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Almost done with the basic draft of what I'm going to be talking about at The Lightning Talk! My talk is going to about a fairly serious topic; however I don't want it to be boring so next up is to create really fun slides! Also, Obsidian is really cool, I'm loving the translucent glassy background.
Creating my lightning talk for assemble
Wahoo! Starting today, transferring money between Hack Club Bank organizations is instant ⚡ This means that the transferred funds will reflect in your account balance immediately, even before the underlying transaction arrives (which usually takes a couple days). Other incoming payments like donations and invoices aren’t quite instant yet, but if your event is coming soon and you have incoming funds still in transit, you can now ✨ request fronted funds ✨ from the details page of the donation/invoice—we’ll lend you the funds via an instant transfer. Read more about this update in the changelog.
I think this was technically educational, so he can get away with stealing my banana
Putting everything in place 🤖
Big ship coming up! 🚢 :shipitparrot: Over the past month I’ve been porting all of Node Slack SDK’s :nodejs: :slack: packages to Deno :deno:, and today I’ve finally completed a major step — I finished porting Bolt ⚡ (and all of its dependants)! Presenting, Slack Bolt for Deno, a TypeScript :typescript: framework to build Slack apps using Deno rapidly with the latest platform features ⚡️ • GitHub :github://> • /x/ :deno:: This completes a major part of the Deno Slack SDK :slack-deno: 🎉 cc @safin.singh @Jeffrey @sampoder @rishi @caleb @mugaboverite (pinging whoever I thought would be interested / is involved in some way 🙂)
Did some Verilog coding, it's a newspaper vending machine code. Not perfect, but looks good in simulation.
I'm finally done with my homework, I can die in peace now ☠️
Thank you so much team for approving my shopping list :chicoparrot: :chicoparrot:
Was too tired to post yesterday since I finished stuff at like 10pm. Goodbye streak x2 😢. Yesterday I helped another person program their extension and anonymous person sent me $50 in LBC this morning 🤫. I also did some stuff in FreeCAD and found some bugs :( as well as starting this "cheaper" keyboard matrix design that I got working today. Today I also got added into "special" development Discord for LBRY.
Just moved to the basement and figured my mom likes to walk behind me even if I’m on a call. So I wrote this “ON AIR”-styled app to make her aware of my status before she runs into the camera 🙃 (updated by an API endpoint, so I can control it from iOS shortcuts, Zapier, or by yelling at my Alexa)
OK, I'm forcing myself to work on only one major project at a time. I'm prone to having way too many unfinished projects 😄
me using google sheets builtin functions to organize my club data be like:
Testing out FreeCAD. Probably not switching from Fusion but who knows?
Quick outline sketch in Procreate!
Made fluffy lemon cupcakes! (but no frosting so... muffins??)