13-day streak
Day 10/10 for #10-days-in-public ! 🎉 Filling out the 10-day form rn! I also started on building out the scaffolding for the backend with :railss:
day 9/10 for #10-days-in-public: I learned about next.js api routes for the backend
Day 8/10 for #10-days-in-public, I worked on stuff today! I designed out the email forwarding page in the web app and talked to @m04 about things. Yesterday, I also launched the parking page at, or just, which is parked there for now
Day 7/10 for #10-days-in-public, launched #epoch-texas! Come join us on December 30th, from 10am-4pm at the Austin Central Library or at the other Epoch satellite events. If there isn't one near you, run your own!
Day 6/10 for #10-days-in-public! We're recording #orpheus-show rn - come join us in the zoom live!
Day 6/10 - I made chocolate chip cookies for the first time in years!
Phew! I almost missed today because I slept for like 6 straight hours but then I got up to finish an assignment. Day 5/10 for #10-days-in-public. I didn't do much today because I was super tired, but I watched the epic airport codes video from cgp grey, and my 🚢 from a couple weeks ago worked in practice! (my ship was the rating system for the players at foosball club) you can view the current power rankings generated by the system at, and the full system at !
day 4/10 for #10-days-in-public i did advent of code today
Day 3/10 for #10-days-in-public! I didn't do much today either, but I ordered a for my birthday, started using my rating system and it worked (!!) and I did too much procrastinative research on klein bottles and cliff stoll lmao (his ted talk is literally the best ted talk i have ever seen
day 2/10 for #10-days-in-public: I started working on a slack bot for Hackstodon!
Day 1/10 for #10-days-in-public - I worked with @mastomods to start a new unofficial mastodon instance at! Registrations are now open, it's still not quite ready for a real community post yet - but this scrapbook will do for now.
#10-days-in-public 11 days till fudge! I'm really making progress on getting that fudge by sleeping soundly every night.
oops i did it again
Move goal grind be like
I updated my ship from yesterday, a tool for rating players with observable to support n v n teams instead of just 2v2 as well as properly saving changes with a data.json file! I also implemented it as the official ratings/rankings for the LASA Foosball Club at
I just finished my TrueSkill-based 2v2 game rating system! It allows you to take any 2v2 game - and create a ranking system for it, like power rankings! It even makes predictions! I'm planning to use this for the LASA foosball club, but I have to add 1v1 support first.
I joined the #orpheus-show team and we’re going to revive it!
I’m going to implement a TrueSkill rating system and weekly power rankings for the foosball club! Im also going to see if I can get my school to let me use :bank-hackclub: HCB
I worked on my cyberpatriot scripts today - I can’t show then though lol
i have rickrolled the zach latta
I re-made the style guide for my group's magazine in Figma
The foosball club has gotten the blessing from the principal!
Did nothing besides hw - trying to get enough hw done so i can go to rock hacks!
i'm working on a new graphql api for the cyberpatriot scoreboard
Nothing much
I built out a proof-of-concept implementation for Oblong with CoreDNS of an auto-updating authoritative DNS server with git at the source of truth. You can check it out at, and the repo for the DNS is at (ik i used gh - woops). Send in a PR, and make sure to increment the serial number at the top - and you'll changes should be reflected pretty quickly! It updates every minute or so. I used the git, auto, and root plugins with coredns. here's my corefile:
<|> {

  root ./zones

  auto {
   directory . (.*)\.zone {1}
   reload 30s

  git <> . {
    interval 30
    branch main

not much
We had our cyberpatriot meet today - did pretty decent. I was on ubuntu - only 1 point behind the top team at my school. (2nd in the nation)
:hackaustin-green-icon: t-shirts!!! :hyperfastparrot:
Almost forgot about ya scrappy!
I’ve been working on my irl chase game and porting the api to graph Btw here’s a copy of the rules: (does anyone want to help me sim?)
I just did homework all day
I got my #zachtoberfest fudge! Very good - tysm @zrl
:eyes_shaking: fudge coming soon
I’m going to bed but gotta maintain that scrappy streak. Turns out, after cisco, we’re 61st in the US, 2nd in texas in CyberPatriot 🎉 oh and hack austin photo
I worked on a spreadsheet to convince my parents that they should get me an ebike for my birthday:
Finished Hacktoberfest!
