:forsyth-hacks-label: forsyth hacks (#forsyth-hacks) happened on November 18th, 2023 and was an overall success! at a point we had around 60 attendees and overall had an amazing time with our theme ⚡ (electricity) as well as workshops ranging from @ajs2’s jams to a mini UI design competition. and finally, the hours of food, coding, new friends, and projects (everything from a storm tracker app to a platformer game made w flow!) personal highlights of the event for me was probably the conversations i had with new people :heart_hands: the whole day, the chance to mentor a group into creating their entire project - from not having an idea, to developing and shipping it 🚢, lightning talks during lunch (like the one about jamstack by @davidm) 🎤, presenting an APIs workshop :postman:, the amazing swag we were able to handout (including string bags, polaroids :tw_camera_with_flash:, & stickers), and of course the presentations at the end! i want to give a huge thank you and shoutout to the following: • @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA right hand man all the way and helped make my website design a lovely reality. (can't wait for 3.0) • @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV for the fresh new perspective and ideas for the event & an awesome workshop on how to not make crappy UI design (as well as the mini:figma:competition afterward) • dj! for the most amazing design and logo for the event :forsyth-hacks-2-bulb:. (or "sick sticker" as sam poder himself deemed worthy) • everyone who attended! we had over triple the amount of projects than last year and over 80 registered by the day of! • and ofc everyone at hack club :hackclub-party: who cheered me on all the way (and :bank-hackclub-dark: ofc hcb grant- this event would not have been possible without this :money-printer:, and from the bottom of my heart i am very grateful :blobheart: ). ◦ i had an amazing conversation with @theamazing0 in the middle of the day about how special hack club was to me and how he's in the process of discovering this love for the community as i did a year ago. ▪︎ this spread of love would not be possible if not for the support of more hackathons and more clubs around the world! 📷 full photo album: photos.app.goo.gl/RdvvgMmpD3rpioNc6 :githubparrot: hackathon website source code: github.com/SFHSHackClub/forsyth-hacks-v2-site