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Made a Birthday webpage with JS, HTML, and CSS
Today was my birthday! I started easel for #building-programming-languages today, but I don't have much to show for right now. Day 1 of #15-days-in-public: I started my #cider project. I downloaded and familiarized myself with Xcode and Swift. Who knew Swift is actually pretty cool? I made myself a menu bar that goes to different pages. I also drew out on paper my visions for the app.
Got a Dremel 3000 for my birthday!
First day of school back from spring break freedom but yesterday when I was in break still , I was looking at me 3 raspberry pi’s I have , one is a b+ 2017 version ( I brought it to leaders summit) , wanted to do some cool stuff with it and decided on building a retro pie, with built in cooling through some fans and heatsinks and retro controllers and case , and I have some amazon gift cards from my bday and earlier stuff so I’m planning on using that all for this , it’d be pretty good to have a retro console i put together.
Hey friends! :hyper-dino-wave: I was inspired by the power of computation and design and really wanted to print a vase as a gift for a family member for their birthday! Since there have been constant hard freeze warnings, they won't be able to go outside and look at their plants, so I made sure to add some live plants they can care for. Also, I was quite surprised. I got good sleep while the vase was being printed for 4 hours lol.
Birthday Party at my house. (at least the cake isn’t a lie.)
survival anniversary (birthday)! also very exiting news!
Birthday reminder yayyy
So it turns out it's my birthday or something... Does anyone know anything about that?
yeehaw its gonna be mah birthday soon
behold - birthday chaos :tw_birthday: on a side note, thanks to @DevIos for finding that Bank easter egg, @msw for pointing the egg out, and Google Chrome for having inspect mode :prayge:
final version of the bday card- the servos had way too little range and weren't opening enough so i had to improvise and throw in snapcircuits lmao
super basic iteration of a bday "card" for mom (a colab w my sister)
Happy birthday Sao Paulo!! 469 years  ​
Tickets for Mumbai are booked! Going in April for my grandpa's birthday!
day 15/10 for #10-days-in-public: I nerded out about jetlag today and I think I'm going to get some posters that someone designed on twitter printed up for my birthday
Day 3/10 for #10-days-in-public! I didn't do much today either, but I ordered a play.date for my birthday, started using my rating system and it worked (!!) and I did too much procrastinative research on klein bottles and cliff stoll lmao (his ted talk is literally the best ted talk i have ever seen
I worked on a spreadsheet to convince my parents that they should get me an ebike for my birthday:
day 3 of #10-days-in-public! didn't really do any coding today just started brainstorming ideas for hack club birthdays website. This is my first time using notion so I'm also learning how to use notion.
2/10 of #10-days-in-public! Worked on the calendar layout using date-fns, I have to get better colors for the calendar any colors in mind? Feedback and ideas would be nice also :)
Day 1/10 of #10-days-in-public! Currently working on hack club birthdays, I started off with adding dark mode next step is to add a calendar. I would feedback and ideas from the community on what to add 🎂
my friend has bday tommorow so i bought him a model of a tank to glue since hes interested in wwii and stuff (its his 18th bday so i also bought him some chocolates with alcohol but shhhh (⁠。⁠•̀⁠ᴗ⁠-⁠)⁠✧)
made a slack workflow that shouts at people to wish me happy birthday. yes i am procrastinating. i have an application to fill out by sunday.
Today, I didn't get as much work done; but got some done! More research done today for the climate project and I brought a wordle book for my dad's birthday+
Today I made a repository :merge: at Hack as a Service! :haas: It's the #10 repo 🎉 and a .github readme for the Org! You can check it at: github.com/hack-as-a-service :github: This are a special kind of README.md files that appears at the main page of the organization, and it can be customized to have as well a different version for the org members, similar to the one available at Hack Club's GitHub. :quad_parrot: It has a general description about what is HaaS, different links 🔗 for other of the project repos, a License 🍱 Section, a How-to-Contribute 🔧 guide in progress and a part about what's Hack Club! :hack-club: Also here's a yesterday's screenshot 📸 on the exact time the hour changed to be May 14 and my birthday! 🍰 :parrotdad:
Today starts May! And that means my birthday 🍰 🎂 is in two weeks! :parrotdad: :tw_spiral_calendar_pad: Here's as well a picture of a plant 🌱 I took today and a very awesome picture of my new Scrapbook CSS Stylesheet! :css: This is the most complex design I've done for it: It includes a custom background with a texture, gradients, special sized borders with a cool :cooll-dino: red color #EC2F3A I did with the hexadecimal value, and great Pseudo-elements like :before and :after! Also thanks to the #scrapbook Prisma/Postgres:prisma: :postgres: database I learned that I have a 210 days streak! And speaking again on this, here's my Scrapbook website and the GitHub :github: Gist! Feel free to star ⭐ it if you like it!
