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Today, I've started experimenting with some configurations for my Raspberry Pi (mini DIY server) to find the most optimal solutions. I was comparing RealVNC vs xRDP (which I've been using for a long time), and found that the VNC protocol is likely the better option compared to the Remote Desktop Protocol (now it's my favorite). I've tested different categories, mainly which one was lighter. On my Raspberry Pi 4B, VNC had less ram usage. Now this may not seem a lot, especially on my Pi 4 with 8GB ram, but VNC may make more of a difference on Pi models with less ram, such as my 1GB Pi 3B. Out of the box, RDP has better resolution, but with some configuration, I was able to get VNC to display 1080p resolution. Also, something that I found as potentially useful was the fact that you can connect your Pi to a VPN, simply whitelist the VNC port, and you could connect and login remotely to the Pi via VNC while it is connected to a VPN (I wasn't able to do that with RDP). Next, I'm planning on testing out OpenVPN versus the Wireguard protocol on my Pi, because I'm thinking of using my Pi as a DIY VPN server (and a way to have access to my home LAN outside of home, with minimal port forwarding), in the near future.