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Not to take away from the legendary Vermont Vibes, I rebuilt my personal site (same layout & stuff) using Astro + Svelte + MDX instead of my old SvelteKit + mdsvex setup. I have to say I like astro and how it works - very easy. I also blatantly stole a toast from wack club to advertise hack austin. All in all, I'm glad I did it because it gave me familiarity with astro - like I think I could be just as quick as SK considering SK's routing got a lot worse recently. reeseric.ci (here's an image to please scrappy)
so long, and thanks for all the dinos Thank you everyone who made Assemble possible!! It was just so amazing to meet people who Iโ€™ve only talked to online :blobheart:, speedrun the slides for my workshop at assemble :partyparrot:, run around at midnight trying to figure out what was going on with the ctf :org: This was probably the best weekend of my entire summer โค๏ธ Iโ€™m running a hackathon this September, and will totally take inspiration from the vibe and everything at Assemble. And if youโ€™re in the bay area, please come, Iโ€™d love to meet you!!
Last weekend, the :assemble: Assemble team launched ticketing.assemble.hackclub.com, which allows attendees to upload their physical or virtual vaccine card ahead of the event, and will soon open up for pre-event COVID testing. A ton of work was put into it by the team: @tetraoxygen built the backend for Assemble ID and vaccine verification, I built a website for uploading vaccination proof, and @sampoder added the finishing touches like the Assemble theme and copy. The repo has been private for a bit while we cleaned up the codebase and improved security and stability, but now itโ€™s public! If youโ€™re attending Assemble and you havenโ€™t already uploaded your vaccine card, go to ticketing.assemble.hackclub.com and do it before Tuesday. :github: github.com/hackclub/assemble-preflight-web
i worked on a carousel for the new JB website
I wanted to give a mysterious dystopian vibe to The Corgi Mafia, and one common way to symbolize mystery and fear is distortion. Duplicated pictures of a corgi (generated by DALL-E) with low opacity close to each other does the job quite well. I intentionally abandoned any color schemes to give off a chaotic vibe. The color grading that makes it look orangish was done using the plugin Spectrum, WHICH IS A PAID PLUGIN (free trials ftw) that does something similar to what I could do for free by adjusting the saturation slider. As for the glitchy text, I used Morph which is thankfully free. Morph can do other effects, like neon text and glassy windows. Finally, to blend it all together, I used Noise!
Yesterday, I ran my very first IRL hack night at our house in SF! We had a couple dozen people drop by throughout the evening and make everything from ai research to a perfect word generator w/ gpt-3 (and people were coming until about 2 in the morning! new first for me in hackathon organizing) We started off at the house, then went over to Noisebridge (a ridiculously cool anarchist hackerspace about 2 blocks away from us) and made some music and synth visualizers :) all of us ended up coding until the wee hours in the morning, and we had some pretty sweet people show upโ€”Jacky, Pranav, Ben and the cofounders of DeepAI! still trying to get over my sleep deprivation but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out <3
I have almost returned! (As of writing this I'm in the back seat of someone else's car driving to the airport in Florida) My parents got bored of me, so they shipped me off to a 7 day scuba diving trip in the Florida keys with everyone's favorite (all American ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ) child molesting organization! Accidentally touched grass, got vomited on a second time on a boat, discovered how much you can price gouge popcorn if you don't let consumers escape the camp (10 fucking dollars for a bag of popcorn), and managed to do 11 dives in the week (I never want to see water again) I'll be back in Vermont in about 7 hours where I can return to the usual schedule of hiding in my room on my computer avoiding social responsibility Since I was tragically not eaten by a shark, it seems like I'll be back to making stuff here. I'll try to get a small ship out soon
joined bank :)) thank you @abby for pitching it!
Elder 3 (Neel)
The 3D printer at HQ is set up with OctoPrint, a web interface for controlling the printer. Itโ€™s hooked up to a webcam configured to take a time lapse recording of each print. This is a 1-hour print in 7 seconds!
just randomizing
Spent the last couple days cleaning up my room and giving away books and clothes that I'll never read or use. It feels a lot nicer, despite still being horrible! It's insane how much stuff I had hidden away. So many hundreds of books... I found a comic I made as a kid :>
Coworking and coding w @rishi on the bus because the grind never stops
Found these in book fair today
continued learning about the cpu and worked on a diagram to *TRY* explaining what i understand :))
progress with a map editor for gamelabโ€ฆ can now parse sprites from the code. still have to, like, actually write the editor bit, but this is good progress! (although while writing this i realized that ced is actually right and thereโ€™s a better way with hopefully fewer edge cases.) *wow, look at this, two scrapbook posts in one day. shouldโ€™ve done the electrical engineering one like two days earlier but i kept forgetting.
