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Day 3 & 4 of #15-days-in-public (Cause I asleep yesterday.) Yesterday I still go to Ka Chat with my friends, but today. I started my work by choosing the web framework, Right now I struck with Svelte (for now,) and starting making simple site (Using some help.) and pretty much it, (I have school tmrw.) Goodnight!
I'm currently on a school trip to York for a week (from Czechia)
Day 117 || 3 of #15-days-in-public Started a big media project about asking questions for school today which ate up a lot of my time. I checked my Magic 8 Ball's production progress and found none.
#hack-hour worked on re-writing the language specification for my langjam language after i lost it to the woes of borrowing a school laptop
#hack-hour just completed new project for school
Day 114 Not much to do today. I am currently waiting on things for the two main projects I am working on so I decided to try to get a head start on a little (5 minute) documentary I am doing for school about a biological control project (introducing one species of bugs to get rid of another) in a park near me that ended up half working with the bugs introduced to solve the issues becoming dominate. Unfortunately, my footage got mostly corrupted due to the recording setup I had. Going to try again tomorrow.
Cleared of my todos for the school year and began planning for the summer...
:shipitparrot: 💌 #leaders and clubs ship :shipitparrot: 💌 i spent the last week working on Leaders Letters, a new blog article page for running advice and sharing stories - from club leaders, for club leaders. this was heavily inspired by purdue hackers blog and @matthew. when i read technicolor last year, my club was nonexistent, my administration had probably blocked me on email, and i was on the verge of quitting. but at a time like this, i somehow stumbled upon this beautiful piece of writing and the words "EVERY SCHOOL NEEDS A HACK CLUB KID". it forced me to realize that my end goal was to create a space for students like me with hacker culture that just didn't exist. okay, maybe i wouldn't wear a hack club sticker cape - but i could definitely be the "hack club kid" at my school. i found a second home in hack club and through the process, was empowered to start a similar ecosystem at my own school. fast forward to today, not only does the miraculous club that i once dreamt of running exist, but we have people like @TishaKaur @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA @AanyaKungwani from that club who have gone on to become a deeper part of hack club through hackathons, #days-of-service (#blossom), #forsyth-hacks :forsyth-hacks-2-bolt:, & #the-summit :leaders-summit:. we have had huge meetings with successful workshops that have propelled people to join hack club, but mainly a lot of smaller ones that just seem like hanging out with a group of friends and creating projects :taco-dance:. this year, i had the greatest pleasure of onboarding @PaulKim, @michelle, and @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV and we've created an even larger cohort of metro-atlanta hack clubs who are working to create #hack-the-aquarium :ocean-magic_wand:. when i joined hack club, it was something extraordinary and out worldly and allowed me to find "my people". when i became a hack club leader, i was given the platform and tools to help others like me find each other and a school-wide and now city-wide tight-knit community in atlanta. i am just so grateful i took this jump after hearing all the experiences of past leaders. leaders letters is written in next.js :nextjs: and tailwind :tailwind: and will be updated with monthly leader blog articles or stories that need to be shared. the goal of the site is to serve as a stagnant place for the greatest memoirs that will help boost and inspire future leaders, and in the process allow current leaders to have their voices heard. :heart-eng: my final ask is if you're a leader who wants to share your story, don't hesitate! send me a DM or make a PR with the instructions in the repository! and more importantly, if you're not a leader, apply to be one and remember that it's never too late to start. trust me, it literally changed my life and every day helps me change others' lives as well. :githubparrot: github.com/sahitid/leaders-letters 🔗 hackclub.com/letters huge thank you to @fayd & @ShubhamPatil for moral support and helping me with the website coding. also thank you @matthew for the inspiration (from realizing that technicolor & future letters needed a home). and lastly, thank youuu :blobheart: @SarahDowden for the moral support and conversations that kept me sane through the work.
Day 103 Started working on a Bin to Onboard jam! I am planning on making a magic 8 ball with a OLED screen, accelerometer, and a piezo buzzer. Today I wired up the OLED screen and buzzer in wokwi, and got hello world code working for the display. I need to do a bit of research for the accelerometer before I implement it. I also went on a hike & finished up a CS project for school.
