0-day streak
Day 6 - Worked on some Google SEO for my website! SEO still confuses me slightly, since my page shows up as the first result on Edge but all the way on the third page of Google results. The whole concept is very new to me, so I'm learning through trial and error. I also finally got around to making a final commit of my completed (as of now) site - :github: My website is at - let me know if you have any suggestions for it! I'm hosting subdomains on it as well so that I can practice some other HTML concepts without wrecking the main page.
Day 5 - I worked on graphic design for the first edition of the Girls in Aerospace Magazine! It's been so awesome to work with a team of girls around the world to put together this magazine. I'm super excited as we get closer to the release date; it's a lot of work to coordinate with people all around the world but it'll be worth it for the final product. Official publication is on Dec 31, 2020, so only 17 days to go! Super super nervous + pumped 🌟
Day 4 - I published my first article on Medium! It's about what evidence of humanity may be discoverable by other intelligent life forms, and what remnants of our civilization will define us after we're gone. You can read the article here! 👽
Day 3 - Participated in Round 2 of the CyberPatriot XIII competition. Out of 2186, my team is currently 402nd (top 17%) nationwide, and around 45th place nationwide in the All-Service division, and well as 2nd in WA state All-Service. Learn more about the CyberPatriot competition here if you're interested! This round's machines: :linux: Linux Ubuntu 16.04 :windows10-windows-10-logo: Windows 10 :windows: Server 2016 as well as the Cisco Networking Security Challenge. Next round will include a Debian 9 machine, our current scores will hopefully qualify us for Platinum!
Day 2 - two different projects that I worked on today: 📲 LTEz (iOS app) - cleaned up my code a bit and fixed some bugs that I had currently. I’m struggling with having location services work on the app, but have a plan in place to continue to build an app in a way that will hopefully fix those issues. Tomorrow, I plan to set up CoreData so that I can start storing the user’s home locations permanently. :firefox-nightly: Personal Website - a few nights ago, I decided I wanted to build my own website from scratch. I had never worked with HTML, Java, or CSS before, but worked with trial and error and ended up getting a full site set up in 26 hours. Today, I cleaned up some of the animations and made some finishing touches. You can view the completed website here. Next steps will be to clean up the mobile version.
Day 1: I've been working on a mobile iOS app for the past few months and have decided to start documenting it on Scrapbook. To see a summary of what the app can do for you, click here to visit my (unfinished) personal webpage and scroll down to the Projects section. Here's an early prototype of how the landing page of the app may look, stay tuned to watch me struggle to remember to post regular updates 😎