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Create the backend for an AI chatbot that can be installed and run on an offline machine, supporting offline large language model (LLM) usage. This backend should allow users to upload DOCX, TXT, and PDF files, and then enable them to chat with the content of these documents.
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Recap time! Yesterday, I mainly spent the first half of my day prepping and annotating a dataset that consisted of different types of cells (T-cells, B-cells, etc.). I then tried out different types of models and settled on using detectaron2. The second half of my day consisted of working on my VEX robot. I built the drivetrain, hanging mechanism, and wings.
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Working on top trumps game
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anything is possible
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Introducing... Musical Pie v0.5! Do you have a Subsonic-compatible server? No, probably not. How about an RFID RC522 reader and abundance of NFC stickers? Bit more likely but probably not. A 16x2 LCD? Maybe? A Raspberry Pi? Quite likely! Well, if you're like me and have all of the above, you can use my Musical Pie project!! Musical Pie is a Python program that will play music that's attached to NFC stickers from a subsonic server. A sticker could reference an artist, album or track. When the sticker is scanned on the reader, it will play the music. Headphones/aux and USB speakers are supported. I also added a potentiometer for volume control. In the full release, there'll be two push buttons for toggling play/pause and for skipping to the next song. Here's a quick demo which went perfectly to plan with no hiccups whatsoever. Everything worked first try, if you disagree then I think you forgot to get distracted. Anyway, the code is available at and I'll be working more on this soon! If you've got any feature suggestions, please leave them in the thread, I'd love to add more stuff to it.
tryna build an rc plane
small :college-board: AP week ship!! my school lets people 🖨️ print 15 pages a month for free at the 📚 library, and that’s awesome! however, students are only able to print from 2 slow shared ⏳//|Print>! Print lets you drag & drop a file and get a short ID code to print it in one click from the shared computer. it’s nothing too special, but it’s a lot more convenient print files now at my school. feel free to try it out at the code is open source and available on github.
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GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE! MERRY SUNDAY!! let me tell a bit of a story. it was yesterday afternoon, and @zoyashussain reminded me that the swift student challenge submission date was tomorrow (thank you zoya!!!!) so, i scrambled to make an app! enter MOL!! mol is a mini app on your iphone and apple watch that lets you view the elements of the periodic table and all of their properties! 🧪 :table: 🧑‍💻 mol ios: 📱 mol watchos (my favourite mol): ⌚ (i'll combine the repos at some point) it's not on the app store (yet!), since i don't have an apple developer account. but do clone the repos and run them on your devices if you wanna give it a whirl! pls enjoy! thank you for reading!!! 💖 (p.s, i don't understand chemistry, so none of this made sense to me either :P)
IT works!!!! until it crashed
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added my first ever block to my minecraft mod! its meant to have a top texture + a side texture and be directional, but i haven't gotten that far yet. This "Thatch" block will eventually hopefully be a block that ages like copper, rotting over time and needing to be replaced. However, it's cheap to make en masse in the early game, and mobs won't spawn on it when it's healthy!
Not sure what to use for the scrapbook photo but MC'd a vex robotics tournament (message for scrapbook)
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Pizza by HTML & CSS😋
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my list! i probably need to get more pins cuz they tend to curl up
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:sinerider: !
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spent a bunch of today remastering/remaking a bunch of backgrounds from chapter 2 of my webcomic. a short story: we made chapter 2 in 2020, having shifted from paint tool sai to medibang, and were very much still figuring out what the fuck we were doing. I was still dumb and barely understood print media, but this was around the time i decided I needed to get it. Halftoning was a concept we explored in chapter 1, but didn't use super extensively past two pages because we decided to do chapter 1 in full color (among a lot of other issues with the original chapter 1, but thats a story for another time). This time, I wanted to get it right. I tried a couple different processes, mainly on creating halftoned shaders in blender. the problem, however, was that I just wasn't good at using the EEVEE renderer, and halftone shaders don't work in cycles. I then looked for a post production solution, and found an amazing paint.NET plugin which served wonderfully. There was one issue though: backgrounds were resized. I rendered every background at a standard resolution of 3840x2160, and @jeijii-U04GRS3T9J8 would resize/crop these to fit the panels. when a halftoned monochrome image gets resized, and you use bilinear scaling, it gets really ugly. we didn't realize how bad it was until we switched to clip studio paint for chapter 3 and used it's built in halftoning feature. chapter 2 was left neglected, as we pressed forward with the rest of volume 1. UNTIL NOW! As we get ready for a print release of volume 1, we're going back and fixing/tweaking every chapter. this includes redoing chapter 1 in it's entirety, and remastering much of chapter 2!
just submited my #onboard pull request!
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making a ch32 board
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my 100-days shopping list :heart_hands:
A crochet turtle! 🐢 🧶
here is my shopping list! it's just 7 projects so far, with some having already started and some not even past the conceptual phase. all things I'm super excited about exploring!
1/2 split cockroach 🪳. I did not split, however, being a brave man, I zoomed it a few feet away. (With a broom ofc)
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my new mousepad :D
The traffic light I just bought
learning some c++ on codecademy!!
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Day 3 of learning (to) and making a website: Learning CSS text styles!
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Today marks the end of my time as the Dorman Hack Club leader, as I officially handed over the reins to Jaime, our club's next leader. I am excited to see how he leads his club and grateful for his decision to continue this space for makers at DHS. In addition, today also marks the release of the Carolina Hacks mini-documentary (attached to this post). Carolina Hacks was a hackathon that my friends and I organized, and it was a truly unforgettable experience. Thanks to everybody who helped make it awesome.
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Day 8 of WHW #hardware-party, I had to head out early because we had to go to our village :villager: for EID💫 . So, I woke up really early and did some wiring and assembled the bldc motor & tested the net thrust component, I got some reading around 1.1kg in net force, and then headed out. Rest of day was packed with EID preparation and i am awaiting tomorrow :akkoshrug: eagerly. Well, that was it for today! I'll see you all tomorrow! Bye, Goodnight! PS: After being yelled at by my father for driving:driftt: , (In his own words) "weirdly" :weirddude: i tried some cool art filters and edited some pictures.
i had a dream last night
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i had a really strange dream last night
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don't scannn... (los altos hacks project w/ @ryan)
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riffing from a recent trip to california. kinda got in a trance and kept playing the same thing
:shooting_pepe_cowboy: HOWDY Y’ALL! YEE HAW! HEARD YOUSE FOLKS LIKE GRAPHS AND NERD SHIT! … that’s enough of that. We occasionally like looking at channel activity. Unfortunately, Slack’s official stats page SUCKS. Poor @KaraMassie has been, like, manually putting stuff into a spreadsheet every week for months. So. I built her a nice little webapp to see weekly stats in a much improved form factor! Always fun making things from scratch :) And since this stuff is cool to look at and helpful for everyone, it’s public and open to contributions ->
my first update from a new project i’ve been prototyping out tonight. so humbling writing rails code after SUPER long and realizing i have forgotten like 90% of the syntax
spent an incredible weekend in New York for #horizon !!! I loved coding with and mentoring the girls scouts and can’t wait to fully ship our experience together :)
STREAK SAVING!! Pic: old tram tracks i found in the city (which had a tram line for some time)
Hey everyone I need help in GitHub if anyone can help ... Do message
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Day 6 of coding in Arduino uno 😊
Day 7 (?) of WHW No update to the drone atm. Got the flux needed to finish soldering, will likely start that tomorrow!
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Day one and two, got so much stuff printed
hey guys me cutting up the pipe that will end up becoming the body of my speaker within my smart music system