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Day 4 of #10-days-in-public!!! courtneystringer.me is now up!!! I also am starting to use github for it (idk the terminology for coding a website with github) I'm also working to change the color scheme, and i started on the "portfolio" page
started on a short what is blot video for @lmcelroy!
Made a chocolate espresso torte that we ate before I could get a full pic… this is definitely not one of my 100-day goals but those aren’t going to happen lol
I've always wanted to build something concrete with Zig. So today I built this CLI that allows you to convert from one timezone to another. Source (+ linux binary in release): github.com/JosiasAurel/dt
#w-of-the-day day 97 The cold got worse but after a long grueling day of laying down and doing nothing I’m feeling a tad bit better now I’ve mostly avoided using my phone today (the whole week actually) so I’m really happy for that Parents still think it’s too much xD
finalyyy setup club scrapbook yayyyyy...:yay:
Penguin Pair Game Showcase 😄
Day 10/10 of #10-days-in-public! We made it!!! Wrapped up the amazing past 10 days with a celebration call. Thank you to everyone who participated. I am so inspired by all of you. And I’m proud of myself for shipping a new version of zachlatta.com with this time!
For Latine Legacy Month and as part of my school’s newspaper, I made a website interviewing various people on campus and asking them about their concepts about the month, their identity, and anything they wanted to share! You can find it at latinelegacy.phillipian.net/index.html
Ran a workshop on Sprig, variables and functions w @belle - helped these kids in my town build their first games
The homepage for #scrapbook-dev was looking… umm, well see for yourself. No where near finished, but gave it a small update and coat of paint! The real purpose behind this was to setup nested data fetching within GraphQL so that we can have the account’s username :D (sidenote: we need you all’s help! check out #scrapbook-dev, there’ll be more issues dropping in there over the week)
Did a lot of studying today for my entrance exam. Stapled a lot of paper. Here’s me holding a stapler.
day 4 of #10-days-in-public learning more about pygame, i decided im going to make a simple Pong game
🚢 bankcURL - a small cURL-able website for Hack Club Bank! 🚢 Helloo! I made a little thing for Bank - a website designed to be cURLed that shows the latest transaction data for any Bank org with transparency mode enabled. It falls right alongside wttr.in and hkkr.in ! It works like this: curl <https://curl.bank.engineering/${org}> Happy cURLing! Screenshot:
I made a Scriptable widget that lets you keep track of transactions + the total balance of any :bank-hackclub: hack club bank organization that has transparency mode enabled! code and instructions for installation are at github.com/maggie-j-liu/bank-widget
Last weekend, the :assemble: Assemble team launched ticketing.assemble.hackclub.com, which allows attendees to upload their physical or virtual vaccine card ahead of the event, and will soon open up for pre-event COVID testing. A ton of work was put into it by the team: @tetraoxygen built the backend for Assemble ID and vaccine verification, I built a website for uploading vaccination proof, and @sampoder added the finishing touches like the Assemble theme and copy. The repo has been private for a bit while we cleaned up the codebase and improved security and stability, but now it’s public! If you’re attending Assemble and you haven’t already uploaded your vaccine card, go to ticketing.assemble.hackclub.com and do it before Tuesday. :github: github.com/hackclub/assemble-preflight-web
Made my first contribution to this repo while working on Mailgun!
Wahoo! Starting today, transferring money between Hack Club Bank organizations is instant ⚡ This means that the transferred funds will reflect in your account balance immediately, even before the underlying transaction arrives (which usually takes a couple days). Other incoming payments like donations and invoices aren’t quite instant yet, but if your event is coming soon and you have incoming funds still in transit, you can now ✨ request fronted funds ✨ from the details page of the donation/invoice—we’ll lend you the funds via an instant transfer. Read more about this update in the changelog.
Made www.girlsinaerospace.org in less than 12 hrs from start to finish (counting the 23498 times I changed the design completely). My inspo was tedxwarsaw.org meets hackclub.com, but I kept it simple for now and I'll add more later. This is the first site I've ever made that somehow looks better on mobile?
Oh, crikey! My Whack-A-Mole submission got accepted :D
it took me all weekend to write a program in assembly that just prints back out the command line arguments you pass into it. that’s it. LOLLLL. this is really making me appreciate how much higher-level programming languages simplify for us! next step, doing something with those arguments.. maybe uppercasing them? the number of written instructions is only like 60ish, but the file itself is over 300 lines because it turns out I can’t write assembly without documenting it HEAVILY, or my brain breaks! github.com/hackclub/assembly/blob/5c9fdbe1e1b5673c1434af90197f6c10dff9a7ce/x86-intel/cmdargs/cmdargs.asm
I finally got this to a working state! It's a PowderToy / Noita cellular automita based simulation. So far it includes: • Ambient Heat Transfer • Really annoying fungus • Erosion • A lot of pixel types • Dynamic res with a weird workaround • State changes • The smartest moss you've ever seen • The dumbest flies you'll ever see • idrk I've been working on this for a few days, and its the most enjoyable project I've ever worked on. PRs are welcome, and post anything cool you find/bugs/ideas If you've got a slower laptop/PC use 64 px screen btw henrybass.github.io/SandSim Idk if this post would go better in ship, but this still is a WIP with tons of bugs
Finished my first supplement essay, easier than I thought. Will go back to common app essay after hw :roo-yay:
MIUI 4 successfully ported to grouper :)
https://cloud-fbcqqn5p1-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0photo_2021-07-25_14-02-32.jpg https://cloud-fbcqqn5p1-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1photo_2021-07-25_14-02-39.jpg
YOOOOOOOOOOO I JUST LAUNCHED DEVZAT ON PRODUCT HUNT! As you all know by now, it's chat but over ssh and it has Twitter updates and a slack bridge at #ssh-chat-bridge and markdown support and devbot and even chat rooms and syntax highlighting for code and tic tac toe and hangman builtin and timezone and all sorts of fun stuff! AND IT'S ALL OVER YOUR TERMINAL. Go smash that upvote button! www.producthunt.com/posts/devzat DEVZAT IS NUMBER 3 ON PRODUCT HUNT WORLDWIDE :producthunt:
Finally cleaned my Computer table😅 😅 :ultrafastparrot:
its all green now!!
