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my girlfriend is a big fan of dune (book/movie series), so i designed + printed this poster for her
more blot testing and watched the super marios bros movie
today's scrapbook post is a little bit abstract as i don't have anything to "visibly" show (i cant just leak movie scripts lmao) but Ive come to a sort of impasse in the writing process. Our plot involves multiple conflicts, from existential to personal, and explores the consequences of idolization, climate change, and the worship of technology. these three themes clash with one another of course, since a film only has so much screen-time, but then begs the question of what is most important to speak about. When I wrote the initial plot for this movie, climate change stood at the forefront of my mind, with idolization 2nd and tech worship 3rd. That was almost two years ago. the existential horror of climate change still scares me, but no longer plagues my everyday thought in the way the other topics too. as a result, I have provided band-aid solutions to the storyline as my view on life has changed. This has created the problem where I find myself solving problems that I did not realize existed with the plot, only for new problems to rear their head. it's sort of a wack-a-mole game with plotholes. NOT FUN. I have gotten to the point where we had to ask ourselves, what even is this movie? what are we trying to say, and what do we think will come of the world? after endless deliberation, that question remains unanswered, , , which i guess i shouldnt be suprised by lmao. its an issue to solve- but after some thinking. I would rather tell a story that has a cohesive opinion than one strapped together over the years.
#w-of-the-day day 196 Uhh, movie. I went for out for a movie night with my friends today (best decision ever, always do movies at weekdays folks)
Mini #movie-nights! 🪐
Brazilian federal police officers look like they came out of a movie
day 7 of #10-days-in-public today i finally got started on my film script. i also decided a soundtrack for my movie which would be igor stravinsky’s rite of spring. writing is actually pretty hard though so i prefer to just draw out what i want to happen in the movie rather than writing… yucky. • i also came up with a scene in the movie where you had people riding carnotaurus’s charging into battle with pterodactyl pilots swooping overhead which i thought would be cool.
day 6 of #10-days-in-public studied whiplash movie, and learned about how damien chazelle filmed the whiplash(my favorite movie) in just 19 days and took down tips on how to write a good story. specifically i learned to visualize what you want to happen in the movie and to certain plot points bigger than the characters themsevles. i also wrote down some ideas i had for different scenes in my dinosaur film.
🦖 day 5 of #10-days-in-public for my film making/film script writing learning! i missed the past few days because i was very sick and so could barely have energy to do anything. but today i decided to get back into it. I used the past few days i at least watched a few movies everyday over the past few days and so today i… • used alot of what i learned while i was watching those movies to write a basic story bible for my dinosaur movie script. • established a setting where humans and dinosaurs coexisted, the movie would be a dinosaur war movie where people fought with dinosaurs with technology équivalent of the 19'th century. • watched alot of filmento videos on youtube to see how different famous movies created good plots and good action sequences • thought up a new theatre design for my action sequences, since it is the 19th century this is a period where you have thousands of guys standing next to each other just firing with muskets so i designed a custom theatre with 180 degree fov so you could see the entire battle similar to old battle panoramas • thought of ways people could use dinosaurs in war if they coexisted with us. ◦ pilots would ride pterodactyls into combat with scythes attached to their bottom which could extend midair to slice through soldiers ◦ pilots would launch from argentinasaurs (worlds biggest dinosaur) and so it would be like a dinosaur aircraft carrier i attached a photo of art made by some other artist that i got inspiration from for my film script, but i will attach my drawings in a couple of days of what i came up with so you could visualize it better mostly cuz they’re a mess rn and i gotta redraw them before sharing :)
day 1/10 in #10-days-in-public started my film script for my dinosaur movie :party-dinosaur:
saw a really crazy video rendered with disco diffusion, so now i’m playing around with it on my own machine. the grey dot is an input image which generated the art. going to try making a short movie with it to learn!
Saw this movie today, Have no pics so here is its poster, Sory for scrappy spam :p
Today I added more scenes to my Sci-Fi 🛸 👽 comic at school! I also worked on features for some coding projects! 💻 :quad_parrot: Sadly :sadge: today I couldn't went to the cinema 🍿 to watch Dr. Strange :drstrange: , so I'll have to make my best to finish early all the work 📜 🖊️ 📖 I have to do tomorrow so I can have time to watch the movie! Also I'm almost ready to make my first ship ever!!! 🚢 :parrotdad:
Today I started working on a Sci-Fi 🛸 comic at school! Here's an image in progress of how it's looking so far! :parrotdad: Also tomorrow I'm going to the cinema 🍿 to watch Dr Strange :drstrange: 🎉 , it's already the third 3️⃣ day that the movie 📽️ is out on México :mexicoparrot: , but because tomorrow is finally Friday :tw_spiral_calendar_pad: I will have time to go after school! 🎒 I will probably eat 🥘 🍕 something while in there, and I'll make sure to share too about it!!!
Today I worked again on some of my projects including my website, joined a Hack Night Movie night after not going to calls for a while and studied for school and exams!
New Ship!!! I came across this Movie Lens Dataset thanks to Copilot (this tech is amazin I'm tellin you). I got inspired by few of the notebooks there and decided to build my own recommender system, the problem was that I didn't know a single thing about recommendation systems so I started extensive research. After few days of research and few more days of coding it's ready: Movie Recommender • This is a project in a notebook format as the model and datasets are too heavy to deploy to free services. • Contains Content-based recommender and Collaborative Filtering recommender • I try to write detailed README so refer for more details Find it Here: github.com/Gautam-flash/Movie-Recommender Two types of results are attached:
Again, did school, my English teacher again started talking about relationships, this time recounting a story involving a rejected freshman girl. V sad. Speaking of that, my physics teacher said something which he said applies to both graph tangents and dating: “only kiss, don’t puncture”, the meaning of which I do not grasp :flug:. Also he has really nice hair and I want to copy his hairstyle. He also hates jellyfish so people prank him by hanging photos of jellyfish in his classroom and wow his classroom is nerd heaven it’s so beautiful, so many old books and whatnot complete works of Galileo and everything. I did no programming today, I built a nightstand and watched a movie, rescheduled my Orpheus show recording.
Made a website for as a portfolio project and was working quite hard on it. flixtorr.web.app FlixTorr is a website where you can find magnet links for any movie without any hazzle like on other sites, open source and ad free, check it out and please do give your feedback!
Did some game dev and went to movie night! Also Welcoming 2021 on #cars !
Super thankful for my tasty gift from @blakedfreeman and really enjoyed movie night!
a lot happened to today: Halloween dress up, math test in the morning, class party for Emma who is leaving the school, debate (which we won!!) in the afternoon whilst also having 3rd movie night and then got dinner and played among us lol
follow up ship from this: we used the system for the first ever time at the grade 6+7 movie night!! it was a massive success overall, all the watchers had fun watching the movie and getting food hand delivered. @arsh7chetana is very proud of all the money we raised for future events ;) tho we had a bit of a rocky start.. but the system held out with like 20 orders a min, seeing real people use what i made is cool here's a real customer interview who loved being treated like royalty :D
https://cloud-5ogxxzbhc.vercel.app/02blal6vwq_knilr_ka1mfw.jpg https://cloud-5ogxxzbhc.vercel.app/1uiqnq9t_s729ybqvt2_bjg.jpg https://cloud-5ogxxzbhc.vercel.app/2kqmmfjkvssonksjqrybgcq.jpg