yeet speedy me caught up with all the hardware grants and DMs (though just through my last meeting that's ticked back up to 12 dms so gotta check them all), also had a couple of meetings tonight starting off with a OnePwaa org get together where we planned out our post-COVID camp situation and then a chat with @msw and @roshan about "sending money around the world". Finished off the night chatting with @itsmingjie, @saharsh and Tyler about CodeLabs but it turned into people bullying Airtable so... idk what photo to share so here's the pizza I heated up today 🍕
had a call with @iamcpdev (& recorded!) for the HOPE project ( 😄 unfortunately i forgot to take a picture whoops and props to @itsmingjie for being a lifesaver for an emergency call and basically advising me on bank, mch, and life lmaoo (ps: does the background in the 2nd pic look familiar? 👀 @/tylerfromcodeday)
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Finally, the request got accepted for the Github developer pack. Thanks, @itsmingjie, and Team Hack Club.
I have broken my streakkkk so I’m gonna give up. Today I saw @itsmingjie get a seven day streak
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I wrote a quick serverless Airtable-based link shortener! Inspired by @itsmingjie's version, but super stripped down (only ~20 lines of code) and hosted on Vercel. 🔗