Hai..I am Farisha KR from KMEA Engineering college. As a part of hackclub along with @aamilemam007 @jesnasiby424 @hazy904 @salmanbava2001.We are come up with our first project as a part of hackclub kmea. Our first project was frontend of a online store  . ThankYou @beegumfathima2314 for giving such an oppurtunity.Special thanks to @itsmeabjs @antonytomrahul @aadhil35 @iqbalbasheer646  for the support. Thankyou @zrl for giving such a platform for us. Looking forward for more projects.
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HI , It 's me Hairunesa Beevi of KMEA engineering college. As a  part of HACKCLUB along with @kcabdulrayees. we are presenting our first hackclub project ,here ,is our first UIUX , corresponds to an E COMMERCE (online shopping), Special thanks to @zrl and @hackclub109 for the OPPURTUNITY, Also I express my sincere gratitude to @beegumfathima2314 @antonytomrahul for your support and  @roushisiddiq09  @riswanaea63 @nujoomrahman98 @salmathrahiman313 for their guidance.
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Hey i am @muhammedraees2824 of KMEA Engineering college. As a part of hackclub along with @shaiquefareedhbabu. We are contributing our first project as a part of hackclub kmea, Our first UIUX ( ) for a social media site for every traveling personals who can easily find their destinations and share their experiences along with communication. We are thanking @zrl and @hackclub for the platform they provided to us, It's a great honour to be part of the such a community. It's a pleasure to being with everyone and conveying our special thanks to @beegumfathima2314 and @antonytomrahul for your support and @riswanaea63 for your supervision.