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day 12 of #100-days-in-public; today i was mad at robot code (wheels on the robot won't auto align); also did homework and too much spanish for one day
Day 10 of #10-days-in-public, prolly going to actually get to work on my original project tmrw! Watched a video and created a bunch of sample plugins. I would do more, but I have school hw 😞 . Also I got nerd sniped yet again by discovering thesephist.com + github.com/thesephist. The coolest thing is that Linus apparently used to work here
day 5 of #10-days-in-public! I got more done today, had to do it earlier so I could fit in my hw at the end of the day (kinda unhealthy ik) I got V1 of my board done! I will look at it some more and then maybe order it soon!
Writing a reflection for my English hw
Didn’t do much today but here’s my hw
i played minecraft all day... but gotta get to 100 days. I also did mandarin homework
first scrapbook post of #100-days (house picasso >>>). returned from brown fly-in today, which helped with researching for my college application field journal (incoming personal tracker/research assistant for college fit), tried a psl from starbucks, and caught up on my DoD ML course, calculus homework, &etc 🧸
No I'm not doing my homework.
#w-of-the-day day 135 Good fun but back at home now, really tired to do anything so Just did my math homework and watched a lot of Youtube vids
More google slide work and homework :/
Today was a day full of homework and a bit of sdl :peefest:
#w-of-the-day day 107 Oh man this is gettin hard, I’ve had to stay up till 2 again so I could finish my chem homework and my school project, nothing else today
:winter-hardware-wonderland: Day 10 :winter-hardware-wonderland: in the next few days I will be assembling 2 game console lots of math homework today, I was only able to consult a local store if they have the Arduino power cable:(
#hardware-party day 8/10 Couldn’t get much down today due to homework and #frc. I’m really sleep deprived. Did get a few more pieces printed tho, always nice.
:winter-hardware-wonderland: Day 2 :winter-hardware-wonderland: in the next few days I will be assembling 2 game console today I only managed to setup Arduino IDE, a lot of homework
Day 1 of #hardware-party: Today I worked on the chassis of the robot. The chassis is updated from Adafruit’s instructions so I had to get a little creative with the roller ball bearing. It’s not drivable yet, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll work with electronics and code. I have a lot of homework today, but I’m glad I could squeeze this in.
#w-of-the-day day 3 worked a bit on my sveltekit project and did (a lot) of homework
2 weeks to go till Epoch, and here's the story of this sticker. It all started a few months ago when genius minds from all over the world decided to brainstorm ideas for stickers they'd like at Epoch. We decided we wanted stickers with local Delhi references for advanced humour. And one such idea was to make a sticker that says Horn Ok Please, with Epoch-ish Hack Club elements in there. For context, Horn Ok Please is written on the back of trucks and lorries prominently seen in North India (in South India, we just have Sound Horn) to alert drivers of vehicles approaching from behind to sound their horns if they wish to overtake, in a country like India where honking is the primary source of communication between you and the other vehicles on the road. Part of the idea was also to make it look like Horn Ok Please was written on the back of a truck. I said, "OK OK LMAOOO WE'RE MAKING A STICKER OUT OF THIS". Now I'm not exactly the most productive and efficient person out there, I thrive on deadlines. I would occasionally just visit the Figma file, do random stuff and close my tabs while I did not have exams, homework or both. Normally I'd be able to complete stuff while "occasionally" visiting but this one was a bit hard. There weren't many reference images I could find, other than a photo directly from the Wikipedia page. I somehow also found the same image from a frontal angle which helped me trace out the letters and create "Horn Ok Please" as an SVG (my Figma Pen Tool skills are unrivalled, they talk about my curves). I also needed some random art related to India, like peacocks and the Taj Mahal, so what I did was take photos from unsplash.com, remove their background and run them through svgco.de (WHICH IS A GOD SENT BTW, credit to @OjasSomethin' for pointing this wonderful tool out) to give them a painted and vector-y look. I quickly combined them together but I realized it didn't have the same back-of-the-truck feeling and other people were quick to point that out. @deven then points out that I should do "Hack Ok Please" ("cos the H matches") and a few days later, there's a better reference picture of a Horn Ok Please in #design. In the thread where the image was posted, there was a lot of talk about getting the text bevels and shadows right along with identifying a similar font, which @sarthak narrowed down to a font called Syne, which fortunately was available on Google Fonts and I had it downloaded in no time. I decided to start with the background, and I wanted it to look realistic as possible. The question is, how do you make wooden planks in Figma? Sure, I could draw lines, and make it look realistic in a vector art sense but I wanted the right colour and texture. Well, what if I just placed a picture of wooden planks? That is exactly what I did, and it's called textures. A visit to textures.com gave me some quality seamless textures of wooden planks, and to make it pink I added a separate colour layer and decreased the opacity of the colour layer (I slightly colour-corrected the plank textures for it to be visible while still having the desired shade of pink). I also wanted the grooves (or gaps, whatever you call them) between the planks to affect the surrounding elements as if all the designed elements were actually painted on wooden planks. I did this by manually drawing out groove lines using the good ol' Pen Tool and giving it a slight drop shadow. The text. "Hack Ok Please!!". It needed bevels. Neither does Figma have an option for bevels nor could I find a plugin that gives bevels to text. Having lost all hope, I wandered around on YouTube hoping some Indian tech guy could help me out when an unexpected ally rose to the occasion: pixlr.com/e. They could make bevels out of text input and export it into PNG - that was more than enough for me. I dragged the export across the browser and into Figma and used a freemium plugin called Image Tracer which I thought had already been exhausted of its 5 free trials but apparently not. I got an SVG, got box shadows using a wonderful plugin called oblique and added that stuff on top of the wood. Only the decorations remained. