🎏 I drew the flag for #flag-referendum! Featuring: pirate Orpheus, doing a salute pose, pointing ahead. I thought about doing it when @KaraMassie asked me whether I was entering or not. I thought about it, then went to the #flag-referendum channel to look around. There, I saw @KrishnaBansal-U03CBNJUWJG’s pirate Orph and immediately got inspired. What if Orph was wearing a pirate hat?? 🏴‍☠️ It was a fantastic idea. Scrolling further up, I saw @LiterallyEverything-U04LNE9HEFK’s saluting Orph - the pose added so much personality to the character. (And, one of my personal design/art principles: ✨ personality ✨ - not always in the literal "character trait" sense, but something that brings life into the art.) Scrolling further up, I saw @JamesXiao-U04EQJ4RRHA's logo - which is genuinely just a well designed logo. It fits both the tech and boat vibes - so why not replace the traditional pirate skull on the pirate hat with it? I've honestly just taken in a lot of inspiration from everyone who has submitted a flag, even if it's not as obvious as the ones I've listed above. As @cwalker says, it was truely a community effort and couldn't have been made without the rest of y'all. So thank you all!! I hope you enjoy the flag as much as I had fun drawing it :yay: