something to help out my student council, we're hosting a physical scavenger hunt but we cant have people huddling around the clues, so they'll scan a qr code to get their clues. i built a website to show those clues, sample: and gems kids this is fake so no hints. but my fav project of them all is the one i made today! with serverless functions and vercel i made this little thingy that allows you to add songs to a spotify playlist because my school is creating a student playlist to play in the mornings and as the student council ~president~ software developer i stepped up and made smth but im actually really proud of it yeet /// i also learnt how weird spotifyss api is its weird im not a fan school holidays are fun times
the trial batch of orpheus leap arrived yesterday! flashed the bootloader and tried out a simple blinky program and everything’s working well
update from the pcb manufacturer! trial batch of bare pcbs have been made - waiting for the components to arrive for assembly
Loved the design ❣️
So excited for this!
L e a p
Orpheus Leap! Also I am going to be the first one in my region to receive it! Its because i won the scavenger hunt πŸ˜‰