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Day 11 of #100-days-in-public. I suppose we will now see how far I can go with the days in public. Today was the last day of #wonderland where we had a science fair for all the group's projects. The group I was in finished up our game and decorated the fan we took apart and had it turn on and off randomly(we did not have enough time to figure out how to make it play music). On another note, I got my blot today! I sat down for about 4 hours and assembled it and finally got it working. I got it to draw my submission(see video attached).
My updates for day 9 and day 10 of #10-days-in-public! Yesterday I spent some time getting github.com/hackclub/wizard-orpheus up to snuff to run a workshop on how to build a game using it at #wonderland! It went really well and everyone built awesome games. I asked for feedback and got an NPS of 18%, which is good - but not great, so I’m working on improving it. The key issues people identified are: • Roughly 1/2 of people built something they were proud of, and a few people got super into it, but 1/2 of people didn’t customize and didn’t make something they’re proud of. I’m going to change the workshop so everyone comes up with their game concept and customizes from the beginning, rather than waiting to customize for the end • For the more advanced people who already knew JS, they wanted to see docs so they could figure out how to customize it deeper. So I wrote them! • The slides were hard to follow visually, so I am working on improving them
Day 9 of #10-days-in-public Loads of progress on the game today. Yesterday, I wanted to implement multicore rendering, but I was very disappointed to find that the sprig's rp2040 doesn't have an efficient way to pass messages between cores for rendering. Because of this, even if it was implemented, the performance improvement would probably be negligible. After cutting my losses, I actually began to play test my game (yay). I changed the colors of the game to make it less jarring to stare at and added some speed progression. Now, the game gradually increases in speed, and when you die, the game actually ends. I also spent an hour trying to get the web version of the game up. My highest score while was 12.5K. If you would like to attempt to beat my score, you can now play a web version <https://davnotdev.github.io/subwaysprigsters|here>, or if you have a sprig, you can install subway sprigsters from the github here._
Day 7 of #10-days-in-public Implemented all the fixes I mentioned yesterday. Unlike yesterday, the game is actually stable, so I can jump around like a monkey. Spent around 30 minutes wondering, "why does my variable keep magically changing." "Ah! It must be UB or a memory violation" (unspoken words of a rust programmer). Long story short, it was because I set a variable as true when it should have been false :peefest:.Tomorrow there are two big features I've been putting off since day 1. Sound: trowel doesn't support sound, and although I gave it a crack on day 4, I made no progress. Optimization (which will be my next main focus): I can jump around smoothly, but not on hardware. This will involve trimming out floating point numbers (which aren't natively supported on RP2040), caching/reusing rendering data, and some screen drawing optimizations suggested on the trowel github. Another black magic option is to try out unlocking the second RP2040 core, but I have no clue how to do that. EDIT: You can completely disregard my last sentence. embassy.dev is a rust async executor for embedded systems (meaning easy multithreading) and it has a module for RP2040 :tw_smile:, so excited to try it out. Long live the crab language.
Day 6 of #10-days-in-public You know how subway surfers is about... like... subway surfing, well that's what I implemented today. Most of the logic fine, but there are a slew of bugs that come from the fact that I don't use AABB collision detection. For example, its trivially easy to clip through trains. Also, there's a strange bug now where *whenever the game feels like it, collisions for certain obstacles simply won't work. I've never missed Unity/Godot more😭 Anyway, I will be reworking the collision detection tomorrow, but here's some more sprig game footage for today. Shout out to my camera setup.
Day 5 in #10-days-in-public I continued with Godot to complete their tutorial (I didn't know there is so much math [linear algebra] in game dev, but I like it)
Day 3 of #10-days-in-public Experimented w/ the obstacle spawning logic in a way that 1. makes sense and 2. doesn't make the game impossible. The result is worse than what I had yesterday, but hey its progress! Added trains as well, but currently each cube is drawn individually which terrible for performance. Unfortunately, the sprig can only handle ~18 cubes with my crappy rasterizer. Ideally, I should treat each train as its own cube rather than a serious of cubes like I do now. Not only would be it more performant but also easier to reason about when it comes to spawning logic. But anyway, don't feel like working anymore so that's for tomorrow me :p
Day 1 of #10-days-in-public! i said i was gonna work on a game but I'm ngl I'm probably gonna work more printing this test part for my screw dispenser project. i really just want to create something reliable and quick to use for packing kits without hand picking up and counting screws
Day 1 of #10-days-in-public! Hi! A while ago, I started a new #trowel sprig game -- subway sprigsters! Didn't make much progress though. Thank you procrastination, but I'm picking the project back up again bc I like free food. Some dependencies broke, so I spent today fixing those up (made PR to trowel as well) Here's what the game looks like right now! (I promise it runs on sprig, I'm just too lazy to record it, maybe I'll do so tomorrow)
realized i dont really learn following tutorials, and so i've decided to try and make my own bespoke inventory system in godot. so far, ive learned a bit about resources, and store my items using a custom itemdata resource, which are then stored into inventory resources. provided an inventory resource, my gui can render the inventory resource by creating a slot for every item. gonna try and get this more usable
Just finished implementing my own variation of AABB-tree and AVL tree for accelerating frustum culling in my OpenGL game engine! The test scene is composed of 10'000 sponza models, each made of ~100 meshes. Runs at 30-60 FPS if the camera doesn't face a lot of models.
