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Played in a Mario kart championship at school today. I won and didn't lose a single game.
#w-of-the-day day 67 Its the senior meaning its also my turn to go through the college application roller-coaster, i made a initial college list and attended a tufts virtual open day. I came late from school so that's all i could do (and studying chem)
Day 5 ๐Ÿค’ Sick I had some trouble breathing at school and got home earlier. Thanks asthma! I'm now fine, but I didn't go to any of my activities today, and I won't tomorrow as well, so I will work on a few things! :netflix: Mr. Robot Watched the final episode. This is a masterpiece, go watch it. :duo: Swedish Duo wasn't mad for yesterday. I did my Swedish today, and he seemed ok. I think... ๐Ÿ“จ Letter from HQ I got a letter from @Holly today, for a riddle! Can't wait to solve it with my Hack Club today! I just noticed that it was written on 3rd of February and it came today... Thanks Hellenic Post! :tw_spiral_calendar_pad: Tomorrow Boy, I have a lot to do for tomorrow! Gotta study some C, work on that Python project I haven't touched, update my website, do my Swedish, study Ancient Greek (WHYYYYY) and other school stuff. That's a lot ๐Ÿ’€
WHW day +6: after hours struggling with wifi connection, I have succeeded to get on hack club slack and make a post on the scrapbook. Here is what I did during my week without internet: โ€ข print time on serial monitor thanks to the RTC library that I've already install (i have also displayed them on my lcd screen but i forgot to take pictures) โ€ข read some books about C programming language to code my arduino better (don't have C++ books but it was the best I got without internet ๐Ÿฅฒ) this week I went finish my holidays to the mountains ... but I forgot to take my arduino ๐Ÿ˜ญ no progress this week sorry if my project take a long time to get finished (I think i'll not be able to continue during school)
Day 3 Not a lot because I kinda procrastinated ๐Ÿ™ƒ ๐Ÿซ School stuff I had to study the most interesting interesting subjects today. History and Ancient Greek (pls kill me). :netflix: Mr. Robot Wow this show is good. :minecraft: Minecraft The empire is growing :duo: Swedish I did my Swedish just in time. I'm safe tonight. :tw_spiral_calendar_pad: Tomorrow So tomorrow I won't have time for coding cause I have a ton of school work to do ๐Ÿ˜ž. I have school (not yay), swimming practice (meh), and math tutoring (yay!) and then homework, including a history test (not yay at all).
Day 10 of the Winter Hardware Wonderland :winter-hardware-wonderland: Not much done today, Iโ€™ve been a bit caught up with school at the moment โ€ข made a to do list for future updates to the code Make sure to check out the GitHub repo (Puffball101961/rgbmatrix) if you are interested in replicating my project
Day 8 of WHW - #hardware-party - I wished I got work done but today school happened to have more work today so hopefully tomorrow I will finish off the project.
Could not post yesterday because I had FTC states, and today I was running UniHacks! But yesterday I tested the battery pack in the deepend by using it as a base of operations for controlling a monitor and powering my backpack, leaving only one cable running in and out of the bag.
#w-of-the-day day 48 #hardware-party day 0100 i got called up to school to receive an award, that was fun but that took a whopping 8 hours so no progress today. besides, how on earth do i read this rst code? i might have to either a: rewrite the code in node and use trello's official library, or b: use the API directly which is going to be a lot of junk code oh well future me will figure it out
~I promise the sprig gaming controller is coming pls~ :prayge: Doing some research + planning for my upcoming consumer choice exhibition at my school! My product is โœจ plastic water bottles โœจ and I'm looking at various externalities. I also started designing what my actual board would look like! :roo-yay:
Day 2 of Winter Wonderland #hardware-party :winter-hardware-wonderland:, building Project Oreo, a custom rubber ducky. On the software side, I got CircuitPython building in a Pure Nix Shell. Turns out, some Python libraries are built using flint instead of setup.py. Thankfully, there's a mode in Nix to handle that. I can now modify the code that ships with a UF2 by default, making deployment just a one-file-copy (very important when you have 20 of something). Next steps: Look at Micropython manifests to figure out how to include data/image files in the UF2. Track the received setup packets (host fingerprint), and make a function to transmit those to Python from C. On the Hardware side, my friend designed and 3d printed the first prototype of the case at school. It doesn't quite fit (see USB Port area), so needs a second prototype.