I have failed to study all day for a very important bio exam tommorrow
quick update - lotta schoolwork. started adding filters to and deployed the new ui is coming together - currently working on a service worker (pain) that notifies you whenever your score or position changes as well as when cisco scores come in. I've been thinking about some features: A "challenges" feature, where you can punch in all the teams at your school, organization, or just your friends' teams and see how they stack up to yours. That way a teacher can put up a scoreboard of all the teams currently competiting for the school hypothetically. My next feature is "archives", pretty simple, statically store a json file in git of every round and host an archive. This doesn't exist currently and it would be nice to be able to go back and see how you did. P.S - forgot to mention this, is an scraper of - the scoreboard for the CyberPatriot competition, a national cybersecurity competition. P.P.S - damn this is like ship length :eggsdee:
I started work on a CyberPatriot CCS scraper! I have many features in the works
Im going to bed - ill write a real post tmrw
Repost from day 10/10 (removing redacted data): Day 10/10 for #zachtoberfest - Our team finished cyberpatriot round 1 today!! We were the only team in our school to get all 100 linux points! We were like 1 point away from getting a perfect score - and it was the point that i got for Linux but the windows server person didn't get...
I am going to save the :hackaustin-green-icon: post for tmrw for when I have photos, here's a random photo instead
Day 9/10 for #zachtoberfest! I worked on the mobile-version of the digital ticket today!! (that's just the figma)
I have finished the desktop & print version of the ticket!
Day 8/10 for #zachtoberfest! I took the PSAT today and it was a disaster. I didn't get much done today, but I worked on a little ticket visualization forked from calebconf!
day 7/10 for #zachtoberfest!: ordered the :hackaustin-green-icon: badges!! (i also paid for the venue!) - i don't love the proof but i won't get the badges in time if i don't sign off but oh well
For 6/10 of #zachtoberfest I got WaiverKit deployed on a linode for :hackaustin-green-icon: !
day 5/10 for Zachtoberfest! I finished the badge design and ordered them from smartypass! They were def pricey because I needed 2-day shipping to ensure on-time delivery.
day 4/10 for zachtoberfest: #10-days-in-public ! I started work on the trivia kahoot for :hackaustin-green-icon: , otherwise I did homework all day :blob_sad:
this isn't a zachtoberfest post but it needs to live on my scrapbook
day 3/10 for ~#10-days-in-public~ zachtoberfest! - ☎️ I got a :hackaustin-green-icon: phone number! This will be great if somebody has a question during the event - or for in cases of emergency. I honestly can't believe we're only a week out from the big day. Also can somebody gimme a ring at 512-412-3889, that would be great
Thanks vercel!!! (For context: I got Vercel to send me a bunch of swag to hand out at :hackaustin-green-icon: !)
day 1/10 for zachtoberfest (#10-days-in-public) - Rails literally scaffolded prompter for me!
T-shirts coming in quick!!
I got rails installed! Gonna be building prompter w/it over the next 10 days
:hackaustin-green-icon: Ship! After like two+ weeks, I finally finished the new registration form!! It's pretty simple but it actually uses a real DB and not Airtable, as well as sends confirmation emails. I'll be implementing a sendy webhook soon & tie in ticketing, prompter, and ships. You can try it out today at or view the code at ! This took way longer than it should've...
Huge thanks to @sampoder for implementing my design to create "Version 2" of the :hackaustin-green-icon: Hack Austin website!
thanks vercel!!
I got dall-e!
basecamp is just the best for organizing HA (im not saying that because they paid me, i was using it well before the sponsorship)
homework :(
stickers? ordered.
when you find wannacry.exe on github
better get on rebuilding that infra :thumbs-up-head-empty:
I sent out emails to news organizations today!
🚢 WaiverKit: A tool for attendees to sign the Event Liability Release from :bank-hackclub-party-dark: 🚢 I revived PactMaker by Postmark (old libs and stuff) and replaced the default agreement with the one from Bank to create WaiverKit! WaiverKit allows attendees to fill out a regular form and by the end have a filled PDF with the waiver; no more hunting for the signature field. You can try the only instance, the :hackaustin-green-icon: Waiver Portal, at You can deploy your own at Happy Legaling! :dino-drake-nah: DocuSign :dino-drake-yea: WaiverKit
Thanks basecamp!
