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day 7 of #10-days-in-public today i finally got started on my film script. i also decided a soundtrack for my movie which would be igor stravinsky’s rite of spring. writing is actually pretty hard though so i prefer to just draw out what i want to happen in the movie rather than writing… yucky. • i also came up with a scene in the movie where you had people riding carnotaurus’s charging into battle with pterodactyl pilots swooping overhead which i thought would be cool.
tried to draw realistic eye for the 1st time
Today I experimented with using my broken 3D printer (one of the cheap, poor quality ones) as a plotter to draw stuff. The results are so much better than what I expected.
day 6 of #10-days-in-public! Today I worked on my project qRoute. I was able to draw lines on the map using svgs. I also continued my work on grade melon with a new toolbar on the course view page.
Spent the whole day studying and didn’t get time to draw, so here’s a random screenshot of something from my notes app I should ask dall-e for a “box of knees”
Didn’t draw much today but here’s a doodle and some scrollwork practice
wip sprig bootup screen see #sprig for deets (wanna draw us a nicer sprite that everyone will see when they turn on the console?)
FIRST SHIP EVER!!! 🚢 :quad_parrot: 🎉 Hello everyone, today I can finally and very happily say that I have made my first ship! And not just one, but 2 in 1! 🥇 So let's get started! :parrotdad: The first thing I'm shipping right now is my Splatter Paint 🎨 project made with Paper.js :javascript: This is a HTML Canvas which lets the user draw circles with different sizes and colors and a linear path 🖊️ as well. My code is hosted on my GitHub Account :github: and it's deployed using Vercel! :vercel: This is as well the first project on which I use it, and I must say it's very cool to use! Thanks to all of this, I can say that this project helped me to understand better how JavaScript works, how to write awesome :cooll-dino: READMEs and how to deploy with Vercel. 🗃️ So the second thing I did is a great CSS :css: Customization to my #scrapbook :hack-club: profile! (This is also the first time I'm posting to it outside of the channel itself). I did it a few days ago as you can see it on my Scrapbook posts, but I was told to ship this as well! This features a custom background with a texture, gradients, the application of elements like :before and :after , some cool borders and a great animation! From this I learned how to get better at design and with CSS. To all of this I'm attaching some pictures 📸 of the projects and the links! 🔗 🌐 github.com/J-cordz/Splatter-Paint :github: splatterpaint.vercel.app 🔗 gist.github.com/J-cordz/e9d92b3b5cba0e35ed6ec830d1a2b0b2 :github: That's all for today, feel free to ⭐ any of the projects or follow me if you like and see y'all later with the next Ship!! Wahoo!
Today I'll go to a small trip 🗺️ so I won't have time to work on projects! Instead I'll be on the road 🚗 and then on an airplane ✈️ to go back to my first home! I will be reading some interesting books, listening to some cool music 🎧 and maybe I will draw 🖊️ a bit, play some games 🎮 or code 💻 locally depending on my devices batteries! 🔋 I'll try as well to share images, so meanwhile here's two very cool :blob-cool: landscape images 🌆 part of my first Scrapbook post of the day! :tw_tada:
So today I had Biology 🦠 Lab 🔬 again and did a lot of experiments! I also learned about Gitmoji 🚀 an emoji guide for commit :pullrequest: messages, and tomorrow I have an English Exam on Biological 🌱 /Medical 🥼 terms, as well and I'll try to digital draw my Bio diagrams that I have on my notebook! Also I will be adding new things on my Itch.io profile and write new content for my CodeJelly :jelly-grape: Sic-fi 🛸 story submission, which started working as a small game in dev after the event! :itch-io: And finally, although I coded a bit today, keeping a Github :github: streak 🟩 is hard, which is something I'm probably not going to be able to keep going, besides all of this, my day also went very well! :quad_parrot:
Day 2 of VS Code import pygame import time import math from utils import scaleimage, blitrotatecenter GRASS = scaleimage(pygame.image.load("images/grass.jpg"), 2.5) TRACK = scaleimage(pygame.image.load("images/track.png"), 0.9) def newfunc(): TRACKBORDER = scaleimage(pygame.image.load("images/track-border.png"), 0.9) newfunc() REDCAR = scaleimage(pygame.image.load("images/red-car.png"), 0.55) GREENCAR = scaleimage(pygame.image.load("images/green-car.png"), 0.55) WIDTH, HEIGHT = TRACK.getwidth(), TRACK.getheight() WIN = pygame.display.setmode((WIDTH, HEIGHT)) pygame.display.setcaption("Racing Game For None!") FPS = 60 class AbstractCar: def init(self, maxvel, rotationvel): self.img = self.IMG self.maxvel = maxvel self.vel = 0 self.rotationvel = rotationvel self.angle = 0 self.x, self.y = self.STARTPOS self.acceleration = 0.1 def rotate(self, left=False, right=False): if left: self.angle += self.rotationvel elif right: self.angle -= self.rotationvel def draw(self, win): blitrotatecenter(win, self.img, (self.x, self.y), self.angle) def moveforward(self): self.vel = min(self.vel + self.acceleration, self.maxvel) self.move() def move(self): radians = math.radians(self.angle) vertical = math.cos(radians) self.vel horizontal = math.sin(radians) self.vel self.y -= vertical self.x -= horizontal def reducespeed(self): self.vel = max(self.vel - self.acceleration / 2, 0) self.move() class PlayerCar(AbstractCar): IMG = REDCAR STARTPOS = (180, 200) def draw(win, images, playercar): for img, pos in images: win.blit(img, pos) playercar.draw(win) pygame.display.update() run = True clock = pygame.time.Clock() images = [(GRASS, (0, 0)), (TRACK, (0, 0))] playercar = PlayerCar(4, 4) while run: clock.tick(FPS) draw(WIN, images, playercar) for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type == pygame.QUIT: run = False break keys = pygame.key.getpressed() moved = False if keys[pygame.Ka]: playercar.rotate(left=True) if keys[pygame.Kd]: playercar.rotate(right=True) if keys[pygame.Kw]: moved = True playercar.moveforward() if not moved: playercar.reduce_speed() pygame.quit()
I had planned for today to draw my Dino for Hack Club GitHub, but instead of this, I worked on my Digital Garden Project and started learning different ways to index my Obsidian vault with notes into a garden database, also I'm almost ready to ship the fist version of my Personal Website, and most likely I will be hosting it with the help of Repl.it where I'm also hosting my workshop projects, and then move on to better alternatives with improved versions. In other things, I forgot to mention some days ago than my high school is finally at the Hack Club map and I'm happy to be a club leader and get to work at my club and create awesome things!
