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:arcade:#arcade is awesome, but amidst the focus of :cat_typing: typing, I lose track of time. I can't be the only one who forgets to start a new session after an hour, losing those precious 🎟️ As someone who spend 80% of their time coding on vs code (the other 19% are on stackoverflow), something right in the editor would be awesome :thinkies: So, I spent the past 3 hours and made ✨ Arcade VSC :partyparrot: It's a vs code extension that brings the arcade timer right to your editor! Setup is sooo simple, you only need your slack id. Being my first vs code extension, I was impressed with how easy the editor's api was to use! I'll be using my extension over the summer. You should give it a try too! :D 👇 marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=samdev.arcade-vsc github.com/samdev-7/arcade-vsc
I finally finished my project. Discover the coding universe with Shyaka Chaste, a full stack developer. Learn cool tricks, explore hands-on project tutorials, and boost your coding skills. 🚀💻 live link:https://www.shyakachaste.tech/ repository:https://github.com/shyakachaste/Blog-With-Chaste
About done with this track, here’s a snippet. Gonna release sometime today/tomorrow
We're so close!
Doing Postmortem of my CPU, lost my streak🥲...
We made a sick club logo
801 envelopes
woot woot! got an 8 in the Science Test 🎉
took another political compass test, not surprised
Text on Big Sur Dark Mode is pretty cool. Also join #flex
Doing some more work with scrapple
Just trying out some arduino projects :)
I did some brainstorming with my friends about some Web Apps to work on. I don't have any pictures to show. So here is a great Meme :ultrafastparrot: 🤣
More 3D Prints!! - Rick and Morty & Arc Reactor Special. Badges just for fun :party-dinosaur:
Spent all day today fixing a ton of Scrappy bugs! Here's everything I did today: • The streak resetter is called by a Zap that runs every hour, but it kept turning off every time it ran because I wasn't sending a response back. Now it's fixed and running every hour! 🕐 • We added text formatting (emojis, channels, and users) a while back, but posts made before that still appeared unformatted. So I wrote a script that formatted every scrapbook update since the beginning ⭐ • Scrappy now publicly links to the scrapbook profile of anyone who shares a CSS style so that anyone can see what the style looks like 🖌️ • If you had a custom scrapbook domain set and you ran /scrappy setdomain again to set a new one, it wouldn't remove your previous domain from Vercel. Now, it does! :vercel: • For a while, when you edited a message or shared an unfurled link in a thread, Scrappy would react with a beachball. Now, it doesn't do that anymore :beachball: • If you to set your status to a streak number that doesn't match your streak, Scrappy sets your status to a clown emoji. A few days ago I accidentally broke this feature, but I fixed it today! 🤡 • Yesterday, @saharsh submitted a pull request that automatically updates your scrapbook profile when you edit relevant profile information in your Slack profile. Today, I got that PR working, made a few changes, and merged it. Now when your profile picture, website, GitHub profile, and timezone change, it'll instantly be reflected on your scrapbook profile 🙌 • Today, I was made aware that Scrappy occasionally doesn't update people's status, either when they post an update or when their streak is reset. I believe I fixed the issue—I couldn't test it because I couldn't easily reproduce it, but if you notice your streak status not being properly updated, let me know so that I can investigate further! :som-7+: • In case you didn't know, all full slack members can run /som-promote to promote a multi-channel guest to a full user in Slack. Now, when you do that, it notifies #welcome-committee that they've been promoted so that they can help them get acquainted with the rest of the community! :heart: • And finally: previously when you uploaded large video files (>300MB), Scrappy would falsely tell you your video was successfully uploaded, only to silently fail and display an unsatisfying black screen on your profile. It was failing because 1) Slack wasn't serving the video near-instantly like it normally does with most files, so Scrappy was fetching an error page, and 2) even if Scrappy managed to fetch the large video, it crashed the Heroku dyno because it didn't have enough RAM to download the whole file. My largest project for today was getting large video files to work. Now, if you upload a file that's too big for Scrappy to download, it will wait for Slack to serve the file, upload it directly to Mux (the platform we use to serve video on the website), and notify you when it's processed. So go ahead and upload multi-minute videos now! :yay: 📹 If you find any other bugs in Scrappy, please let me know or open an issue in the GitHub repo (github.com/hackclub/scrappy) and I'll fix it. And of course, if you notice any of the bugs I supposedly fixed today persisting, please let me know so that I can look further into them and fix them for good. Here's a picture of me giving a very good dog a belly rub
got my mlh stickers
Tried to develop a simple logo for my project. SIWF-T( Satellite Imagery and Weather Forecast Tower) Still incomplete. Your suggestions on this are extremely welcomed.😊 :beachball: :summer-of-making: ❤️ 🤖 :yay: 🌍 🛰️ 🚀 🛸