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howdy friends! i stayed up for a couple hours last night working on my personal website (it was very spur of the moment). i’ve been designing the site for over a year now and going through different designs i settled on one simpler so i didn’t have to update it. i present version 4 of my personal site srtk.me (old metadata still but idrc). very cool thing happens at the bottom, the music thing detects what device i’m listening on (and also changes the icon). wasn’t that hard, it just required a new refresh token w a new scope from Spotify. <3
!channel Welcome, welcome…. to Stage 2 of our hike into the redwoods: ⚡D Alrighty, so, what is the *boogie* you may be wondering? We’ll be giving our Scrapbook all the features that it needs to be amazing for club leaders and members. The first stage of that begins today! So here’s what I’m asking from you 💬 in this thread, can you drop any ideas (as wild as you’d like) for features that’d help clubs! (and enjoy the short update video / weekly recap)
day 3 of #10-days-in-public: today is a travel day so i didn't get a lot done, but i've been making the raycast extension for lightning time that i made a couple days ago better. today i fiddled with regex to make the validation for commands that require you to input a string better. yesterday i added the hex codes for each color when rendering a lightning time string, which i like a lot because it's actually such a cool way to visualize how the colors are generated. (can you see it?) this weekend, i want to finalize the api structure for my npm package, set up a blog for purdue hackers, and start writing the explainer blog post. i would like to ship lightning time before the end of #10-days-in-public :D
Huge thanks to @sampoder for implementing my design to create "Version 2" of the :hackaustin-green-icon: Hack Austin website! hackaustin.net
Created a new way to measure time
Part 2 of recreating simulations i saw in 3b1b: the heat equation Now that I think about it, like 25% of all the projects i've made are inspired by 3b1b
Also first ship! "Quickly" made a website for our club before the school year starts, Sep 6 my fellow NYC HS students, set up the domain with cloudflare while not breaking google workspace. Simple.css was used, might rebuilt it in the future with something cooler. Some changes still need to be made but it is more or less ready for our first year of hack club at edison. edisonhack.club
Dealing with graphics bugs has been one of the funnest parts of building this game. Sometimes, bugs even give rise to new ideas!
I started a new project today! I've been learning a bit about front end dev over the past week or so and I decided to make one of those color picker app as a practice. I got around to making a palette and adding the colors dynamically and also creating different shades to them.
Niagara Falls and pic of Canada’s border :)
made this at @sampoder’s nextjs workshop at neohacks
Join me in 2 hours at PrideMakers 2021, where I’ll teach you Next.js & React.js, but queer :technologist:️ 🌈 Streamed live for free at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT today: twitch.tv/teamliquid
Figured out how to use discord's rich presence vscode extension. About to start making the mdx deck version for the speak colors workshop :cooll-thumbs:
fixed my Alacritty config, now Chalk actually recognizes i can handle 256 colors <3
Earlier today I stumbled across a series of Twitter bots that make cool generative art. The creator, who previously did not know how to code in Python before making those bots, said that this article was instrumental to him figuring out how to make those bots. So for the last few hours, I've been going through this and following along and making my own random image generator. The code was less than 100 lines long, so I figured it would be pretty simple, but there's soooo much going on that it took me hours to figure out how it works. Here's the repl where I built it. And here are some of the images I made with it. Now that I understand how this works, I'm hoping to hack it a bunch until I make something unique and that's entirely my own creation 👀
https://cloud-32lek76vx.vercel.app/0img0.png https://cloud-32lek76vx.vercel.app/1img2.png https://cloud-32lek76vx.vercel.app/2img0-3.png https://cloud-32lek76vx.vercel.app/3img0-2.png https://cloud-32lek76vx.vercel.app/4img4.png https://cloud-32lek76vx.vercel.app/5img3.png
My first spline design art!
refactoring terrible JavaScript
A Rainbow 🌈
a doodle i did for someone!
Woo hoo! Finished the splatter paint workshop (thanks @zrl for getting me through the VSCode issues)
reviewed for midterms today and cleared out most of my inbox. also went to a park to Mind Detox
Today was not very about code so I almost haven't coded. But I haven't shown everything about updating my Minecraft mods to the latest version. One of them is a client mod about displaying the key presses on the screen, someone requested it so I made it. While updating the mod I also wanted to add a new feature which was rainbow text! But I was a bit lost as I didn't know how to do that, there's multiple methods: • combining the font texture with a rainbow texture in the OpenGL shader, but that was unpractical with the mess which is Minecraft rendering (and I don't know enough about it) and making a "moving" texture would be hard with my limited knowledge about shaders. • drawing every character a different color: that's possible, with the latest MC update as they dropped the immediate rendering (OpenGL 1.0) it's not a big deal to do that way as it won't destroy performance So I chose the second method which is less smooth than the first one but it still gives a convincing effect. How does it work? Simple, when I want to draw a string, I'll use a special function if I want the rainbow effect, which will draw each character separately. To get the color I use a HSB to RGB method which allows me to make easy colors as it goes from 0.0 to 1.0 (from red to purple, like a rainbow but circular), and to make the color "move" I tied it to the current time in milliseconds and to make the color independent from each character I also tied the position of each character:
    public static int getRainbowRGB(double x, double y)
        float speed = 2600.0F;
        return Color.HSBtoRGB((float) ((System.currentTimeMillis() - x * 10.0D - y * 10.0D) % speed) / speed,
                (float) AuroraKeystrokes.get().config.getRainbowSaturation(),
A bit difficult to find it at first but when found it gives a cool effect :)
This science behind colpal logo *Colpal is a website about colors ... That i presented a week ago
Meanwhile, above the golf course
went for a walk
Made a doodle to try out my new markers hehe
I got my customizer almost fully working! The CSS stuff is still being kinda quirky but in theory it should work once I put it on a *.hackclub.com domain (CORS issues still lol, I think at this point I probably need to rethink the way I’m applying the CSS). I also made it look a little nicer so the UI will probably stay the same, but if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!
Designed my landing page header in react! (I've been learning react, so I'm super happy)