Debugging and fixing bugs in Sprig with @Omay
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trying to make @Omay's 2D life game run on the device. The problem is, it's using x2 as much memory as the pico even has. Yeah. right now, it uses getAll to find all of the tiles on the map that are "living" or "dead." however, Omay's map is 1028 tiles large. So there's 2056 tiles between the arrays and their clones. I'm going to rewrite it so that instead of using getAll, it loops over the map using for loops. I think this will use less memory because there won't be any arrays in JavaScript holding all of the tiles.
lol so the past few days have been a foggy haze of trying to get @Omay's hit sprig single, Sokoban+, running on the device and like it was kind of basically working the entire time (good) except kind of it would crash at the start (bad) but i can make it not do that by not doing a different other thing (the bootup screen) but WHYH!?!? why bootup screen make game crash later? and how to have both? HOW TO HAVE BOTH? HOWWWWWW