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So.... I got some feedback, turns out i made the traces like wayyyy to long for NFC and i crossed some traces for my hacker card jam, well about to fix this today, thanks to @msw for the feedback and help!
Today I decided to learn more about how the Browser Developer Tools 💻 work, so I started the Hacker Challenges by @jessicard! This project is amazing, all of the explanations are awesome and the challenges are very fun! :blobattention: Today I also did more school 🎒 stuff and took this picture! 📷
I'm volunteering at my old school taking out all of the screens in the old chromebooks. They said I could have a chrome book without the screen, so I'm taking one home to reset and use as a Linux server.
Today I started to work on my Visual Studio Code setup! :vsc: I installed Atom's :atom: One Dark theme which is awesome, and Prettier code formatter :macbook-air-space-gray-screen: that was a recommendation from @caleb! I also studied for my exams 🦠 , and worked on a new PR :pr: for Hack Club! :hack-club: Also here's macOS penguin default wallpaper. 📸
Today I started learning about what are GLSL Shaders thanks to a very cool art 🎨 project made with them that uses awesome :cooll-dino: math things like polar coordinates and Voronoi shapes, which I used previously with Paper.js! :javascript: All of this was thanks to @ced that mentioned this to me, besides his Shaders book recommendation: thebookofshaders.com 📕 Here's some screenshots of it! 📸 It's difficult but very interesting! I also I started to look for more themes to customize my coding setup and to change how internet websites look on my browser! 🌐 🕸️ Here's how my repositories look with a custom theme! 🎨 Although I still need to see more options and choose the best one for me. And finally, I read again a bit more of GitHub :github: CodeSpaces, and my following final exam that I'll have this next Tuesday will be Biology again! 🌱 🦠 :quad_parrot:
Today I continued studying for my exam, helped to review a Hack Club :hack-club: Workshop PR :pr: and started working on another workshop translation! :mexicoparrot: Also I'm going to be setting up a VM Server using Oracle and CloudFlare :cloudflare: and try to install PopOS! on it! As well I hope my GitHub :github: Graduation 🎓 PR will get merged on time :merge: because the time it's almost over! ⏲️ And lastly, here's a retro styled terminal on my Macbook, which I used to had on my PopOS! :pop-os: Linux :linux: setup and that I will use to write a Science Fiction story! 🛸
it took me all weekend to write a program in assembly that just prints back out the command line arguments you pass into it. that’s it. LOLLLL. this is really making me appreciate how much higher-level programming languages simplify for us! next step, doing something with those arguments.. maybe uppercasing them? the number of written instructions is only like 60ish, but the file itself is over 300 lines because it turns out I can’t write assembly without documenting it HEAVILY, or my brain breaks! github.com/hackclub/assembly/blob/5c9fdbe1e1b5673c1434af90197f6c10dff9a7ce/x86-intel/cmdargs/cmdargs.asm
I'm also making CSS Gradients as well! :css: Here's a code block with a custom gradient I did today! :yay: I mixed colors using Photoshop :photoshop: at school to get this: background: linear-gradient(0.25turn, #ec2f3a, #6126c7); 💻
Today I continued customizing my coding setup, learned about font ligatures on CS and started using Victor Mono font! Looks very cool and it has nice features! 💻 ✍️ Also tomorrow is my trip back home, so I'll have to travel by plane again! ✈️ I'll keep y'all updated! :quad_parrot: So for this I will need to wake up very early 🌅 to have time to eat breakfast 🍳 Like previous time, I'll make multiple posts about how it's going!
Finally my website is looking better! I managed to add moving particles to it using a Javascript Library, I still have to add more content and things which I will work on later another day, but it's nice to be able to recreate my planned design for my website with code.
New pc
Presenting... THE HACKTOP
https://cloud-iarxtcreb-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-iarxtcreb-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg
We made a sick club logo
Building a new workstation for a new year. This is my first time building a computer since I was 13.
woot woot! got an 8 in the Science Test 🎉
alright joining the exciting class enrollment gang, 3 days of class only 🤷‍♂️
Managing DNS as Code
Started working on my portfolio website.