1-day streak
Spent the weekend mentoring and judging for StarHacks. It was a great hackathon + opening ceremony. Great work to everyone who participated. Time for a nap and calculus now!
Long time no see Scrapbook! I created a virtual gratitude wall last night. My club collected over 500 responses, so I coded a word cloud and designed a website to display info. Happy Thanksgiving! :aom:
Added some dimension to my room. A few of my favorite postcards I got from people around the world. ❤️
It has been a hot ~minute~ week since I posted on scrapbook. One thing that happened though was that our team was able to get the creator of C++ to speak at our hackathon event. Super excited! 🙂
I played MINDNIGHT for the first time w/ friends - that was a lot of fun! Thanks Adin.
I am redesigning my school newspaper website so I made a maintenance page that redirects to this gif haha. Edit: I accidentally said our twice in the message. I fixed it!
I watched Korean drama, did some research planning, and college apps 🙂 here's an illustration of Prophet Orpheus dino I drew for the Hack Club GitHub repo
I found out about the OpenAI GPT-3 a few days back but this is really fascinating. As the article said, it's like the ultimate autocorrect based on what a person wants. We are just getting started folks... Other than that, I went on five meeting calls today preparing pitch presentations, lab meetings, etc. It was a blast but I am pooped right now. I am going to go to listen to some music and sleep earlier than I normally do today. :sleepingparrot:
Great AMA - thank you Alex for talking to us and @dinaelhanan for hosting :parrot:
Experimenting with emojis in python w/ friends. The good news arrived in the mail. Hack for the People launched today. College app shenanigans. The research project is making slow but steady progress. All in all, it has been a nice day so far! :obama-parrot:
Guest spoke at a CA state call with 115 participants this morning about the importance of voting. (Pre-register or register to vote if you are eligible!) Other than that, I finished the first draft of my research proposal and I am watching a documentary right now called Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World
Last day! 📸 Saw two deers, read, and listen to music on the road. I uploaded some photos from my camera!
Day two of the road trip! 📸
Day one of the road trip! 📸 Explored Monterey. I’m currently doing some lab work and drafting my research proposal in the hotel right now.
Finished stats for behavioral science homework, went on a nice walk, and created a Typeform. Small victories! While I was putting the Typeform together, I realized how we may have to rethink the way we measure data and how to incorporate inclusivity into it. The number of choices, variations, and the way the questions are worded can alter a person's perception of the questions. Hence, their answers may not be statistically representative. :monkahmm:
Homemade cookie dough mochi ice cream 👩‍🍳
The scrapbook is a cool way to reflect on small bits that happens day to day. Went on a nice drive and read a book while listening to music on the trampoline. About to code some more and finish a unit for a course.
I couldn’t sleep so I am starting to code my personal website
Made homemade Korean spicy rice cakes (떡볶이) :yay:
I made a quick zoom background for the AMA tomorrow (mirrored version)
I didn’t do too much today so here’s a photo of me trying out different Zoom backgrounds!
Putting together a UI/UX course for an organization 🎨 :meow-party:
Attempting Kanye West in code pointillism style
Taking a (social distance) walk along the beach today. Happy fourth!
TIL at my lab meeting that someone is trying to make a model that “integrates components which writes, executes, and assess code to perform a randomly determined search over the semantic space of possible programs.” This could be a possible game changer in code 🤔
I started my first episode of Rick and Morty today. I got hooked and I am on episode five now! Doing some late night readings for my lab meeting tomorrow. Trying out a new annotating tool called Scrible.
Inception 👀 doing lab work
Statistic problem sets
Watching Spirited Away while finalizing the design for a website
I am about to built my first personal website whoop whoop. I am excited to experiment with my own site
Tie dying a shirt. I accidentally forgot to wear gloves though :p
Took some notes from my lab meeting today
Today I ended up talking to some friends I haven't talked to in a while, wrote some emails, and continued working on a brand style guide for a project. I discovered d3.js not too long ago and I'd like to continue learning more about it in conjunction with data journalism. I have 112 data sources I found so far by scavenging through Google searches at 2am. I looked at Since Parkland for some inspo. I really like their collage js animation and infinite parallax like website. It was a pretty chillax day and I am content with that!
Creating a brand style guide for a project
Learning more about stats in behavioral science for my cc class
Redesigning and brainstorming for a website
I am currently playing around with Figma. I am designing my personal website! 🙂