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't have much creativity in this area. The corners of my reference image had floral-like colourful designs and I wasn't really sure about manually tracing it using the Pen Tool. The floral-like design reminded me of something I used to do with my mom when I was a kid, where basically I'd take an A4-sized paper, fold the paper in half, put drops of acrylic paint of different colours on the crease of the paper and fold it again to create something that looked like a butterfly. I thought that if I could do something like that with the right colours, I could take a good picture with my phone, remove its background, change its colours a bit and use it in my design. After begging my sister to help me (spoiler alert: she did not), I decided to steal my sister's paint (she's not on Hack Club, so she won't find out) and perform the sacred method of "squish painting". Long story short, it did not come out like I expected it to, it was too narrow and too green for my liking. (I wanted to take a picture of the result I got for the sake of this scrapbook post, but the paint stuck to each other and now I can't unfold the paper and tearing it doesn't seem like a good idea.) At this point, I decided to give up on everything else and trust the mighty Pen. By listening to the Doom OST theme song and Cocomelon songs on a loop, I traced out the basic lines of the floral designs and just randomly coloured them with every main colour I could find. By now, I was too lazy and uncreative to create my own assets, so I just screenshotted the flower thingy at the bottom of the reference image and then modified the colours a bit so that it matches the background colour of the sticker. Combine this with some smooth curves and spheres, and we have our decorations. To make it even more realistic, I got some grime and brush stroke textures from textures.com, removed their backgrounds, reduced the highlights a bit, increased the shadows a lot, halved the opacities and added the corners of the sticker. Oh and I almost forgot, there's a slight amount of noise at the very top to give it a slightly dirty/realistic feeling, using the Noise plugin. Adding noise textures to my designs is a reflex action at this point.
day 1 of #10-days-in-public doing some coding hw for ap cs a we are making a class where we are making a “playlist”
Today my #scrapbook ended! :sadge: :fireball: After 418 days my streak has officially come to an end! This morning I got the painful message from @scrappy-U015D6A36AG that I forgot to post last night. I completely meant to but it slipped my mind for the first time since I joined Hack Club :hack-club:, I had a lot of homework and projects so I couldn't post anything on time. That being said, although it was cool to keep it until this day, this is the last post I will do to my scrapbook and thanks to everyone who followed along for 418 days! ⚡
Did nothing besides hw - trying to get enough hw done so i can go to rock hacks!
I just did homework all day
Day 9 of #10-days-in-public - I did it. I completed and submitted my homework assignment on time. I used the resources available to me and overcame (at least a large part of) my anxiety, I am so proud of myself that I was able to get to this point. Now time to write a 1500 word essay in 1.5 days :peefest:
Day 8 of #10-days-in-public!!!!! Finally finished all my homework and had a great day with my friends at the mall. I can’t wait to hopefully start programming Musicaui.
Day 7/10 for #10-days-in-public! Was super busy today - got home from a cross country meet and then homework - so I just worked on translating some of the code I've written so far into TypeScript (as a way of learning it). I learned about definition files, and kind of want to write my own to represent the tokens. > What's this? A Markdown parser built from scratch in JavaScript. Demo at jianmin-chen.github.io/markdown-parser and write-up at www.jianminchen.com/article/general/2022-10-07-markdown-parser.
Day 7 of #10-days-in-public!!! Did a bunch of work-related paperwork for my McDonalds job and was super hyped. Also did some drawtober stuff as well as working on my senior poster. Did A LOT of SAT studying for my test tomorrow. Ahhhh sooo tired!!! Anyways heres my cybersecurity homework which is fun fun fun!!!
\day 7\ school --- • very excited for my school dance :blobhypedance: • had to organize some stuff misc --- • once again, dying on math hw :blobkittenknife: • did some more cf practice -- solved a few problems • reorganized my desk! :desk: • i hate science grrr • my mouse is breakign FSDF
Day 6 of Zachtoberfest (#10-days-in-public)!!! did so much stuff outside like have my first mcdonalds training and also learned about the history of the world!!! Just a casual homework day as I will be doing a lot of work stuff this week!!! I can’t wait to get back to programming Musicaui!!!
day 4/10 of #10-days-in-public: read and did some more small projects w javascript alongside my sprig game :sprig-dino:. also finally finished some java homework i was trying to get done and made this magic 8-ball 🎱 game on codeacademy!
