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experimenting with the haxidraw editor for interesting things to print with the machine! #haxidraw-development
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1) User flow + Information Architecture for Jams 2) Improved Text Legibility for Batch Jam Recipe Previews & Changed Tag Names 3) Wireframes for additional pages 4) Wireframe / Super Lo-Fi Prototype of Feedback Flow (creating Social Validation for a Jam) 6) Low fidelity mockup for aspirational project ~random idea: Imagine if Jams videos had "fake Ads" that you could skip that were meme like videos inspiring people to do Hack Clubby stuff like join the Slack, post on Scrapbook, come to one of our upcoming hackathons, or start a Hack Club & they were super slow budget & hacky~
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So you know how I have marshmallows? And I also have fire? WELL
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something is in the works πŸ‘€
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:scrappy: 19,626 posts have been made by 860 Hack Clubbers in #scrapbook since June 2020 (this was my first post from back in the day!). Just under three years later, it’s time for Scrapbook to evolve. We’ve always wanted more clubs to post on Scrapbook, however, many club members aren’t on the Slack. Now you can create a Scrapbook profile entirely from the web! This will give club members a space to share what they’re creating in their clubs. Alongside that, accounts can be created / managed from the web and you react to posts like you do in #scrapbook. Leaders: head to <https://scrapbook.hackclub.com/|Scrapbook> to create pages for your clubs. Members can post on there and share what they create in your club with the world! Custom domains & CSS (like on Scrapbook profiles) are supported - these pages would make for sick club websites. It uses the classic combination of Next.js & Prisma with the new addition of next-auth! @scrappy-U015D6A36AG also now uses Bolt which has been a nice quality of life improvement. Here’s the GitHub: github.com/hackclub/scrapbook. v2 is in beta at the moment, check it out here: scrapbook.hackclub.com. bugs are expected and I super appreciate a ping when you stumble across one. :dinobox: looking for something to make & post about? react to this post with a πŸ’₯ to receive an inspirational* message & idea from @scrappy-U015D6A36AG (who also got a refresh last week)!
Let's write an OS in Rust coz why not?
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πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅ Final work on my project I just change codes to track my face and it's working well β€οΈβ€πŸ©ΉπŸ˜Š
day 9/10 project smart home system module 3 - garden module- finished setting up the module. man a lot of wires got my head a bit messed up in frustration had to rewire it 2-3 times as the guide i followed didn't give a clear diagram now the plan is to upload the code to esp32s and setup blink app for monitoring
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After playing 1779 games, I reached level 200. I have an addiction to solitaire
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thinking through something new
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