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Just opened a pr for /z! Hopefully it doesn't break /z.
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ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship Last november, I chose to write a novel. Why you might ask? I'm not sure myself, but all I know is: no regrets This is why I am incredibly excited to be launching Breaking Barriers, a novel about hope. This digital-first novel is something I've been working on for a while, and I'm THRILLED to be launching it as a fully-digital and free novel Technically, I finished writing the novel in March, but to be honest, I've procrastinated the actual release just a little bit. Unfortunately, adding this to my website has now held myself accountable for my actions, so I hope you enjoy. Gratefully, the novel is open sourced, so yeah: free for all, available to the public, you can edit whatever you want! Now, mind you, the writing level is not at it's peak. When the writing process began, I decided to tailor it towards 8-13 year olds. For this reason, the writing may seem a tad too casual and the grammar, well, purposefully lowered in complexity. Essentially, I wanted to create a novel where learning about autism at a young age was not too difficult. Autism, eh? When did you mention autism? Well, the pushing force for this novel was actually to teach kids about autism through a novel. Autism is rarely taught, and when it is, the content is subject to stereotypes and opinions. The novel features Ryan Williams, an autistic teenager in Ottawa and his journey to become a lawyer in the 21st-century. As he breaks the barriers of societal norms, he builds friendships and new skills along the way. The naming may not be very creative, but we'll keep it as is for now I'll probably post about it on Instagram tomorrow, but in the meantime, check it out at Want to give feedback, make sure to make a PR! As always, open sourced at! To get started, just click "Read The Novel Here", and your journey will begin. I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to show y'all a few more things I've been working on. Until next time, a coconut with purple food colouring
Kinda finally nailed how to make a commit on the command line, and also created my first branch
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somehow with all the workshops prs @matthew just merged i made it into the top contributors in hackclub/hackclub
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