Assembling Assemble (:scrappy:-edition) #1: Spent the weekend tying up loose ends on the logistics front, writing more code for Scrapbook @ Assemble (name suggestions, please!) & preparing the ceremonies. Most importantly, however, @deven, @benjamin & @kunalbotla are in town so we went around exploring Vermont! It was lovely to talk about the hackathon with everyone (alongside other, slighly less stressful topics) and to get geared up for a jam-packed week.
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Just updated BrainDUMP to support Tag Colors so it is easier for you to differentiate your tags and thoughts. thanks @benjamin for some help with this!
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All of our Mintere sites are generated by components so you can’t do fancy stuff like negative margins and what not 😞 but anyways in Figma, I’m used to just generating a Macbook/Desktop Frame and scaling the height by x to get the exact vh for each section and then I do the fancy stuff with absolute positioning and negative margins. Fast forward to today and I noticed something super interesting one of our designers (or both idk) which is really nice for componentized design. I might just use this method now cause it’s easier than scaling the height by x and trying to remember the original height. cc @ben tldr: Use Auto-Layout with individual Macbook/Desktop frames and make your developers happy :)