WaiverKit is slowly becoming a thing (forked from PactMaker by Postmark)
I didn't do much today - I went to the coding club today ig. Don't have a picture so here's a random one from my photo gallery
Not to take away from the legendary Vermont Vibes, I rebuilt my personal site (same layout & stuff) using Astro + Svelte + MDX instead of my old SvelteKit + mdsvex setup. I have to say I like astro and how it works - very easy. I also blatantly stole a toast from wack club to advertise hack austin. All in all, I'm glad I did it because it gave me familiarity with astro - like I think I could be just as quick as SK considering SK's routing got a lot worse recently. (here's an image to please scrappy)
all my new scrappy posts are in #reesericdotci
1 down, just HC proper to go
migrating all the HA stuff to prisma + cockroachdb
i made a facebook acct :(
🚢 bankcURL - a small cURL-able website for Hack Club Bank! 🚢 Helloo! I made a little thing for Bank - a website designed to be cURLed that shows the latest transaction data for any Bank org with transparency mode enabled. It falls right alongside and ! It works like this: curl <${org}> Happy cURLing! Screenshot:
i finished the badge designs!
We have details confirmed!
i procrastinated on homework all day. i fucking hate my life aug-may
I did it!!!! I finally beat my high score of 742
I made a map!
eh started making a base
started working on a script for a hack austin update video
sprig stuff
First couple signups!!!
im slowly getting more and more concerned that hack austin isn't going to happen :(
Mail incoming! For some reason our mail was being held, and so finally I got all my hack club mail shipments! Thanks #bank team for the stickers!
Flyer coming in!
doing hackathon things
I finished the prospectus!
just a quick idea & design. what do y'all think?
i do so much actual coding in the inspector lol
the ios app is coming along. (swift is actually pretty nice @tetraoxygen) i got it to scan the codes but the JWT verification isn't working yet :( i also wish i had screenshots of the real app instead of xcode but oh well
#2 - im coming for that number 1 spot (someday)
poster design! (i love designing print things because what i design - is exactly reflected in the final product)
First day of school - absolutely god awful id photo. Just look at that “smile”
I present the unique and original Hack Austin tv display website!
oof didnt post in time -heres my attempt with 10s to go
the site is coming together! (the prod version - and yes that is a navbar at the top. its sticky)
I just had the funniest, most panicked phone call ever with 1-855-62-HACK - i got to talk to @sampoder @deven and @msw. while they were boarding (not @deven) tho. i got put on hold for like 10mins by @deven it was incredible.
Dear loyal Scrapbook viewers, I have completed the Hack Austin website! Excited, —reese
the website is... coming along
My laptop screen is fixed!
1 week until school :blob_sad:
i just found out a little figma trick - you can copy and paste svg from inspect into figma!
the website is slowly coming into existence
Getting on my flight! ✈️
Getting on my flight! ✈️
Wtf slack didn't post my message to scrapbook - good thing streaks are broken! Anyways: home is nice
Vacation is over and I am sad on two counts.
i went on a boat (and found this cringy stock image)
Sick man on vacation :(
I have neon pfp
on a very long plane ride
Coding on a chromebook with the linux env and code-server - not as bad as I thought it would be.
i worked on a carousel for the new JB website
i went to the segrada familia. it was very cool. (insert stock photo because i didnt take any here)
I went to the miro museum
I went to a place and took pictures. (apologies for the awful glasses)
It got much worse
travel day.
fucking hell. first my charger (yesterday), now this
On a more positive note, high speed rail is overall pretty great! Security is way less of a hassle compared to TSA/ugh UK airport security.
train internet be like
I walked. A lot. Travel. But I'm not losing my streak!
The Orpheus font is coming along nicely
I shipped a serverless function for a local basketball club! more in #ship
I got more work done on the computer club website! (also todays the last session the website is a lie - i am writing to you from the session right now)
I worked on the hero for my new club website!
I submitted my application to create a Hack Club!
i watched RLCS all day, so here's a placeholder image to pretend like I did something
I ran another session of the computer club at my local library! It's not going great turnout-wise, but it's been fun having something to do every Saturday.
Today I found out that all the appointments to get a state ID card (not a DL because cars are lame) are booked until November. :(
macOS Big Sir! (made w/GIMP)
Consistent navbar with YAML! : 🎉
Homepage Rev. 2 is here! Any improvements?
Finished the homepage first draft!, time to get some feedback and improve it!
Getting started redesigning a website of mine with Jekyll!
I use arch BTW