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Made a complete reservation system. You can sign up or create an account. Once you have account you can go to dashboard and have access to gui menu to make a layout of you restaurant after that you can have reservation for individuals tables. These reservation can hold info about the customer and can be changed. Everything is also auto saved with your account. It automatically log you. lastly there is full stripe integration. This is my largest project with 96 FILES and 15489 LINES OF CODE. bestseat.study - this is domain but sometimes it does not work so here is the other domain rsvp-sys-next.vercel.app
finished my programming project and study on SPH Simulations using Pygame! I also wanted to simulate the water going through a maze from a video I watched. #scrapbook github.com/devjoshi0/hydrodynamics-maze
I made a website where I post study notes of various subjects and the units within those subjects at my school. I haven't posted any information on it, but it will be added step by step. web app link: study-web-nu.vercel.app GitHub link: github.com/userbooi/study_web
Today, I finished the sending functionality for individual files in my wrapper for github.com/schollz/croc. I faced a lot of issues with this due to lack of knowledge of the language, and had to consult some AI to figure out where my code was going wrong, but I studied the code and modified it to fit my requirements. This was written in GoLang, and used raw HTML/CSS/JS in the frontend. My Repo: github.com/CrazeXD/croc-desktop
I created a discord bot that has a lot of features to help you for school! It can help you create a list of upcoming tests, quizzes, events, etc. and it will remind you the night before so you don't forget. It can also calculate your GPA! (It calculates GPA based on my school's GPA system). I usually do GPA calculations and create a list of upcoming tests manually, so now it's nice to have them all automated! github.com/Lilac7597/Study-Buddy Demo:
The whole day was spent studying for the test
Car painting study from a photo! (github)
I’ve done more work on Lexify! • Camera ◦ Added flash ◦ Improved camera icons and overall layout ◦ Added requirement to highlight word before sending ◦ Added zoom ◦ Improved new terms animation & data fetching ◦ Added quick button to dictionary • Settings ◦ Created settings page ◦ Incorporated settings in notifications, practice page • Practice ◦ Improved MCQ style • Overall ◦ Added gestures for swiping left and right to change screens ◦ Added daily notifications that send if user hasn’t completed studying that day
sfbayareadrugstudy.github.io My drug study is done as far as I can go! It doesnt look like much, but it has hours of interviews and research in it. The link at the top is another project I am doing that will hopefully go into greater depth on training a neural net + what this blog does but with more research. The ones that say "NOT DONE" are ones I haven't been able to inquire on.
Here’s what I’ve done for Lexify • Onboarding ◦ Made it • Tab bar ◦ Animation when stars are earned ◦ Actual log out feature • Practice ◦ Improved progress bar look and made it actually work ◦ Implemented star system for practice terms ◦ Added more animations • Camera ◦ Added ability to scan images from photo library ◦ Smoothened path of highlight • Dictionary ◦ Added sort by level of mastery ◦ Improved search function ◦ Added long-press to delete feature ◦ Added animations for deleting terms • Overall ◦ Better data handling from db (subscribes now) ◦ Better translation handling (each screen imports the same object for consistency) ◦ Began adding notifications (reminds user to study every day right now)
Worked with a few friends on Lexify, an app designed to help immigrants learn the common language through immersion. The user can can words they’d like to study and engage in practice sessions to build their vocabulary. Might do a little more work to polish up the app a bit more…
finished the painting study of my favorite food everrrr (github)
github.com/SriramKalki/Arcade32 Made an online Study Group Service that allows students to share resources. Obviously there wasn't much testing I could do on my own with myself and localhost so next week I will try to get some friends to use it with me. For now, feel free to check this out!
Final day of #15-days-in-public! TODAY: I finally got three.js working properly and everything is moving in a way were there are stars and when you scroll you first get away from them and then your camera rotates 90 degrees and then there will be a rocket and a planet at the end as if a rocket just landed on mars and then there will be ressources on the planet like rocks and each will have a link to my github etc ill make it a png file which ill make with blender in a cartoonish style check it out at home.patcybermind.tech and you can also check the github out at :github.com/Patcybermind/flaskwebsite JUNE 17TH here you can see the commits of june 17th github.com/Patcybermind/flaskwebsite/commits/master then in this same post ill make the post i was supposed to make on june 17th using the vcs to restore every thing to how it was back then i would have posted a scrapbook but you know how it is sometimes when we have exams etc so im doing this and i hope it will count ok back then i had just added a css file and i was experimenting with how to get the size right so that it would adjust to the viewport so that it wasnt too small or too big on different devices i also learnt that there is in fact a difference between using something like gunicorn and using the flask dev server for example that day i learnt from a youtube tutorial that app.config['TEMPLATES_AUTO_RELOAD'] = True allows the server to automatically relooad itself so you dont have to stop and restart it all the time which used to be incredibly anoying it was also not very impressive but the previous days i had been focusing on seting up caddy and the domain things right because i thought it was the least straight forward thing which it in fact was fun fact i originally wanted the domain to be patcybermind.tech then i didnt know how to do it so it ended up being me.patcybermind.tech but i had done it wrong so i had to make a new cname record and that was home.patcybermind.tech lol
Day 13 of #15-days-in-public; today I had to study for a chemistry test tomorrow so i wasn't able to get alot done sadly; I installed several new tools: pretty typescript errors and supermaven for vs code and then I downloaded and setup graphite which is a stacking pr layer that goes ontop of git; I was also able to fully finished the 3d modeling for the basilica models which was nice; I also did a bunch of quoting for how much it would cost to get the models manufactured but with the tight timeframe i have I probably need to just get a new 3d printer and print them myself
#hack-hour I spent way to much time rooting a stupid potato fire tablet instead of studying for my spanish final. (not all logged because the bot crashed) I am working on a written guide that I will post as soon as I finish it because no good ones exist.
