1-day streak
psa: f*ck cloudflare
Today I played cookie clicker and discovered that the whole earning system relies on a single function (I’ll let you find it on your own). Then things got a little bit out of hand…
I’m not that good at drawing and graphics design but I made this logo for my new GitHub org (What I like to call a startup without the bureaucracy) that @Odyssey346, @Midou, @akisblack, some others and I are working on: Neutron Technologies.
Today I called my ISP for the 5th time complaining about how I can’t open ports 0-1023 and I found out what I had to do to fix it. And it worked! I currently have my raspberry pi and portainer network forwarding at port 80. I also learned how to use the nginx reverse proxy to show different pages depending on the subdomain!
Today I had to migrate my data over from an old freenas server via cli so I learned to use most unix commands for data handling with their most important flags such as ls, df, cp, mv, mount, umount, mkdir, split and rm. This is the so-called server: a decapitated Clevo laptop from 2009
Today I watched the Hackropolis Teachable Machine workshop @cfanoulis and co. did last Wednesday made by the one and only @matthew (happy b’day btw) and made a proof of concept implementation of the children’s game 007 (some call it James Bond):
I went outside today (I know, shocking innit? There was no power or internet so not much else to do) I built a snowman with a friend.
Day 2 of Pico desk clock, didn’t have much time today so I worked on the Fritzing Hardware schematic.
Day 1 of making desk clock for the RasPi pico, I implemented a date selector (with days in a month actually being based on the month and whether the year is leap) as well as made the input controls for the system (output is currently USB serial but will be i2c display)
Soldered the pins on my raspberry pi pico and wrote a little program that turns the led on when you press the button
For all you Raspberry Pi Pico fellas with macs that use vscode (that narrowed it down a lot geez), I made a repo with all the hard work of getting the pico-sdk to work in your development environment already done! All you have to do is follow the getting started guide on the Pico website!