Today I continued working on the Hack Club workshops translation and learned more about design while using Figma again for a club's friend Birthday! In other things, sadly my freeCodeCamp streak got reset, but the important thing is that I'm learning a lot of new things! Tomorrow I'll have more updates on my projects I'm working on!
We celebrated Memphis HackClub’s first birthday today and launched merch to find out HC bank account! It has been an amazing year with so many awesome experiences. After a year, we have quite a few members, but more importantly I have seen growth in out hackclubbers both in intellect and character and excited to lead this club until summer!!! memphishack.com
PC: i have never donated money to Hack Club but i got other people to for my birthday :eggsdee:
I made a birthday cake finally. It’s good but the icing is too sweet 😭
I turned 17 today! I feel so old, but I’m so grateful for all of the years and experiences. I’m especially thankful that I get to be a part of a community like Hack Club; y’all are literally the best. Here are some of my old 😭 pictures. • Newborn, my fourth birthday, and my first tour of UAB’s campus
Today we did more #duckcoin dev, and people’s interest in it is rising (the 70,000th block was mined today). Everyone was mining simultaneously, which showed me that my earlier plan won’t work and I’ll have to think of a new plan (what if we had blockchains with blockchains inside them :thonk:). It was also my dad’s birthday so I wrote him a very embarrassing two line poem and made him tea in the morning. We went to two parks, one right by the lake. Both had a lot of ducks. I tried telling them I’m quackduck on GitHub but they still ran away from me :sadge:. Anyhow, here’s some duck photos, a plane in the sky and a screenshot of Christina mining Duckcoin units called quacks on her M1 computer (the UI looks better in the latest build okay) also also, me and some people may have a cryptocurrency discussion soon, let me know if you’re interested!
Birthday bike ride!
https://cloud-em0oa6uhx-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-em0oa6uhx-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg
When it's your birthday 🎂
Built a birthday party invite website, and used GitHub and Google domains to configure the dns and get it online
Sooooo I’m 20 now 🎈 hot girl summer here we come!!!
finally back on scrapbook!! little summary of today: -worked on seal (pic) -worked on ap psych -friend's bday celebration !! -went on a walk w my bsf yayy didn't do much work today oopsie but its fineeee kinda ish not rlly eh
Followed @adisonlampert workshop, and built a word cloud generator, and then turned it into a birthday gift website for a family friend! lilymaeis12.com
https://cloud-1xz2ijv4o-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0screen_shot_2021-04-12_at_11.50.25_am.png https://cloud-1xz2ijv4o-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1lilymae_final.png
Well today's my birthday, so have some of my Linux logo doodles
It's my friend's birthday today :))
im old now lol yay
it’s def not 2am but i made a cake for a family friends bday and i’m lowkey kinda prouddd i am not a good baker or decorator so i’m surprisedd
It’s time to party and make your birthday as special as you are! I hope your day is fantastic, and the year ahead even better still. Happy birthday! @zrl
I was a curious kid, too curious to handle sometimes. But my father knew that I was different than the normal bunch and so he always supported me. I used to buy toys just to disassemble those, I even used to dismantle home appliances and any hardware stuff I could find. Most people thought I'm just a destructive kid ,but my father supported me and then I learned about an equally intresting thing "coding". My father has too less computer knowledge to understand it, and the few friends I had just didn't care. I felt Alone But few months ago I discovered a community completely suited for me, full of people like me, full of people better than me. A place where I think I finally belong to, Hack Club. Happy Birthday and thank you @zrl for everything you have done for everyone, you are awesome 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Happy birthday @zrl 🎈 From having no idea about what HackClub was to falling in love with this community - this year has really been grateful. all of us from HC SKCET wanted to appreciate your great efforts :D ❤️
Happy birthday @zrl our amazing founder!! Hope you have an amazing day :D Thank you for founding this organisation that has impacted the lives of so many and brought us all together 🎈 Here’s a little something I made for you ^_^
zach day! happy birthday @zrl! here is the most random birthday wish ever, enjoy?