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Today I continued customizing my coding setup, learned about font ligatures on CS and started using Victor Mono font! Looks very cool and it has nice features! 💻 ✍️ Also tomorrow is my trip back home, so I'll have to travel by plane again! ✈️ I'll keep y'all updated! :quad_parrot: So for this I will need to wake up very early 🌅 to have time to eat breakfast 🍳 Like previous time, I'll make multiple posts about how it's going!
Hey fwens :partyparrot_wave1: Hope you're enjoying your weekend!! This morning ☀️, I attended the Feross AMA hosted by @pranav and it was sooo much fun! Feross is insanely cool haha... like he just builds things he's interested in and tries to test the limits of technologies he uses :)) Also, I worked on more maths past papers and created an abomination for the annoying website challenge... I think a piece of my soul died :ratcap:. Hope you have an amazing day :blobcosy:!
texpad is so pretty :) my brain at 3 am? not so much
I got some free time to write today, so I'm working on my Twilight fan-fiction requested by my friends in Write Club. I also added a bit from The Outsiders in there ✌️
Ahhhh!!! I won a honorable mention for my art and a GOLD KEY for my writing in the Scholastic Art and Writing awards!! woot