0-day streak
:vercel: :nextjs: :hackclub:
the donald
its not wrong though
i am an artist
Feeling cute today
Come on
Tell me this isn’t some of the best shit you’ve ever seen
hi. I got tagged here but then nothing showed up. someone deleted something 🕵️‍♂️
TIL finger <name> is a legitimate unix command
After a long hiatus, I’ll be dropping something big in scrapbook tomorrow. Enjoy this blank square for now
so uhhhh… ig you could say some shit went down in the slack today. feeling pretty conflicted and confused about everything that went on today
ken’s coercing me to learn nextjs
Hack Club chess tournament turned out pretty great
@luke’s helping me make a slack bot
Decided to jump onboard with everyone else and change my profile picture!!
Got some more hardware parts today
p chill day today. Did some programming. Messed with typescript + serverless. Here’s my wallpaper for today (I think it’s the Oculus in NYC?)
the vercel team really puts out some amazing stuff. I saw previously that Hack Club had their own version of this and I found it to be really cool, but I only now realized that Vercel developed the original version of it.
found a really cool app
and here’s a really nice wallpaper
got stuff to work over in #homelab
drooling over these designs
Haha haven’t seen that in a while. I can go to bed in peace knowing I have a quiet day tomorrow
Adafruit sure does deliver fast
looking into serverless
Thanks Sam!!
hell yeah I’m going to post an update in scrapbook!!
watched what is probably the greatest thing to have ever been invented. all credits go to @isacisboss718
hi. I’m back. Pretty sure I was supposed to be muted for a few more hours, but whatever ig
got actually banned from lounge and now I can’t even join it :sad_pepe:
rip me
when absolute stupidity wins you game
Here’s another low quality post for more people to complain about. Gotta keep my streak going :)
I’m somewhere in here
created a small little thing that automatically takes what on my clipboard, creates a short link, and copies that to my clipboard. Needed to be able to run this with Alfred, so I experimented with a bunch of different stuff and it was a pain, but finally got it working in the end. Here’s the repo: My explanation of it was kinda botched, but I’ll add more info to the readme soon.
Reviewed some PRs. On phone now and can’t send any screenshots, so here’s a picture of Ken instead.
went ahead and privated + achieved a bunch of repos
travis fails to build when all I did was add ONE comma come on, Travis. I expected more from you
rip the internet
I might’ve missed scrapbook yesterday 😬
nice wallpaper
switched to Vercel for my website hosting
this has been taking way too long
me too!!
hi everyone!! 👋
Couldn't do much today bc computer kinda broke since I ran some commands that I probably shouldn't have 😅. Tried to get help from Apple Support for over 2 hours, but that didn't help at all. Ended up having to completely reinstall my computer's OS :/
Things aren’t working and I’m sad
might be looking to publish my first npm package today/tomorrow 👀
Github Actions are my new favorite thing
ejs is cool
I didn't really do much today, so here's the Spotify page of our newest presidential candidate instead
found a cool site
Played a really close match of 4 player chess with @Luke, @Steggy, and Evan
testing out a new anonymous bot by Victor!
set up spicetify
working on my shopping list
webpack stuff
learning how file compression works
updated my tutoring page
switched to a new terminal
Goodbye Things 3. You've been a fantastic task manager and you are beautifully designed, but it's time for me to port everything to notion
messing with webpack
trying to understand sql
looking to see how I can hack icons8 to be able to easily set a custom color for all their icons at once
It’s been a while since I last used Notion, but I’m hopping back on it and slowly setting up my homepage!