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Day 6 of #10-days-in-public You know how subway surfers is about... like... subway surfing, well that's what I implemented today. Most of the logic fine, but there are a slew of bugs that come from the fact that I don't use AABB collision detection. For example, its trivially easy to clip through trains. Also, there's a strange bug now where *whenever the game feels like it, collisions for certain obstacles simply won't work. I've never missed Unity/Godot more😭 Anyway, I will be reworking the collision detection tomorrow, but here's some more sprig game footage for today. Shout out to my camera setup.
Day 2 of #10-days-in-public and today I didn't have a lot of progress that much, but still moving. Starting by creating a bear blog to replace my ghost blog that down long time ago (cause I don't have time to restore it and my db backup it already gone by external hard drive failure.) and then moving to fix image in about me page (but all the data is still text holder) also change the hypertext color on the homepage. (right is after and the left is before) and lastly for the day, I started doing on my social page (but it still in constructing.) by all the page will have a different theme. This one is also, I want it to look like Windows 9x style (But please ignore the bug on the FrontPage.) And I pause it to get ready for AWS Meetup tomorrow on 9AM in my timezone (And I didn't go to bed yet and even push origin to my GitHub as I typing this.) And until then, see you on day 3. (As always, All of this available on Github in repo and pages.) And I will go to bed now (I will.)
That's a comedic feature not a bug
Fixed a bug on Sinerider, otherwise my day was pretty boring and uninteresting
wens do nft comin.
First day of posting on #scrapbook. Didn't do much today because I was studying but I got to fix a simple bug on the chromium project.
Day 1/#10-days-in-public Fixed a bug that took me about 4 hours. 😥 AHh we go again from start
Snake game, needs bug fixes(apples love to spawn in the tail, and probably more) and aesthetics. Also planning on making diff game modes, like 1 1v1 pvp with slither.io rules
Day 9 of #10-days-in-public! Went through the sprig tutorial so I can run it at our first club meeting (whenever that will happen 😭)… seems like there’s a bug with long text 😅
day 7 of #10-days-in-public! Today I worked on adding color to the individual assignments, auto focusing the text boxes when clicked, bugs when calculating grades with NaN. I also finished my last 2 prs for hacktoberfest!!!
day 5 of #10-days-in-public! I turned grade melon into a pwa using next-pwa and worked on some minor bug fixes. I also submitted a PR for hacktoberfest.
Day 4/10 of #10-days-in-public! I learned better how Astro :astro: and HTML self closing tags work, so I created my Header.astro and Footer.astro components! But there's a weird bug 🐛 :sadge: so I'll watch a tutorial to learn what's going on. Also I started #some-assembly-required Spanish translation! :github: :pullrequest: :mexicoparrot:
#10-days-in-public day 3/10 more updates on the polistat website im making for my class! (see previous posts for more details) today was mostly bug hunting, and i also improved the map a little bit. we also got it up on the school’s website (a bit too early actually! cuz the site’s not fully complete yet 😅) i gotta grind for the next couple of days to finish it up! polistat.mbhs.edu
Here’s a demo of a game I made in Sprig. I started yesterday afternoon and this is what I have right now. My computer actually crashed yesterday and deleted like all the art so I had to redo that lol. I initially wanted to make a flight sim but I ended up simulating gravity (even though this is supposed to be like a tile-based map kind of game engine) and things just naturally happened from there. Thanks to @ced for all the bug fixing and no thanks to ced for all the crummy error messages sprig gives you :angryeyes:. Also thanks to Leo and Kara. 10/10 would recommend you try out sprig.hackclub.dev. I don’t often post here but someone told me I should. Here’s a link to the game as it is now: sprig.hackclub.dev/?id=69498e0157d29c9dafa168e998e82712. See if you can figure out the cheat code that lets you skip a level. Currently adding a score system (which will rely on a hacky text renderer ced made today). I’m really excited to see this on a physical console.
Made more progress on my game! It’s getting close to being finished. Today’s features include: • automatic arena resizing • scaling on different screen sizes/dimensions • two graphics modes + performance improvements • lots of bug fixes
normal people when they fix a bug: wow, I can't believe I just lost 6 hours of my life because a parameter was on the wrong side of a , me when I fix a bug: wow, I can't believe I got 6 hours of free entertainment because I had a parameter on the wrong side of a ,
probably one of my favorite little projects... a snake-based work in progress
Manduca Sexta
Worked more on the game lab bug reporting system and it’s almost finished
Added a bug reporting feature to Game lab
Working on fixing a bug @BetsyZhang found in the slash-z server code
https://cloud-ehoos26m8-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-ehoos26m8-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg
Working on making myDash responsive, fixed one bug and now I have an even bigger problem
class, psets, conference. here’s a bug.
Meet my tiny friend :).