Writing notes in BrainDUMP!
submitted some photographs to the jostens contest!
Spent 3 hours editing our angelhacks video submission today! Heres the timeline lol
Attended all hands today👐 and setup two buttons to switch depending if someone is signed in.
yeow hit 15 stars during the all-hands call -- thank you all so much!!!
Finally got a domain :partyparrot: (and put scrapbook on there :scrappy: ). All I currently have is scrapbook.agarmu.tech
did the final prep to make sure that
Tried my hand at SMD soldering today 😳
practiced some CSS this morning, including the box model, with padding, height, width and ids
Making a GSM Notification for air blower. :hardware:
Support your local HackClub!
Submitted my Matlab experiments today😄
Today I ran what I called the "The Great Race Across Singapore" with my Student Council friends as a team building activity! How it worked that there were teams placed in secret locations and they had to go through a series of challenges to reach the "final location" on the other side of the island which was the Merlion in Marina Bay but they didn't know that. Here's how it worked: Each team had 4 council members and one council leader. The council members were each given a store number that they had to go to in he Yishun Mall. Then the council leaders were all separated from their team together at Yishun Station. To come together they need to communicate through their location with only emoji. Then once they have met, they receive a cryptic message: My name is TRY***PA, call me maybe? . When they type this word into their phone, it will call me. I then read out the following message: 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, but bigger. If you head to 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, you will yourself in a random carpark in Ang Mo Kio (Singaporean outskirt-ish suburb, very residential). But what is special about this random carpark, is that it is the site of a small Merlion statue pictured below (where you wouldn't really expect one, they're rare). And remember we wanted "bigger". So they now have to travel down to the main Merlion statue in Marina Bay racing against each other. On the way they had some fun tasks as well such as taking selfies, learning more about each other! First one there wins the race!!!! It went pretty well on the delay and despite some early hiccups the Academics Department team put their minds to it and won the race! How the completely skipped going into AMK by just use Google Street View 🤣 Diego got a big brain!! Here's a photo of the winning team and that infamous mini merlion as well some screenshots from Sherlock Holmes my alt account on Slack plus a make do TikTok that me and Anjali (VP) made coz neither of us have TikTok lol really nice to have some fun!
https://cloud-m2jxkk6wx.vercel.app/0screenshot_2020-10-14_at_10.32.23_pm.png https://cloud-m2jxkk6wx.vercel.app/1screenshot_2020-10-14_at_10.30.28_pm.png https://cloud-m2jxkk6wx.vercel.app/220201014_154057.jpg
attempting Hack Club's Splatter paint workshop...
👋 Helloooo everyone! Ricey here back at it again with another shippy ship for @paevik! Back during the dinosaur era (i.e. last week) in the mvp, there was just the bare minimum: you could only create entries and post them to #journal. Now, @paevik is a fully-fledged app for journalling! V1 includes super cool things like searching by ID and Date, custom files (encoded in blocks bc Slack is stupid), a timeline view in the homepage, and some username trickery! Everything in the backend’s been refactored too—an API is in the works, and everything is super secure too! Some really awesome things are in the pipeline for the next version (I’ve decided to hold off on implementing anonymous journal entries for now), like: • Journal entries from #scrapbook entries • Notifications & custom feeds (you’ll be able to subscribe to other users’ public entries) • An API + website for exploring For now, you can get started by running /entry , or going over to #journal to see what everyone’s doing! :parrot_love: 📝 📚 It’s been a lot of fun building Paevik, and I can’t wait to see what y’all will write about! A really special thank you to everyone that helped me test this monstrous creation—it really helped a lot :) As always, you can find the source over at github.com/rishiosaur/paevik :D
Creating my personal web page
received a package from @lachlanjc today! wow - I was so surprised! thank you so much to lachlan for sending this, @cwalker for the inspiring note, and to all of hq for this amazing gift! it was really awesome to work with all of you this summer and I’m so grateful for all the support you’ve given. also enjoy this friendly orpheus a la chris
https://cloud-51mflb48d.vercel.app/0mvimg_20200908_231815.jpg https://cloud-51mflb48d.vercel.app/1mvimg_20200908_192307.jpg https://cloud-51mflb48d.vercel.app/2mvimg_20200908_230656.jpg