We've made some updates to the Gamelab Beaker Repo! We're now tracking project progress with GitHub projects and issues. If you want to stay most up to date you should follow along there. This week we got some tile-based puzzle games to run with our new game engine on the Pico. Check out the demo below!
Recording down some of the great conversations I had with my grandpa about his time in the military :DDD
One last sunrise.
writing assembly in a google doc. itโ€™sโ€ฆ some sort of version control! lmao
saw some cool natural park service style artwork & decided to make some of my own
Tried a different style during class!
My cow ๐Ÿฎ ๐Ÿ„
Cloned @sarthak Perfect files on GitHub, and worked on a site using Vercel/NextJS. Thanks @abby for the slideshow tutorial!
Learning :gopher: to contribute to devzat
I put in a spice rack today! I did a bunch of measurements to figure out what I could fit, found some shelving on Etsy that I liked, ordered it, learned how to stain wood and stained them myself, then learned how to seal wood and sealed them, and then finally put them into the wall using a drill. I've always been intimidated by projects in the โ€œreal worldโ€ because if you mess up, you can't always undo your error like you can in coding. Trying to become more handy has been something I've been spending a little time on over the past year. Really proud of myself for this!
Working on a small project to pass functions from the backend to the frontend without worrying about API routes and parameter parsing. Thanks @ced for helping me figure out parsing the JSON body
It's been a while since I started having my Biology Lab classes and it's been awesome so far! ๐ŸŒฑ And tomorrow I'll have my first chemistry lab class! Also today I used @clairebookworm music visualizer and it was amazing! I tried it with Imagine Dragons music and a BOTW Lo-fi Playlist and it was great. :triforce: This reminds me I have to learn Three.js! Also I check out Spline! spline.design A very interesting 3D Design tool!!!
I finally got this to a working state! It's a PowderToy / Noita cellular automita based simulation. So far it includes: โ€ข Ambient Heat Transfer โ€ข Really annoying fungus โ€ข Erosion โ€ข A lot of pixel types โ€ข Dynamic res with a weird workaround โ€ข State changes โ€ข The smartest moss you've ever seen โ€ข The dumbest flies you'll ever see โ€ข idrk I've been working on this for a few days, and its the most enjoyable project I've ever worked on. PRs are welcome, and post anything cool you find/bugs/ideas If you've got a slower laptop/PC use 64 px screen btw henrybass.github.io/SandSim Idk if this post would go better in ship, but this still is a WIP with tons of bugs
I wanted to learn how to build my own search engine, but didn't like the speed of web scrapers and the deployment of most alternatives. When I came across the search API, it hit me: let's build Google with Google. Well, moogle to be precise :cow-face: Using the Google Search API and a few hacky solutions, I just published the Custom Search Engine workshop!! vv excited to see what other hack clubbers make :hyperfastparrot: The best part about this workshop is customization! if CSS is your jam, then this is perfect to make something that you love. i would love any feedback, or just to see what y'all come up with!! Workshop: workshops.hackclub.com/custom_search Code: replit.com/@rajnagrwl/search Happy Hacking!
Yesterday I got my first stickers envelope from MLH! It's from an old hackathon I participated in, although I did not expect to receive them! Today I continued my research about Handshake Domains, I'll try to get one very soon, seems like a good web3 project to get my own TLD personal domain! :hns:
My very much work-in-progress rendition of Czardas, a fun piece for solo violin
Today I decided to record and edit some piano music. I think it ended very good.
Today I finished the basic CSS part of my freeCodeCamp web development course! I also created a repo for my website! I plan to upload my files for it soon! Unrelated to code, I also started a new Spotify Account with the music I like and I've been discovering thanks to hack clubbers, also thanks @clairebookworm for following me back and for your awesome music recommendations!
Guess what? I'm back!! Almost done with applying to colleges, I just need to submit my three CUNY schools now. Woohoo! Good luck to everyone that applied this year- also happy new year :celebratoryrat:
Hi everyone, Its Muhammad Ahsan from Hack Club BZU. Our Club got approved in August 2021 and till now its the best experience to leading, learning and managing. Today I'll share the Glimpse of events, meet up that we organized during this time Period. We are mostly doing things offline and hopefully we'll also conduct online events soon. I'm very excited for Upcoming Time. Thanks to Hack Club for great opportunity and @gabruharsh244 for such smooth onboarding and Helping. Happy New Year!
my first app with the django framework!! after a month of reading thousands of docs and binge watching tutorials, I finally deployed using aws about a week ago!ย volunshare.org VolunShare is an app that allows any volunteer to log and get their hours verified! Still in beta but VolunShare passed the 20 users mark yesterdayโšก.ย ย Feel free to give me feedback I'll be on the hacking grind after finalsย ๐Ÿ™‚
I got sTicKeRs! Thanks to @deven :)
beautiful sunset tonight. trying to learn how to make good timelapses with davinci resolve.
testing <3