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Created a flyer for finding volunteers! :)
Day 43 of #100-days-in-public. Today I worked on routing my board. Per @karmanyaahm's suggestion I decided to route by hand. While I was doing that I reduced my trace width by .054 millimeters to .2 millimeters. This enabled my board to actually be routable. I also talked with @Micha and they suggested a few changes such as putting my capacitors closer to the chip, which I am going to do now. In robotics tonight I helped assemble the parts from a leaf blower we took apart the other night into a FRC legal blower. The goal of the blower it to blow open the trap(Polycarbonate flap on the hinge) so that we can shoot a note(12" foam ring) into it from the ground. It worked pretty well with a NEO 550. Tomorrow I am going to CAD a 3D printable version of the duct and mount to save weight, as well as switch to a 775 for a 11000 rpm -> 18000 rpm increase.
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