trying to figure out the design for Doodle Month (the blurry blob is a test, inspired by Lachlan's Supercons website). feel free to recommend me display fonts, i'm trying to look for some
https://cloud-incsnd7t3-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0image.png https://cloud-incsnd7t3-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1image.png
Hack Club replied to a tweet of mine and asked me to draw Orpheus holding an orb - i, of course, obliged
Wrote a program to draw fractals recursively. This is a hilbert-curve on its 5th iteration!
had to draw a sky for my digital imaging class
lucky draw prize + stuff arrived :D
built a live drawing activity! it’s a live activity for events where attendees write basic commands to draw shapes on a large screen, it’s intended for absolute beginners (going to use at a school assembly in feb) The attendees enter a terminal-like interface where they write commands inspired by p5.js, these are then checked and sent to the webpage at /live using Socket.io which then runs them on the p5.js canvas. Try the attendee view: draw-innov-week.sampoder.com And the main screen view: draw-innov-week.sampoder.com/live source @ github.com/sampoder/live-draw enjoy!
Did not draw this:
Started building the school in Minecraft so that I can draw the backgrounds for the game but I forgot to take a picture so here’s a thing from Elise’s character sprite sketches
Intense dark night-time scenes are the most fun to draw And difficult...like actually this was kinda difficult Also this is part of a new spinoff story I’m working on to go alongside my wip game’s story, the guy in the picture is an engineering and maths teacher
I wanted to try making something different to my usual, so I tried to draw Ray in a vintage animation art style. Definitely needs some work but I’m happy with it :D I wonder if I can keep a streak going this time...
It's kind of end of summer, already I honestly did not expected the nixie clock to take so long to build, and my goal has failed, I did not finished it for end of August. To be honest, it's fine, better to not rush something as expensive as a nixie clock to avoid doing careless errors which could lead to disastrous consequences. Today I got the top layer PCB, the missing piece now is the motherboard. I'll finish it, hopefully before 2021 as classes will start soon and will take me a lot of time. I guess it's time for me to draw conclusions about what I learnt while doing this project: • PCB designing is honestly fun on an occasional basis, I wouldn't like to do that all day though, it can become quite tedious quickly. • Nixie tubes are fascinating and not that hard to control when you have the right components • 170V power supply are tricky to find • Programming on a STM32 is really fun and interesting, will do that again instead of using a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino, there's much more control, at the expense of having fewer ready-to-go libraries • I did too much OOP for a clock again • I DO NOT recommend to wire up a nixie clock without a PCB, it's just hell • The common DS3231 RTC module has big problems, like having a """charging""" circuit which is just more dangerous than anything else because it does not have any protection and this module is often used with non rechargeable Lithium coin batteries, in my case it's mostly fine for now as I run everything under 3.3V so it doesn't charge the battery, I added on the motherboard a pin based switch to use 5V the day I recreate a similar module with an actual charge circuit (hopefully the motherboard will be enoughly future-proof). • Discovered this community, which is very cool, you are all super cool and supportive :D I really hope I'll be able to finish the nixie clock soon, and once finished I really hope I am able to show you all the final result. Thanks a lot for supporting this project ;)
Our resident artist @e-lee-za was kind enough to draw me a super cool pfp
Was learning to draw on a canvas today,so decided to draw the the first name of Zach latta,🤭opps hope spelled it collectly @zrl thanks for hack club(though it didn't come out perfect)
https://cloud-ogglx1ocf.vercel.app/0screenshot__86_.png https://cloud-ogglx1ocf.vercel.app/1screenshot__85_.png https://cloud-ogglx1ocf.vercel.app/2screenshot__84_.png
a couple days ago I wondered 🤔, when you drop your pencil, doesn’t it always end up 3 miles away from your chair? I tested it out! (i’ve been pretty bored lately). Here are the results:
I haven't code, so I draw something
i wish my handwriting looked like this on palate but only on ipad 🙃
I really need to organize my desk lol
Made fluffy lemon cupcakes! (but no frosting so... muffins??)
https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg