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This episode of Song Exploder diving into the experiences/writing/production of Billie Eilishโ€™s โ€œeverything i wantedโ€ is one of the most compelling things I've listened to in awhile overcast.fm/+EwEyvtW8c
The new version of music player to keep you concentrated while coding has released on domecode.com Provides more flexibility and an overall better design! ๐ŸŽต Oh and btw the whole DomeCode project is open-source lol
Been learning โ€œhouse of the rising sunโ€ and my thumb feels like itโ€™s going to fall off
Orchestra concert day, everyone looked depressed (person on the right is me)
Addicted To Homestuck Music Again
:flute: Played around with audacity today.
I am very happy with this and it only took a weekend to make :D
On some music production๐ŸŽง
Wip of another song for my game (yes I put rain in the background)
This is what happens when you add reverb to the toy celesta. Itโ€™s so creepy thanks I hate it and Iโ€™m keeping it in the song
still one of my favorite songs of all time. :pleading:
Experimenting with effects! I love the bitcrusher on the piano, though I may have added a bit too much here ๐Ÿ˜… this is gonna be a small part in a song I might get around to making
New song for my wip game project! Going for a bit of a s a d/dramatic vibe here because this one plays at one of the s a d/dramatic parts-wait spoilers- Also yay experimenting with key changes
Here is a beat I made using my SoM project, its nowhere near perfect but atleast its something๐Ÿ˜„ (Disclaimer: I am a noob at digital music production)
:party_orpheus: :party_orpheus: :party_orpheus: When I googled Orpheus, I found that orpheus is an musician mythological character in greek. So, to make my orpheus meaninful, I tried to make an Musican Orpheus with headphones. hehe hope you like it. :party_orpheus: :party_orpheus: :party_orpheus:
made big progress on the som project โ€” (display that listens to live music, and displays album cover) with @ahenikoff
I got my music recognition to work (hereโ€™s just quick thing to prove i got it to work haha), it is an audio recording of music, for my #som project!
Making a song, made up some lyrics but instead of singing it myself I made a synthesiser sing a little acapella sort of thingy ^_^
resurrected this old playlist from the ancient archives
When you try to make a soothing sounding song but end up scaring yourself with weird chords
Fugue analysis ๐ŸŽถ will be posting more of my coding soon!
How about a little bit of music today? I made this tune in beepbox.co and transcribed it into Garageband ๐ŸŽต :)
Quite literally making music in notepad...being able to say that amuses me.