A little sneek peak on the indie game im working on currently (planning to release the last day of my school may 2027 (my grad day/month/yr) so its a long project but i got inspo from my game i created with my team for FBLA (check the retro theme hinting....)
added my first ever block to my minecraft mod! its meant to have a top texture + a side texture and be directional, but i haven't gotten that far yet. This "Thatch" block will eventually hopefully be a block that ages like copper, rotting over time and needing to be replaced. However, it's cheap to make en masse in the early game, and mobs won't spawn on it when it's healthy!
Playing my Sprig :sprig-dino: game, Friendly Figures :friendlyfigures: Good times :dinosaur_waving: Play :tw_video_game: Friendly Figures :friendlyfigures: on Sprig :verified-sprig: sprig.hackclub.com/gallery/Friendly_Figures
:sprig-dino: Ship! Made my first sprig game (after way too much procrastination) and got it approved! It's a maze game between two people to get through mazes and eventually to the end!
i played a perfect game of kindless by @Ishan. it took me 3 hours and my left wrist hurts. as far as we are aware i am the first person in the world to achieve this
forgot to post this weekend but began working on a pacman-like game called "pacbot". I'm using emojis cuz I'm too lazy to draw proper characters. hoping to ship this soon #100-days #100-orpheus
:forsyth-hacks-label: forsyth hacks (#forsyth-hacks) happened on November 18th, 2023 and was an overall success! at a point we had around 60 attendees and overall had an amazing time with our theme ⚡ (electricity) as well as workshops ranging from @ajs2’s jams to a mini UI design competition. and finally, the hours of food, coding, new friends, and projects (everything from a storm tracker app to a platformer game made w flow!) personal highlights of the event for me was probably the conversations i had with new people :heart_hands: the whole day, the chance to mentor a group into creating their entire project - from not having an idea, to developing and shipping it 🚢, lightning talks during lunch (like the one about jamstack by @davidm) 🎤, presenting an APIs workshop :postman:, the amazing swag we were able to handout (including string bags, polaroids :tw_camera_with_flash:, & stickers), and of course the presentations at the end! i want to give a huge thank you and shoutout to the following: • @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA right hand man all the way and helped make my website design a lovely reality. (can't wait for 3.0) • @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV for the fresh new perspective and ideas for the event & an awesome workshop on how to not make crappy UI design (as well as the mini:figma:competition afterward) • dj! for the most amazing design and logo for the event :forsyth-hacks-2-bulb:. (or "sick sticker" as sam poder himself deemed worthy) • everyone who attended! we had over triple the amount of projects than last year and over 80 registered by the day of! • and ofc everyone at hack club :hackclub-party: who cheered me on all the way (and :bank-hackclub-dark: ofc hcb grant- this event would not have been possible without this :money-printer:, and from the bottom of my heart i am very grateful :blobheart: ). ◦ i had an amazing conversation with @theamazing0 in the middle of the day about how special hack club was to me and how he's in the process of discovering this love for the community as i did a year ago. ▪︎ this spread of love would not be possible if not for the support of more hackathons and more clubs around the world! 📷 full photo album: photos.app.goo.gl/RdvvgMmpD3rpioNc6 :githubparrot: hackathon website source code: github.com/SFHSHackClub/forsyth-hacks-v2-site
Forgot to post yesterday. I got my sprig, assembled and played my game on it yay!! + some stickers
Just shipped github.com/jdogcoder/harvest-hackathon-game as part of #harvest! Currently at an semi MVP, and site will 100% crash/error if more than 2 people try to play the game, but essentially you each control a hand, and are trying to get them to link. I have yet to build this in, but you will then have to avoid obstacles for as long as possible. When this was going to tie in with Haunted House, after 30 seconds of avoiding it would redirect to the next haunted house room, but I am going to convert it so its leaderboard based. If you want to attempt, you and a friend can visit harvest-hackathon-game.vercel.app/game. It may crash if others are on, not super sure yet. More refactoring to come shortly. A HUGE thanks to @zrl and @Elliot for their help on this!
Got a basic menu in my sprig game! :eyes_shaking: #100-days 🎨
Submitted my sprig game.
working on my game before #harvest!! separated map generation from updating the display, and now i can pass in "modes", which can pull from different maps like the political map or the resource map. Once I get those generating properly (trivial?) I can display different maps, which ill connect up to the buttons I threw on top! then ill need to work on the structure of the player system, and allow the map to support an unlimited number of players. then ill need logging in to work, which should be trivial in the local version of this game, and then I will either start moving my code over to node.js or continue developing here (because node is scary)
My game's been accepted!
