0-day streak
finally got me wabsoot running!
a mood coming from the gc
i love my friends
One of the makers of Geist-UI starred Banur’s geist-flutter package!!!!~!
i am really happy w my deca exam scores lol
👋 Helloooo everyone! Ricey here back at it again with another shippy ship for @paevik! Back during the dinosaur era (i.e. last week) in the mvp, there was just the bare minimum: you could only create entries and post them to #journal. Now, @paevik is a fully-fledged app for journalling! V1 includes super cool things like searching by ID and Date, custom files (encoded in blocks bc Slack is stupid), a timeline view in the homepage, and some username trickery! Everything in the backend’s been refactored too—an API is in the works, and everything is super secure too! Some really awesome things are in the pipeline for the next version (I’ve decided to hold off on implementing anonymous journal entries for now), like: • Journal entries from #scrapbook entries • Notifications & custom feeds (you’ll be able to subscribe to other users’ public entries) • An API + website for exploring For now, you can get started by running /entry , or going over to #journal to see what everyone’s doing! :parrot_love: 📝 📚 It’s been a lot of fun building Paevik, and I can’t wait to see what y’all will write about! A really special thank you to everyone that helped me test this monstrous creation—it really helped a lot :) As always, you can find the source over at github.com/rishiosaur/paevik :D
Holy crap my favourite actor just followed me wtf?????????????
Found my endgame rice y’all
first win in a long time :)
redis is my new favourite thing
this has got to be one of the best days of my life
at long last, i finally submitted it!
today was a good day for #rapid. I finally managed to get all the realtime connections sorted out (now I just need to implement!), Eleeza made an absolutely beautiful work of art for me, and i’m finally happy thanks to @ktm!
this is why i fell in love w hack club
Writing up a sweet new lesson for Exercism’s markathon!
Haven’t been on here for too long. I’m back, hack club!
don’t be stupid. #motivation #entrepreneurship #grind #100daysofcode
NEW PICREW ALERT ⚠️ @ktm made this amazing frog for me :)
I went biking today at a new trail: Mono Cliffs! It was super nice; there were loads of flat plains punctuated by the occasional lake or stream. I’d rate it 10.5/10
👀 beta camp really do be 🔥
Rappy rappy rapido
1700 contributions! My goal is 2k by the end of summer :D
here we go!
Today was an overly trashy day. @malte cheered me up quite a bit though!
25 members in #rapid already wooo
Rapid explore page 🔥
I just had one of the most interesting conversations in my life w/ jamie wong of figma!!
It’s been a while since I listened to jazz. I love it!
Making some more pages for Rapid with the amazing @safin.singh!
Current vibe: inverted socks, sneakers and sunshine 🌞
Another day, another concept exercise :)
I love this!!!
on a slack call with some super awesome people for beta camp!
Went mountain biking with my friends again! My bike chain broke, but it I’m working on it :)
Today, I’m starting to volunteer for Exercism full-time :) super pumped for the next few months!!
Two things: 1. An enormous ship is coming in ~a month (w/ a bunch of other hack clubbers) 2. I finally think my garden is ready to be shipped! Sneak peek:
@caleb, you must carry the torch forward.
Made hot chocolate from scratch for the first time!
Had a super cool webinar with the head of x.company today!
Graphql queries are like trees, so here are some to calm you downs
GraphQL is so freaking cool
Aesthetic plants
Have I made it?
Hacka hacka hack jack
one day this rivalry will end. today is not that day.
ok this is a scrapbook-worthy moment. i somehow managed to get the Matthew Gleich onto the Rapid team!!!!!!!!
Messing around on the piano, found a familiar melody :)
Kombucha, summer, sunset.
This is genuinely such an amazing event. @amogh, great job hosting. I’m having a blast!
my startup is FINALLY incorporated!!! :ultrafastparrot:
dammit, he’s doing it again
40km mountain bike trip done. Topics discussed with myself: the nature of learning, effective modelling, and why school isn’t worth it.
I found raspberry bushes!
Today was a good day. I had a solid few hours of productivity, finished off a chapter in my textbook, and had a few sync meetings. After this coworking call, I went on another walk. Topics discussed with myself: hidden competition, how we can be ‘colourful’ people, and what the colour maroon means.
Morning walk. Topics discussed with myself: the nature of competition, why universities are fundamentally corrupt, and the ethics of hacking.
Mornin walk a few hours ago
Got a sweet new lamp
i have a golden number of contributions in the last year
Max Stoiber call!
Scrambled eggs!
this is never going to end, is it
just merged a monster PR
I found a seagull that knows how to vibe
Time for the morning walk!
resurrected this old playlist from the ancient archives
Early morning walks are the best
First cucumber from the garden!
Exercism Markathon went super well :)
These messages make me so frickin happy 😊 <3
Working on Exercism!
Cherry Browns actually sound nice :)
TIL that when you delete a message, it just turns into a special type of Slackbot message
that’s a lot of reactions for a ship post
Ladies, gentlemen, everyone in between and not, I present to you the reason I love this community:
annotated design system I worked on a couple weeks ago
throwback to the time that I made an encrypted bday card for @msw
Made some hot chocolate. Taking a break was a really, really good idea.
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…? my tweet about mobx got liked by the creator of mobx?!
Battling imposter syndrome, taking a break. Professional development is hard.
Zach liked my tweet!
1400+ commits!
Haven’t played this in a long time
animation for my personal website! :yay:
sam has an unfair advantage
v3 of my personal website!
caleb has just committed an act of war. we will not forget this action. 👀 👁️👁️
sam isn’t letting up and it is not funny. i need to beat him
promo materials for next year’s club!
holy crap
Dragon claw!
workin on some OSS stuff :)
Went mountain biking with some of my human friends, and ended up making friends with a caterpillar!
Time to finally get started on this :p
Foam for VSCode > Notion
Indie, summer nights, and chilling with @c a r o t. What more could someone want?
Mountain biking, gardening, vanilla chai, oh my!
Oh Canada! Merry Canada Day, everyone! :ultrafastparrot: :canadaparrot:
hawt damn
i remember this feeling so well
here we go!
Here we go!
something’s in the making 🤫
some more c++ practice
Finally started my UI Design course!
finally got all the boilerplate code set up for my startup dev team!@
it's that time of year again! Time for a site redesign :)
final edits for the programming contest!!!
Just switched over to ripcord! I don't think I can ever go back.
Finding songs for “View”
Circuit diagramming
le homework
the first solved problem on codeforces!
finally signed up for codeforces. Hopefully this is the start of something new!
Building a terrible soldering station :p
Dad really liked the brunch
Bunch of stuff for Father’s Day!
Bike trip from a long time ago!
Throwback to last weeks bike trip
Woot! First programming contest!
started the next unit in my c++ course!
Nearly done the summer promotions rubric!
won a science kahoot by a fair margin :)
We made cookies! 🍪
I’ve finally taken the first steps in studying competitive programming—learning c++!
Photo shoot featuring Daft Punk, custom themes, background from designcode, and my iPhone!
Finally got a nice spicetify theme set up!!!
finally got PlatformIO set up with VS Code for my Mega!
First part of my first hardware project is done: a customizable LCD combo lock!