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Big ship coming up! 🚢 :shipitparrot: Over the past month I’ve been porting all of Node Slack SDK’s :nodejs: :slack: packages to Deno :deno:, and today I’ve finally completed a major step — I finished porting Bolt ⚡ (and all of its dependants)! Presenting, Slack Bolt for Deno, a TypeScript :typescript: framework to build Slack apps using Deno rapidly with the latest platform features ⚡️ • GitHub :github://> • /x/ :deno:: This completes a major part of the Deno Slack SDK :slack-deno: 🎉 cc @safin.singh @Jeffrey @sampoder @rishi @caleb @mugaboverite (pinging whoever I thought would be interested / is involved in some way 🙂)