Finally the last day of school here only got 3 finals left
small :college-board: AP week ship!! my school lets people 🖨️ print 15 pages a month for free at the 📚 library, and that’s awesome! however, students are only able to print from 2 slow shared ⏳//print.dino.icu|Print>! Print lets you drag & drop a file and get a short ID code to print it in one click from the shared computer. it’s nothing too special, but it’s a lot more convenient print files now at my school. feel free to try it out at print.dino.icu. the code is open source and available on github.
i fixed my school's student info web scraper that i havent touched in months so its brand spanking new and reuploaded to npm ^_^ will definitely document better later but i am gonna use this to enhance mybla!
hacking hack hour at school
Me wishing school tomarrow was the April fools joke from my school
:kitty-dance: 🌸 *days of service ship incoming:* :kitty-dance: 🌸 Blossom 🌸 was held in Atlanta, Georgia from March 15-16th. working closely with the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta :girl-scouts:, i had the privilege of organizing a day-long event that brought together a team of high school female mentors and dozens of eager girl scouts. beginner girl scouts embarked on exciting journeys - from crafting their own PCB :pcb: keychains that they later had manufactured through #onboard to delving into an introduction of javascript :js: to code drawings on #blot the drawing robot. every girl went home with a unique new hardware or software project that they 100% created themselves, but most importantly, the confidence needed to pursue coding further :blobheart:. we also had a brilliant dinner (with ricotta balls :blobby-doughnut:) the night before with 28+ women in technology and STEM who guided us with their stories and experiences in their fields. all the high school mentors and i were fueled for the day ahead of us by the end of the night:half-salute:. it was so motivating to see girls who had never touched code before leaving the event with the confidence that they had a place in the world of technology & finished projects that they could show off. 🔗 website: blossom.hackclub.com :githubparrot: github repo: github.com/hackclub/blossom 📷 day of service photos: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-XnTK7QPwufdo4flwsF7syqOoZwB0z6C?usp=sharing 🥂 women in STEM dinner photos: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-WR0RY4SCYAOzAD3T-Z6aT0_DYBsNGgj?usp=sharing thank you to @MariannaLudensky @NilaRam @christina695 &amp; the whole <!subteam^S06A2EGQ29M|@blossom-team> for the wonderful event we pulled off, hopefully inspiring many girls along with each other through the process.
First day of school back from spring break freedom but yesterday when I was in break still , I was looking at me 3 raspberry pi’s I have , one is a b+ 2017 version ( I brought it to leaders summit) , wanted to do some cool stuff with it and decided on building a retro pie, with built in cooling through some fans and heatsinks and retro controllers and case , and I have some amazon gift cards from my bday and earlier stuff so I’m planning on using that all for this , it’d be pretty good to have a retro console i put together.
Dang it I lost my streak i think i forgot to post yesterday| Anyways My #onboard pcb is arriving tomorrow, Im Excited and can't wait to showcase it at school to my hackclub
Wish me luck guys today my principal will view the club proposal
JLPCB PCB UPDATE: | Keep Posted Guys In A While I Will Post Images of my club making their pcb's for #onboard |
I built a student portal/site for my school! In the future, there may be AI and official district portal features thrown in as well, but at the moment it's primarily being used for my school's course selection since that's what's happening right now at school. I'm so happy to have finished building it! It's a project that I've been hoping to launch since my freshman year of high school but never had the coding expertise to execute, and now it's open-source and live for the 1,700+ students at my school to access! Using Next.js, React, and the magic of the Google Sheets API, I was able to sell the course catalog that my school has (and I now encourage you to check it out)! It's now available at mybla.vercel.app :D It's been awkward walking around and seeing people compliment the project due to seeing my name in weekly announcements but I'm happy that it already has a happy user base even after being released for a short while.
I put some posters up at my school!
In Rwanda for a docu project with school! About to finish week 2 of 3 and having a blast! Yesterday we visited the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund Museum, and it was super cool! More updates in #jasper-does-circus-plus-cats and here when I get back :)
Day 12 of #100-days-in-public, I didn't really do much work because of school, but i spent a little while on this
Day 12 of #100-days-in-public! Spreading propaganda around my school
Day 10 of #10-days-in-public, prolly going to actually get to work on my original project tmrw! Watched a video and created a bunch of sample plugins. I would do more, but I have school hw 😞 . Also I got nerd sniped yet again by discovering thesephist.com + github.com/thesephist. The coolest thing is that Linus apparently used to work here
this is me, 8th day of #10-days-in-public, but this isn’t me doing nothing, this is me after the meeting with the school directors to approve the Student’s Union plan to allow students to vote through SDEPid (the facial recognition system)
Day 6 of #10-days-in-public: i was way too busy with school and robotics today to work on my website but I got to go to a maple syrup farm on a field trip and work on my teams robot; only one auto mishap today!