Wahoo! Been doing more pull requests :pr: to Hack Club! And a lot of homework :sadge:
homework :(
i procrastinated on homework all day. i fucking hate my life aug-may
Currently finishing another surgery homework! I have to practice next Monday. 🥼 So here’s an image of the book I’m using:
printed a vase-mode pencil holder & reached 10 “makes” on printables.com!
Gave a rapid fire sync about Assemble at our weekly HQ syncs! Here were my notes :S
Today I contributed on GitHub :github: to Hack as a Service! :haas: I helped to add a few things to the front-end repo :pullrequest: :merge: like a small description from the docs about HaaS , I also added a badge that links to the project License :blobninja: and fixed a broken link! 🔗 Tomorrow I'll try to help with the docs repo, add some new files to a personal project and continue working on my Biology Lab homework like I also did today!!! 🦠 🔬 :quad_parrot:
Tomorrow I'm having Biology 🌱 Lab 🧪 again, but sadly :sadge: looks like the microscope 🔬 practices are finished, so the next ones are going to be different, more data-writing 📝 focused. Also I've been trying to work again on my website, and decided to use a gradient background so I'm learning how to to that with CSS :css:!
Today I did a lot of Biology Lab 🧪 🌱 homework 📝, and in this following next days I'll try to go to the Zoo and take some pictures! 📸 🦙 Meanwhile, I've been thinking on making a Youtube :youtube-logo: Channel to share some interesting tutorials and maybe some of my game walkthroughs! 🎮 Also, my poll about dinosaurs 🦕 was a total success, with many options and a lot of participants! I'll try again to publish on #poll-of-the-day very soon! And here's a Pterodactyl :pterodactyl: :
So today I finished school early so I had a lot of time to do homework, study and play some games! I'm also going to be applying my new coding knowledge for making my website! I also research more on ways to customize NeoVim :vim: and submitted my first poll to #poll-of-the-day! It's probably going to be up tomorrow, and it's a dinosaurs themed poll! 🦕 Lastly, I saw this amazing README Recruiting page :linear: that talked about computers, the story of how things were before, how they're now and what's up for our future, and it included a very cool phrase: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." :macintosh-stcicker:
Today I walked around, went for a small hike and saw a group of ducks and a goose! 🦆 :goose-da-right: I worked on homework again so didn't have a lot of time to do other things, and I saw a few colleges campus to take into consideration for my college decision progress as well! Here's some pictures of the ducks I saw earlier:
I have finally made the move, and got linux on my laptop. In other words, locked my virginity in a vault and threw away the key. (Of course, did all this while mountans of homework piled up behind me). This is what I have so far: Now i can get back to the raspberry pi project, and once I finish that i might just work on an actually useful project (Like the interpreter and kalman filter)
Tomorrow is my Biology Final exam so today I also didn't worked on my setup because  I finished all of the homework required for the subject, but I planned a new project in addition to my previous ones, tomorrow I'll update more on those, so here's some images that have to do with it.
Today I also had a lot of homework so I didn't did much coding, but today I started to customize some Übersicht Widgets for my macOS setup! I'll show the final look of it including other things about it like the WM when everything is done! So here's an example image about this cool program and one way it can be setup!
Today I did a lot of homework and studied for my biology final exam, so there isn't anything about programming today, instead here's an awesome wallpaper a Hack Club friend shared today, it's a Gruvbox color scheme variant of the wallpaper I am using on my Macbook setup! For tomorrow, I hope to be able to continue working either on my website or in another of the club's workshops.
Today was such an insane day omg omg I flew an RC airplane for the first time in a relatively small field which made the experience so scary omg omg I visited the famous Seattle Space Needle which was surprisingly built in the 1960s. Also they had very cool glass art Idk why the italics are still on dammit slack mobile but today I also played the ukulele a bit :eggsdee: I don’t actually know how to play it so I was just plucking strings in a pattern like on zephyr :ukulele-ishan: I also configured my new Mac so now it has a perfectly configured terminal and a custom Firefox theme and a lot of other essential utils and apps and I did my history homework on it Oh and I also went to beechers which has epic Mac and Cheese (the worlds best apparently) and lasagna. Oh and my cousin is visiting us, this was his first full day here. I’ll send my epic and very scary rc plane maiden and a photo of the plane
Finally my high school semester is over, so after my final exams during this next weeks I'll have some time to study some things on my own, I did Calculus Homework today so there isn't anything about code to share today, so instead, here's an image of the steps of cellular respiration as part of the science diagrams I'll start to share in here.
Today I worked a bit on my workshops, did more homework, and start building a special project about my High School Hack Club that I will be sharing soon, also I started studying more about GitHub functions with the help of the documentation, which will be useful for the project in development. In addition to this, I did more research about deployment for my website in progress!
Today I did a lot of Biology Homework, and started submitting some interesting notes about the subject on my Obsidian vault, been on my State Biology Olympics team let me learned a lot of amazing topics and things, so I think I'll start to post Biology and other sciences things on my Scrapbook in addition to my coding and hack club things (also game development and art I'll post on the future). Today I also worked a bit on my own projects and setup GitHub Desktop as part of my coding journey, in which I'm learning now to use Git and be able to make great contributions. Although today there is no progress of the workshops or online courses, I will work on that later!