I have written my basic FlyOS web console framework. But in China, school starts at 7AM and doesn't end until 10PM, so I don't have much time. However, I just need to work hard on the weekend and will finish my project quickly
Mohan Day 2 update - github.com/hackclub/winter/blob/main/vmss2009.md Collaborated with my friends in school. Got RFID that is in working condition. Now I could see that RFID reader/writer is able to read/write RFID cards. vmss2009-winter-hardware-party
:winter-hardware-wonderland: Winter Hardware Wonderland! :winter-hardware-wonderland: โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž โ€Ž IntelliBag | Day 1 The first day of making IntelliBag! (name due for change soon). Nearly all my parts arrived in a last minute Amazon order, which worked out perfectly. This project is intended to be a โ€œsmart backpackโ€ with a bunch of cool new features everyday! And today, for day 1, Iโ€™m doing a dry run of all the USB-based โ€œwiringโ€ and electronics. Iโ€™m going to keep all the electronics hidden in a secret flap of the bag, with waterproof port covers that are easy to access from the outside. Plus, the extension cable will be conveniently located next to the laptop slot. Even when itโ€™s not in the bag, this setup is super powerful! Iโ€™m using a USB power bank thatโ€™s connected to a powered USB hub - this way, I can power any device I want and even give pass-through charging to my laptop! And the power bank itself has passthrough charging, which means that if I plug any USB-C charger into the external port, itโ€™ll start charging every device in the bag AND store some charge in the battery itself! But thatโ€™s not all! The power bank supports both input and output for that port, so I can get high-wattage output too! Iโ€™m so excited to see how this all turns out - itโ€™s going to be amazing! Diagram Below!
โ„๏ธ WHW Day 1/10 It was storming this morning so I got the joy of rushing downstairs to start waterproofing! I had much panics. After that, I had school. When I got home, I spent time updating sensor accuracy and adding a status LED. All in all, I also got a lot of valuable weather data to work in making observations with! Tomorrow's Agenda โ€ข Start on real enclosure โ€ข Work on power sourcing โ€ข Deploy Video server โ€ข Join a Sprint ๐Ÿ’จ Picture alt text: A picture of the night sky that finished off as clear. It looks like I won't need to worry about the waterproofing tomorrow!
Officially an alum now, Thank you for all the good time, BGS National Public School
Day 1/10 of #hardware-party! Got everything I need for the project now. I'm going to really start tomorrow because of school work and my 3d printer not working properly.
Iโ€™ll be posting everyday at 6:00PM CT to allow for some building time after school, iโ€™m a bit late but i got caught up in bandaid mod, tape mod + laying out switches and keys on my desk!
Me abusing my school accountโ€™s unlimited storage to store mc server backups
Random child from my school spinning my water bottle (dw he consented to this photo)
school ugh
:grid: I present to you all, Teacher Font Bingo, a bingo card filled with ridiculous fonts you'd see in teacher slideshows and other assignments! Go about your school day and see how many you spot! :grid:
#w-of-the-day day 29 nothing much since school tommorow and a physics test too, i did sort all my electronics though so thats a win
Did some api typing... damn school days take it out of me
In order to reach sticker epiphany, I have add a few just a few more stickers onto my school laptop collection โœจ
Optimized my โœจ Java Snake Game ๐Ÿ for a summative project! Originally, it was flickering and lagging really badly on the slow school computers. I rewrote the method used to paint the components, that removed the flickering. Correctly implemented Timers, which got rid of most of the lag. It should be able to run faster without problems now! It feels so much more smoother. I'm excited to #ship this when I'm done!