Just putting this here for my scrapbook A 2-3 day project. Basically I can't figure out what skills to work on half the time, I want to fit in a project, some skills, one studying topic, and a workout in my day since I'm usually home alone. Well the problem is I forget what I want to work on, I get distracted of what I want to do instead of what I can do, and I'm too lazy to organize my schedule in the morning, and I get profusely bored of planned schedules. SO I spent a lot of time these past two days writing a C++ program in replit to take in "Tasks" which consist of a type (projects, skills, studying, working out). My program allows me to choose how much projects/skills/studies/workouts I want to do each day, and sort of randomly (I basically have a pull counter for how much a task has been rolled, my program picks random from the ones with the lowest pulls so I get variety in what i work on but also hit each task I put on) and unlockable skills by marking the base skills as complete.* Yes it's through console, there's practically no interface, and it's on replit, but I think I still made a tool that I am going to be using every day regardless during the summer. Here's the github link, Idk if I set it up properly, one of the main reasons I made this project was so I can learn all the skills I have been putting aside to focus on electronics and other stuff soooo github.com/AdaoH3/skillAchieveTree/tree/main
I've been pretty quiet on scrapbook the past bit. A lot of exciting things happened! My attempt to balance Apocalypse, FRC, AP, the rush of English assignments, and other misc commitments seem to have worked out, to an extent. :orphmoji-peefest: Time to start scrapbooking again! Here's what I'll be personally working on in the next bit before my exam period arrives. I'll be scrapbooking any updates. • Some #apocalypse site stuff & cleaning up my docs/spreadsheets • Revamping my personal website and add a blog :D • Design and manufacture my own swerve drive similar to those in #frc or FTC (OnBoard time 👀) • Clean up my workspace and create a organization system, it's currently a rat's nest • Google Drive/Photos & Laptop spring cleaning, too many files all over the place • Web stuff for my local iGEM team perchance
Learning about making an interpreter for my CS class!
Day 1 of Studying my python book provided by my elder cousin (I have done some of the part but I am starting again from start)
Day 8 of #10-days-in-public - One more lesson done for my ham radio study!
Started reading a new book!
Getting back into studying Japanese, took a few months off but starting back with some classic hiragana.. Going to face Kanji soon
My house needs me to post! Not doing #100-days stuff but I have a marketing exam tmrw.
Passed my ham radio Technician exam last night 🥳
I've been studying a lot and doing some things/translations for Sprikipedia #100-days
I studied math mostly today, had a class that took up quite a lot of my time so i didn’t do anything much today, i used this time to fix my custom ios widgets from crashing
Been super busy the past 3 days @ Shad :shad: so I haven't been able to write about it. Here comes a large wall 🧱 of text! Work continues on the final project (I both love and hate Figma :figma:). So little time for us to do stuff so it's basically crunch time. My group spent some time in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning on University of Calgary campus. Super chill and cool building for studying. We worked on the floating balconies! I also got myself a University of Calgary sticker :stickers:, golden and shiny! Had a lecture on paleontology ⛏️. We got to see some rocks and fossils. Here's a lizard 🦎 teeth! We visited Drumheller, Alberta ⛰️ today, the badlands. Climbed the hoodoos which was super fun yet challenging and visited the Royal Tyrrell Museum :dinosaur:, very cool fossils and exhibitions.
#w-of-the-day day 191 Finally opened my book after 2 full weeks and Studied math. I’ve forgotten everything 🙃
German exam go brrr
#w-of-the-day day 167 ultra rare 3 day weekend coming up for me but i have chemistry exam next so no use :sadge:. I spent most the day sorting through my files to clean up the mess that is my windows partition.
#w-of-the-day day 166 It’s late in the night as I type this math exam tommorow so I put the whole day into solving differentiation problems
#w-of-the-day day 165 Exam fever continues. Mostly studied math even though I have computer science tomorrow :xd: however i did decide to give it some love and actually revise the theory parts for once
Uhhhhh, studied all day, nothing exciting
#w-of-the-day day 164 Physics Exam tommorow :prayge: , so I spent the entire day studying. We also have like another 2 experiments due so worked on that Pic taken from my school cause I kept forgetting the connections, what the hell is this anyway???
Final exam: biology
It’s state university exam time!
#w-of-the-day day 155 Done with my assignments phew, I have a bit more of neglected classwork to complete but that’s not important
It's around 2:30am and I've got classes from 8am. Still up and studying Physics!!