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Friday night
went to the opening night of guzman y gomez!! my mum made friends with the owners who are australian
https://cloud-lbgo5kwd8.vercel.app/0img-20210122-wa0001.jpg https://cloud-lbgo5kwd8.vercel.app/120210122_193156.jpg
I forgot about scrappy for a while and lost my streak:( I recently started school but I didn’t get classes with any of my friends which made me kinda sad and I haven't really felt motivated to code in a few days. But today I got the idea of building an app that counts how many tortillas I eat, (I eat a lot of tortillas, I'm Mexican what did you expect) I've always been curious about how many tortillas I eat in a year. So the idea is an app that sends me a notification every day. First, it'll as me if I ate tortillas that day. Then It'll ask me if I ate the tortilla in a taco, a quesadilla, a burrito, or just a plain tortilla. I separated them because when you eat tacos here you usually get 4 tortillas, if you eat a burrito its just one tortilla, and the amout of tortillas in a quesadilla depends on the kind. Then it'll ask me if the was flour or corn tortilla. I want it to give me insights on how many tortillas I ate if I ate more flour or corn tortillas and the number of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas I ate throughout the month, and of course at the end of the year the total number of tortillas I had. Anyways, here's a picture of the tortilla I ate today IMG_4798
Worked on infrastructure today, my most visible ship was a refreshed website footer. Made fish tacos with the team.