0-day streak
alright ODI #2 let's see who takes it this time
oof not the best match for India, its ok though, both India and Australia gave it their best. The match was very entertaining and I had lots of fun watching it.
Not related to coding but, I am super excited for the India v. Australia cricket match today!! Rohit Sharma isn't there but I am happy at least Indian cricket team is back to action!
Currently learning docker, having so much fun with this course! I learned how to manage containers and am currently working with this image called nginx!
Starting to learn Kubernetes today, excited to learn!!
I just love the C++ STL
just created my LeetCode account, am excited to get started with solving coding problems
have my pitch contest today, kind of nervous but exited, hopefully I won't do bad
not anything big but just added some more css to my personal website where for each section it changes color when you hover it with a duration of 2 seconds. Hope I will be able to do more today, have lots of tests so busy studying for that, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to do more.
started to work on user authentication with Firebase for SoftAce, a website for software engineers to host mock interviews
Just starting to work on the signup page for my project, SoftAce.
Finished working on my "about me" website, happy I finally have one 🙂
Finished up the welcome screen for the project I am working on which is called SoftAce, a platform for software engineers to host remote coding interviews and mock interviews. Can't wait to continue working on this project!