worked on sprig case design today! got a front plate fitted today. gonna try to focus more on some custom backplates for a promise i made to a hackclubber a week or so back- then get back to the full case design, still deliberating the best way to cover the pico though. also worked a little on a tcg idea i had, gonna try and run more playtests this week before doing any big iterations. gonna work on my web game a bit before bed- expect another scrapbook post before I head to bed. GO TEAM PICASSO 🎨
Finished creating my sprig game "Knight Post"
today's scrapbook post is a little bit abstract as i don't have anything to "visibly" show (i cant just leak movie scripts lmao) but Ive come to a sort of impasse in the writing process. Our plot involves multiple conflicts, from existential to personal, and explores the consequences of idolization, climate change, and the worship of technology. these three themes clash with one another of course, since a film only has so much screen-time, but then begs the question of what is most important to speak about. When I wrote the initial plot for this movie, climate change stood at the forefront of my mind, with idolization 2nd and tech worship 3rd. That was almost two years ago. the existential horror of climate change still scares me, but no longer plagues my everyday thought in the way the other topics too. as a result, I have provided band-aid solutions to the storyline as my view on life has changed. This has created the problem where I find myself solving problems that I did not realize existed with the plot, only for new problems to rear their head. it's sort of a wack-a-mole game with plotholes. NOT FUN. I have gotten to the point where we had to ask ourselves, what even is this movie? what are we trying to say, and what do we think will come of the world? after endless deliberation, that question remains unanswered, , , which i guess i shouldnt be suprised by lmao. its an issue to solve- but after some thinking. I would rather tell a story that has a cohesive opinion than one strapped together over the years.
🎨 got the interpreter to detect actual words now. its not regex or anything (though i think i'd like to figure that out) and requires very rigid inputs, but i can pass in numbers. super basic but didnt have too much time today. I think im gonna try and implement a working command tonight, and then next time i can work on running interpreter on the server script (which i assume will be really easy in my replit thingy). once I get that done, I think i wanna go back to working on frontend stuff, specifically adding map view modes! eventually ill need to move to developing locally, since i need to look into getting the server to save data somewhere
working on a sprig game :D
I made @upsanddowns to act as Jia for #up-vs-down - assigns new members a team, makes sure people count correctly, and resets the game at 100 or -100. this was my first time making a slack bot - slack bots are fun! on github at mrhappyma/slack-ups-and-downs, or go count in #up-vs-down to see it in action!
A Sprig game in Swift Playgrounds!!!!!!!!
Started working on a game for #hackjams 👀 100 days #100-days
Day 95 to 2024: I've been working on something with lights and Pyodide (pyodide.org/en/stable)! I'll reveal more information in tomorrow's post but Pyodide is pretty darn cool - it lets you run Python in the web in a way that makes sense. Other things I've been working on include trying to get #scrapbook to work and also something broiling in #clue-game... (although it doesn't work yet haha)
🇨🇦 Hack The North 2023! @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0, @fayd and I teamed up to make :goose-dance: Hack The Geese :goose-honk-left:! It was a game that attendees could play using the QR codes on their badges. Here’s how’d it work: 1. You’d scan your badge’s QR code to log in. 2. Your find someone who you’d like to compete against and scan their badge’s QR code. 3. You’d both receive a prompt, eg. “take a selfie with a someone with blue hair”. 4. You’d race to take a fun picture based on the prompt before the other player does. 5. You either win or lose, then you got to choose wether or not to rematch! You can go to htgeese.tech/album to see all the photos that folks took during demos with the game (and many more of me stressing over the backend)! We used a slightly cursed combination of a Next.js frontend and a backend written in Go which interacted with one another through Websockets…. yeah, very cursed and very jank. We also used Vercel’s new Postgres & Blob storage services which were surprisingly good. And, of course, we used Prisma…. including it’s slightly hacky spin-off Go client. Another awesome part of the game was @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0’s custom designed geese (GEESE!): :htn-goose-1: :htn-goose-2: :htn-goose-3: :htn-goose-4: :htn-goose-5: :htn-goose-6: :htn-goose-7: :htn-goose-8: :htn-goose-9: :htn-goose-10: Every player got one of these made for them when they first signed! The game was a bunch of fun to play IRL and we had people playing it throughout the demo session. Attached is a sick selfie of @fayd in his sunnies and the judge! And at the end of the day, somehow, we were selected as winners so we got to demo on stage and won a couple of prizes which was pretty cool! Here’s us playing a game with all the attendees and a couple of other photos from the weekend (including us working on the project while on #hack-night!). The GitHub is full of more photos and stories from the weekend: github.com/sampoder/hack-the-geese. O CANADA!
Finally completed my sprig game! I changed it to be a puzzle game and it has 16 levels + 4 Challenges
Working on a turn-based rogue-like game in sprig!
Riffed on @/alex (in executive dysfunction mode)'s Kaboom.js jam during a 1-hour jam bonanza to make this game where this moon character has to collect lightning bolts and avoid bombs. Had a great bit of fun!
playing the GameBoy game I made on real hardware :)
Blue runs the game and so does my new setup! 💙 tbh feeling blue never felt so good
Anyone up for a game?
I’ve lately been playing way too much Honkai Star Rail, I like it. It’s the first game i’ve played in 60fps and it feels really buttery and smooth. (if you play and you wanna add me, I’m on european servers and my ID is on the right corner)
Finally my school game me something! Good marks in English and Entrepreneurship really paying off!:beatsaber: :thinking: