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Finished Modelling my AFS system time to 3d print and start working on the arduino code
Finally made all my planning for my website ready!
Finished a painting of a frog
:shipitparrot: 💌 #leaders and clubs ship :shipitparrot: 💌 i spent the last week working on Leaders Letters, a new blog article page for running advice and sharing stories - from club leaders, for club leaders. this was heavily inspired by purdue hackers blog and @matthew. when i read technicolor last year, my club was nonexistent, my administration had probably blocked me on email, and i was on the verge of quitting. but at a time like this, i somehow stumbled upon this beautiful piece of writing and the words "EVERY SCHOOL NEEDS A HACK CLUB KID". it forced me to realize that my end goal was to create a space for students like me with hacker culture that just didn't exist. okay, maybe i wouldn't wear a hack club sticker cape - but i could definitely be the "hack club kid" at my school. i found a second home in hack club and through the process, was empowered to start a similar ecosystem at my own school. fast forward to today, not only does the miraculous club that i once dreamt of running exist, but we have people like @TishaKaur @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA @AanyaKungwani from that club who have gone on to become a deeper part of hack club through hackathons, #days-of-service (#blossom), #forsyth-hacks :forsyth-hacks-2-bolt:, & #the-summit :leaders-summit:. we have had huge meetings with successful workshops that have propelled people to join hack club, but mainly a lot of smaller ones that just seem like hanging out with a group of friends and creating projects :taco-dance:. this year, i had the greatest pleasure of onboarding @PaulKim, @michelle, and @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV and we've created an even larger cohort of metro-atlanta hack clubs who are working to create #hack-the-aquarium :ocean-magic_wand:. when i joined hack club, it was something extraordinary and out worldly and allowed me to find "my people". when i became a hack club leader, i was given the platform and tools to help others like me find each other and a school-wide and now city-wide tight-knit community in atlanta. i am just so grateful i took this jump after hearing all the experiences of past leaders. leaders letters is written in next.js :nextjs: and tailwind :tailwind: and will be updated with monthly leader blog articles or stories that need to be shared. the goal of the site is to serve as a stagnant place for the greatest memoirs that will help boost and inspire future leaders, and in the process allow current leaders to have their voices heard. :heart-eng: my final ask is if you're a leader who wants to share your story, don't hesitate! send me a DM or make a PR with the instructions in the repository! and more importantly, if you're not a leader, apply to be one and remember that it's never too late to start. trust me, it literally changed my life and every day helps me change others' lives as well. :githubparrot: 🔗 huge thank you to @fayd & @ShubhamPatil for moral support and helping me with the website coding. also thank you @matthew for the inspiration (from realizing that technicolor & future letters needed a home). and lastly, thank youuu :blobheart: @SarahDowden for the moral support and conversations that kept me sane through the work.
Working on learning react native and ios dev lol
burned out an SMT inductor, did one of the craziest hacks i've ever done, and... it worked (it's that yellow "coil" that i hand-wound in 5 minutes)
Day 100 of #100-days-in-public! WOW. 100 days, 100 posts. This has been quite the interesting journey, which forced me to make progress on my projects & make some cool stuff! Today I worked on my website for boba & wrote some code to make a div container bounce around the screen. Not sure what to add next, any suggestions?
small :chaos: ship! have you ever wanted to quickly and easily swap profiles with someone else on slack? no??? (i don't believe you) well now you can with Swapper! here to serve all your swapping and prankster needs. Featureing two all new modes: swapper basic where you enter a user id and it swaps profiles with them and swapper advanced (other wise know as cycle mode) where it cycles through an array of slack ids of your chosing Hope y'all enjoy and have fun next 00110000001101000010110100110001 your welcome #impostorkit
Got my blot!! :blobheart:
i bring you: rizzlang, the language of the future, its based on gen z syntax and basic. Here is an example program that attempts to disprove the collatz conjecture
10 yap "lemme cook"
20 find_out A = 1 run_wit_it 12000000
30 R = 1 + 0
40 G = 0 + 0
50 rizz_up N A
60 vibe_check N = R finna cook 150
70 vibe_check N < A finna cook 150
80 E = N % 2
90 vibe_check E = G finna N = N / 2
100 vibe_check E = R finna cook 120
110 cook 60
120 N = N * 3
130 N = N + 1
140 cook 60
150 swipe_left 
160 yap "nvm i was not cooking bro"
170 kms
currently the language is jit compiled
Best prototype
I learned how to send grants on HCB thanks to @sarthak
Oh no...
It's been a while since I've done a full update on the E-Fidget, so here it is: Version 4 was funded by #onboard, and it didn't quite work out (assorted issues with wiring and the relay-as-haptic-feedback idea) Version 5 was sponsored by PCBWay, and worked quite well with a linear resonant actuator for haptic feedback. Version 6 was a minor revision, with just a few tweaks. Version 7 added rechargeable battery support, but used an obscure, hard-to-source battery and was too expensive to sell easily. Version 8 was a complete redesign, following the same shape, size, and look of V7, but using a different microcontroller and a more common battery. It's still on the way! Now, everyone's favorite part: Pictures! Black is V4, Purple is V6, Blue with the big logo is V7, and other blue is V8!
🚢 WEBSITE SHIP 🚢 New year, new website! I have redesigned it, built with :nextjs: , :tailwind: and :typescript: ! • A modern, clean new design! • A cool Spotify widget based off @itsmingjie’s monolith website. • A white and yellow color palette It is now live at and it's open source on my github (Please ⭐ !).
i played a perfect game of kindless by @Ishan. it took me 3 hours and my left wrist hurts. as far as we are aware i am the first person in the world to achieve this
I've always wanted to build something concrete with Zig. So today I built this CLI that allows you to convert from one timezone to another. Source (+ linux binary in release):
today's scrapbook post is a little bit abstract as i don't have anything to "visibly" show (i cant just leak movie scripts lmao) but Ive come to a sort of impasse in the writing process. Our plot involves multiple conflicts, from existential to personal, and explores the consequences of idolization, climate change, and the worship of technology. these three themes clash with one another of course, since a film only has so much screen-time, but then begs the question of what is most important to speak about. When I wrote the initial plot for this movie, climate change stood at the forefront of my mind, with idolization 2nd and tech worship 3rd. That was almost two years ago. the existential horror of climate change still scares me, but no longer plagues my everyday thought in the way the other topics too. as a result, I have provided band-aid solutions to the storyline as my view on life has changed. This has created the problem where I find myself solving problems that I did not realize existed with the plot, only for new problems to rear their head. it's sort of a wack-a-mole game with plotholes. NOT FUN. I have gotten to the point where we had to ask ourselves, what even is this movie? what are we trying to say, and what do we think will come of the world? after endless deliberation, that question remains unanswered, , , which i guess i shouldnt be suprised by lmao. its an issue to solve- but after some thinking. I would rather tell a story that has a cohesive opinion than one strapped together over the years.
Firmware v1 complete! (loud button sound warning)
🎏 I drew the flag for #flag-referendum! Featuring: pirate Orpheus, doing a salute pose, pointing ahead. I thought about doing it when @KaraMassie asked me whether I was entering or not. I thought about it, then went to the #flag-referendum channel to look around. There, I saw @KrishnaBansal-U03CBNJUWJG’s pirate Orph and immediately got inspired. What if Orph was wearing a pirate hat?? 🏴‍☠️ It was a fantastic idea. Scrolling further up, I saw @LiterallyEverything-U04LNE9HEFK’s saluting Orph - the pose added so much personality to the character. (And, one of my personal design/art principles: ✨ personality ✨ - not always in the literal "character trait" sense, but something that brings life into the art.) Scrolling further up, I saw @JamesXiao-U04EQJ4RRHA's logo - which is genuinely just a well designed logo. It fits both the tech and boat vibes - so why not replace the traditional pirate skull on the pirate hat with it? I've honestly just taken in a lot of inspiration from everyone who has submitted a flag, even if it's not as obvious as the ones I've listed above. As @cwalker says, it was truely a community effort and couldn't have been made without the rest of y'all. So thank you all!! I hope you enjoy the flag as much as I had fun drawing it :yay:
Dear Scrappy, work
Last weekend I did a camping trip with my friends where the theme was "Bring Every Vehicle". We brought my Prius, a RAV4, a Subaru Outback, 2 razor scooters, a stand-up paddleboard, a pair of off-road motorcycles, my boat, and an airplane! Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:
SPARK TAUGHT ME HOW TO CODE (NOT SPONSORED) aka dumb kid learns to code in 24 hours bc of cool spark leader!!
We’re seven weeks out from Outernet! It’s time to make the event a reality. I arrived in Vermont tonight and thought it’d be nice to start a video diary of the event’s behind-the-scenes, here’s “Episode Zero”.
hi! i’ve been a bit inactive in this slack but i’m officially back! just wanted to share a couple things i’ve been working on: marrow, markright, and the star of the show, arson! arson :fireball: is a programming language, around, well, ARSON! what else. (excuse the bad inside joke.)👇 here’s a demo of me writing a sudoku puzzle solver in arson with marrow, a text editor i’ve been working on using this amazing guide on writing one in c that i’ve been expanding upon! because i want my own vim alternative but mostly for funsies and to learn c. another things: markright! some people might know that i wrote my own markdown parser a while ago along with a web ui. the web ui has been improved and looks a lot better! (although i have a couple issues to fix in chrome). comes w/ google oauth (i kind of skimped on adding extra auth options) and a recursive filesystem. demo also below 👇 extra things i did or am working on icyi at! going forward planning to work on more hc-centric stuff!
