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Been a while since i was last here. Lots of things have happened that i want to scrapbook. I actually got a girlfriend, it has been amazing. I've learned a lot more and got back into coding after focusing on school for a bit Learned better React, and I want to start getting into custom CSS rather than frameworks like Materialize. (I want to learn TailwindCSS) I might want to move on and learn NextJS and some other things I am in a competition with my school. I might be the only web developer that is competing. everyone else might be doing Java or C++ or Python I think that is it
Learning about java project building
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Pog java dev time
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taught some kiddos their first java lesson!
java isnโ€™t actually that bad
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Hello I started working on coding a coffee-machine in Python ๐Ÿ to brush up, It looks similar to the gif below:
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public class yeet
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Made fluffy lemon cupcakes! (but no frosting so... muffins??)