Day 6 of #10-days-in-public, we can't actually show this (cuz we are now a team), but we have decided a different approach, instead of knowing who actually is each person, we are going to discard those who already voted, so the program now searches for people that already voted. And we are going to provide this tool via MDM to our School's iPads. And we finally finished the Forms and Excel infrastructure, plus the letters, both for those classes in which the voting is finished and those in which not, they are now finished!
day 1 of #10-days-in-public too! I'm currently making some stuff related to facial recognition on my school to ensure that everyone that submits a form actually is a person! we've got some hackers @ my school lol
Going to cooking school
Yet another missed scrapbook day! (i am very bad at this) Spent 4 solid hours teaching fellow students to use the laser cutter/dealing with problems, then helped out with a middle school robotics program. In other news working on a new project 👀 (i cannot stop starting new projects and never finishing them please help :tw_sob:)
New "work" from home (school) setup
Today we had a posada at our school for the Christmas celebration and made breakfast tacos!
Helped wire up some lights for school musical! We’re putting up blue light to help techs see better!
#vermont Snow day!!!!! ❄️ (for those from warm places, this is when school is called off due to snow and/or ice)
Fine Arts Extravaganza @ my school #100-days #100-gord
Making and selling bracelets at the school fair…this is one of my 100-day goals- starting an Etsy with this…
Drew this in school
T-67 Days until Orpheus wins! Okay so I'm literally writing this right before I go to bed. I'm super tired because It's been a long day, but here are some notes of what I did today! • Started reading They Both Die at the End. It's really good so far, and I'm halfway in. I'll probably be a bad kid and stay up and read some more • I practiced esperanto on duolingo... I'll probably step up my practicing this friday because I'll be on my way to camp this weekend again. • Finished the rough draft of Episode 2 of my serial novel, Zero Gravity (now publishing on Kindle Vella and Wattpad!) • Explored some new songwriting ideas • Got my learner's permit... Oh, and my license to kill, but that's a secret 😉 • Wrote some stuff for school • Wrote this little scrapbook post Anyway that's all, folks. Stay hacky! PS: You get... A bad 11pm selfie because I took absolutely zero pictures of anything I did, and I don't want to spoil the next episode of Zero Gravity (even though it's kinda predictable tbh)
T-69 Days until Orpheus house wins! I was really tired/dehydrated/whatever from school and stuff today, so I didn't do a lot. I recorded a recording of Love Story lyrics over my version of Romeo's Love Story, but it's really bad quality, so don't blame me if you listen to it. Ofc, I kept duolingo-ing. Stay hacky and go team Orpheus! youtu.be/1FDxpyPjV3o (Romeo's Love Story + Love Story)
mmm, there's #100-days left of 2023 - what better way to kick things off than a revamp of my life? 💜 introducing v2.cytronicoder.com, the latest edition of my portfolio which I started last year. featuring the comeback of my ✨ projects ✨ showcase, as well as a brand new purple theme + profile picture rotation based on my Slack profile pic over at slack.cytronicoder.com! :slack: additionally, non-hacky stuff: I opened up (sourced?) my two spotify playlists @ my profile (psst listen to the alternate version its honestly better) and my React workshop @ buildingbloCS! go check them out, and feel free to reuse the workshop materials :roo-love: finally, i'm really excited to tell yall that my abstract on single-cell embeddings and spacial distributions (quite a mouthful tbh) has been selected for both a poster and oral presentation @ GIW ISCB-Asia 2023 :partyparrot: now comes the part where I go on an indefinite hiatus to work on my final paper, presentation, and poster + school summatives
i got around to updating our school's page which included 1. adding emojis to each header 2. adding a donation box
learning rust! (frankly because I'm procrastinating doing school work)
Hello Delhi, I have got multiple submissions on the 10th and I am roaming around... I have a love-hate relationship with my school
#w-of-the-day day 159 Summer's approaching, that means its time for unnecessary but important school projects season :angry-duo: I have to complete a project for each subject of mine so I'm starting early
In May 2023, I have, for the first time, sponsored & organized a hackathon! 🎉 The event invited fellow students of all levels of mastery in computer science, and allowed participants at my school to form teams, make friends, innovate, win prizes, sharpen skills of all types (computer science, entrepreneurship, and beyond), and have a fun & memorable experience. 🎁 It was also a major personal goal for me that I am happy to have achieved before I graduate high school. :smiley-twemoji: :thumbsup-dino: Taking my past personal memories at hackathons I've attended, such as BetaNYC (March 2020) and Hack Club's Epoch Vermont (December 2022) :epoch: The 2-day-long McCown Hacks :mccownhacks: also made a great closing to the third year (2022-2023) of Gaynor McCown Hack Club :gaynormccown:, and an awesome milestone of my nearly complete high school career 🎓 , in which my passion for computer science was sparked! :gaynor-mccown-gradient: McCown Hacks website: McCownHacks.hackclub.com McCown Hacks 2023 (inaugural event/first year) website: 2023.McCownHacks.hackclub.com