this epoch sticker is getting scrapped because @tejasag came up with a way better idea 👀
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🌲 More adventures in the Redwoods! Have been learning the ropes of GraphQL by creating a rough posting system for #scrapbook-dev :D Something I found really hard was limiting updating & deleting, which I finally managed to work out tonight using Redwood’s Directives system: redwoodjs.com/docs/directives and some wonderful help from @tejasag. We really need to jazz up this form…. I’ll post a bit more in #scrapbook-dev soon!
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Today I learned more about Nix :nix: thanks to @tejasag! I have a better understanding now about nixOS, nixpkgs 🗃️ home-manager 🏡 nix-darwin 🐠 and other things! I have a better idea too on how this kind of dotfiles works.:parrot-nix: As well I'm finally working on my website again! I never finished last design so this is going to count towards my first version! 🌐 Also yesterday I managed to de-cypher 🔓 and enter Hack Club :hack-club: 2022 summer event :tw_bridge_at_night: website! It was so much fun and a very interesting project! I learn a lot of things from this like OpenSSL! :cat-on-the-laptop: :tw_unlock:Lastly, somehow I saw Vercel's 404 :sadmac: page for the first time while checking my projects dashboard. :vercel: :sphere:
Haiiiiiiiiii! Big ship(for me, but not really big lmao) I shipped a prototype MailCorgi a while back, as a python based application that could purchase the cheapest labels for you. Now, I'm reshipping mailcorgi, but as a slackbot. If you're in my channel or talk to me about mail, you've probably seen me rant about @maildog and how the labels are: 1. more expensive(shipstation does not utilize USPS commercial price base) 2. slow(uses airtable + zapier) 3. breaks sometimes(ughhhhh) 4. is very not flexible(why do i have to buy a 10 dollar label, refund it, just to ship a sticker envelope to another country????) With these points in mind, I built MailCorgi, with the help of @deven and @tejasag! MailCorgi is a python based Slack app(using slackbolt) that can store addresses, orders, leader info, nodemasters(using supabase :supabase:). MailCorgi can buy shipping labels(if you give it a shippo API key. It will by default purchase the cheapest shipping option), and can also not buy a label and just generate a 4x6 thermal label with address information. This gives you the ability to just stick a thermal label on an envelope(#6.75) with address info(goodbye ballpoint pens!), or buy your own shipping labels(so that I can get ComPriceBas on my USPS labels and discounts on UPS too) Oh, did I mention? Mailcorgi is significantly faster. I actually timed it: Making a mail mission: mailcorgi: <1second, maildog: 30 seconds on a good day, NaN sometimes Creating a label(no shipping label, just address): 45 seconds + for maildog, <5seconds for mailcorgi As you can see, these are not just incremental upgrades in speed(sorry max, but you're not in this channel so i think i can roast maildog) anyway, i think that's mostly it but i have a screen recording of a mailcorgi demo :D