i have made good on this
Thought of the day 🕊️
*It’s a quiet night... the weather forecast says:* 🌌 Starry-sprinkled night skies with a chance of shooting stars and Lo-fi beats. You say to yourself, wait, that can’t be possible, right? Definitely possible! I present y'all my new ship: 🚢 :quad_parrot: Night skies is a small p5.js :js: website that includes a starry night sky and random shooting stars and some lo-fi beats! 🎵 Please give it a ⭐ on :github: if you like it! This was very fun to work on, and helped me to learn more about p5js.
My first 🚢! HackBackBetter, my hackathon, ran on the 22nd and 23rd of April (last weekend) and was pretty successful! We raised $6.2k in sponsorship from various companies with an incredibly easy experience thanks to Bank (poggers), had 40 out of our 90-100 registered attendees actually show up, and had 10 submitted projects, ranging from games to enterprise software to just straight up something nicknamed "uber but for trash"! Check out some pics below!!!!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉
finally printed my #sprig sage seeds in a 3d printed pot that i made with my printer from #hardware-party lol
:shooting_pepe_cowboy: HOWDY Y’ALL! YEE HAW! HEARD YOUSE FOLKS LIKE GRAPHS AND NERD SHIT! … that’s enough of that. We occasionally like looking at channel activity. Unfortunately, Slack’s official stats page SUCKS. Poor @KaraMassie has been, like, manually putting stuff into a spreadsheet every week for months. So. I built her a nice little webapp to see weekly stats in a much improved form factor! Always fun making things from scratch :) And since this stuff is cool to look at and helpful for everyone, it’s public and open to contributions ->
trying to draw my dog, not so bad
Small ship (bigger one coming soon hehe)! At #horizon I built an unnecessarily complicated hacky project involving Spotify + Neopixels. Basically, the web interface at allows everyone to add music to a Spotify playlist that I play (which means I have ultimate control I guess + yes you can technically still add music) without having to log in (especially if they don't have an account) + automatically filters out explicit songs in the search so nobody adds explicit songs. Waveform with p5.js and Tone.js record surround sound (coming from speakers and other close noise) and transform it into a cool waveform, while a set of LED lights (Neopixels) flash along to the music, utilizing an Adafruit Feather Huzzah to wirelessly communicate with a computer (computer mic -> computer -> computer processing -> send FPS to Adafruit -> flash Neopixels!) through the amazing audio-reactive-led-strip library. The Neopixels we got didn't work fully, but the result was still cool! (and I might be getting working Neopixels for another project!)
:scrappy: 19,626 posts have been made by 860 Hack Clubbers in #scrapbook since June 2020 (this was my first post from back in the day!). Just under three years later, it’s time for Scrapbook to evolve. We’ve always wanted more clubs to post on Scrapbook, however, many club members aren’t on the Slack. Now you can create a Scrapbook profile entirely from the web! This will give club members a space to share what they’re creating in their clubs. Alongside that, accounts can be created / managed from the web and you react to posts like you do in #scrapbook. Leaders: head to <|Scrapbook> to create pages for your clubs. Members can post on there and share what they create in your club with the world! Custom domains & CSS (like on Scrapbook profiles) are supported - these pages would make for sick club websites. It uses the classic combination of Next.js & Prisma with the new addition of next-auth! @scrappy-U015D6A36AG also now uses Bolt which has been a nice quality of life improvement. Here’s the GitHub: v2 is in beta at the moment, check it out here: bugs are expected and I super appreciate a ping when you stumble across one. :dinobox: looking for something to make & post about? react to this post with a 💥 to receive an inspirational* message & idea from @scrappy-U015D6A36AG (who also got a refresh last week)!
I've been working on the tennis ball detector for most of today and it worked great! I learned a lot of opencv functions and solutions like thresholding, blurring, finding contours, and finding centroids of shapes. Awesome!
Working on a board game... also drew a literal @dinobox cos why not
:shipitparrot: 2 ships, one day??? :shipitparrot: I have made the dumbest greatest :esbuild: esbuild plugin of all time: esbuild-plugin-bookmarklet esbuild-plugin-bookmarklet is an esbuild plugin that lets you generate bookmarklets! Ever wanted to make :react: TSX bookmarklets? Now you can! <> have fun! :eggsdee:
OMG, I hate they send result in post not digital... idk if it's YES or NO :sad_pepe:
ballerina dino?!