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A few days ago I started working on WorldCup.js, a node library for worldcupjson.net (browser support coming soon). Now it’s done! Feel free to try it out or suggest features and changes. WorldCup.js covers almost all of the worldcupjson.net API complete with caching, ratelimiting, and self-hosting support (live subscriptions are almost ready…) I hope some people find it useful. github.com/yodalightsabr/worldcup.js
OK, football noob here. 🏈 I know nothing about the game, the scoring, or why it even exists. 🤷‍♂️ But I am a TV broadcast nerd, so I made a CSS version of the 2019 NFL score bug! It also happens to be my first project using CSS Grid. Most of the CSS classes are like whitething and yellowthing 'cause I actually don't know what they are 😂 codepen.io/cjdenio/pen/MWKreMZ
Designed a poster for my father what with it being Father’s day