#w-of-the-day day 9 but not really cause SCHOOOOOOL!!! :blob_sad: not much happened cause, you know, SCHOOL did some extra work on winterlings and did some coding problems cause why not i'm gonna have to decide whether i'm taking part in #hardware-party or not, doesn't help since apparently my finals will begin at the same period of building the items :confuse:
#w-of-the-day day 8 site's ready and builds fine locally, but i have no clue why its not deploying in production school tomorrow so gotta sleep early (pain) so gonna have to debug this later ugh
working on my school's cs club website! it's coming along really well!
School's out for now! :yay: Winter Hardware Wonderland proposal submitted! โ„๏ธ My Sprig is almost here :D :sprig-dino: A new workshop is in the making ๐Ÿ‘€ Hacky Holidays everyone! :christmasparrot:
taking the Vestibulinho ETEC exam for the first time (the most competitive exam to attend technical high school in Brazil), this year just for training
Day 19/10 for #10-days-in-public , I had my spanish final today and so I got a half day. After school I went down to the library, studied and coded some backend stuffs for oblong
Ran two Hour of Code sessions to the grade 7s and 8s students at my school with my school's CS department students! Super awesome, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it. Here's a generic screenshot. Thanks to the teachers that organized it! :)
Day 8/9/10 of #10-days-in-public! ๐ŸŽก I helped organise YALA, a 5-days 4-nights leadership and personal development workshop series, at the NUS School of Computing. I worked with other bright minds across the world, and I am really thankful to everyone in my organising team for all your support and backup in handling every YALA scholar and being amazing organising leads. Additionally, I want to thank them for helping me host my first ever coding workshop and the subsequent hackathon :parrot_love:
school test scores are out! passed the year
wrote a simple bytecode-interpreted language while bored at school today (read thread for details)
day 9 of #10-days-in-public! currently drowning in work at school, so i only fixed up the meta data of my website slightly.
hey everyone! here's my update for day 8 of #10-days-in-public! sadly, i didn't have much time to work on grooovy today since i was up in central london, but i did do a tiny bit of work on it in cs club after school! (also, here's a picture i took of st paul's cathedral!)
day 6/10 today i didn't do a lot of CAD but I started working on a website for Tesla STEM solar, where we are trying to make our school sustainable. gofund.me/520a2e06
School Event
day 3 of #10-days-in-public! today, i worked on the layout of my project page on my personal website! been super busy with school and ecs, so i didnโ€™t get to work on things as much as iโ€™d been hoping to. anyways, hereโ€™s how its coming along!
I said I was not going back at posting things on my scrapbook :hack-club: but I'm back with the #1 day of #10-days-in-public! :10daysinpublic: I'm going to be trying to get better at drawing on my iPad and finishing my last final exams for this first semester of Med School that is ending! ๐Ÿงช Here's an image of a frog I colored in Procreate! :procreate: ๐Ÿธ Hope to keep the streak again! :salute:
hey fwens :hyper-dino-wave: for the next 10 days, i'm going to learn more about airplanes and flying by completing a private pilot ground school course and maybe some other things โœˆ๏ธ source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=alLh1Jdqwvg&list=PLUl4u3cNGP63cUdAG3v311Vl72ozOiK25&index=10 specifically, today i learned about how to communicate with control towers and how to get weather data while you're flying :)) day 1 of #10-days-in-public
I worked on my school project which is a simple text-based RPG game, its written in go :bongo: since ive been picking it up recently and i thought this would be a great way to sharpen my skills and get better at the language.
Iโ€™m going to implement a TrueSkill rating system and weekly power rankings for the foosball club! Im also going to see if I can get my school to let me use :bank-hackclub: HCB trueskill.org
Yo, it's been a minute. Been busy with some school stuff, made this quick website for one of my government class projects. We had to research supreme court cases our teacher gave us. (I got Mapp v. Ohio) mappvohio.vercel.app/posts/mappVOhio here's a screenshot ๐Ÿค