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I met a robot tour guide today at AHG (realizing I should have taken better pictures)
day 6 of #10-days-in-public!! hey everyone! today, i worked more on the sign up form, and makin' it harder for adults to join! now, all you need is your birth year!! the form looks super duper funky right now, so i'll work a bit more on making it prettier! :slack: :10daysinpublic: p.s: here's a picture of my dog, pepper! she's had a very long day of waiting for her dinner. 🐶
Day 4 of #10-days-in-public Today, I started by Installing Windows 98 SE (Thai Edition) on 86Box (and oh boy, we have a lot of bugs to fix), before that. Social page is finally done and the bugs from Frontpage had been fixed. and if you have MSN Messager with Escargot Server (Version 7.5 or higher) you can click the header and automatically launch a new chat for you, But sadly it doesn't work on Windows 11. And also I can't get Windows XP install on my VM on time, maybe I will post on seperate post. And now the hidden story on the homepage is now worked on both modern and old browser. (But picture on about me page needs to be fixed.) That's it for day 4, See you on day 5.
Got the chance to meet and take a picture with our India's one and only PM, Narendra Modi! (I'm the guy behind the yellow dressed lady) (yes this is a screenshot from doordharshan, the original photo will be sent to us only after review and editing)
It's been a while since I've done a full update on the E-Fidget, so here it is: Version 4 was funded by #onboard, and it didn't quite work out (assorted issues with wiring and the relay-as-haptic-feedback idea) Version 5 was sponsored by PCBWay, and worked quite well with a linear resonant actuator for haptic feedback. Version 6 was a minor revision, with just a few tweaks. Version 7 added rechargeable battery support, but used an obscure, hard-to-source battery and was too expensive to sell easily. Version 8 was a complete redesign, following the same shape, size, and look of V7, but using a different microcontroller and a more common battery. It's still on the way! Now, everyone's favorite part: Pictures! Black is V4, Purple is V6, Blue with the big logo is V7, and other blue is V8!
Finally continued my project of turning an old all in one into an external (touchscreen) monitor! The parts are now ordered. (Picture after re-assembling the frame, where under it was the product number od the panel)
Headed to downtown Olympia (again), got a picture of the Capitol this time :)
Going through the pictures of the moon taken last night
my first 35mm colour enlarging!
built my second iteration of my camera shutter today. Still got issues: bleed between the panes, and the cams not holding the panes in place very well. Trying a new design with tighter tolerances to mitigate this, as well as an additional set of nuts to have better control over the screws. I also added some extra material to the lower panes to see if that mitigates the bleed at all. After this, I might shelve this version and try to use what I learned to develop a 5pane design instead of 8 panes. shouldnt be too hard(?)
Don't have pictures of the whole thing but I got recruited onto chessbot ig, an electromagnet CNC drags the chess pieces around
T-67 Days until Orpheus wins! Okay so I'm literally writing this right before I go to bed. I'm super tired because It's been a long day, but here are some notes of what I did today! • Started reading They Both Die at the End. It's really good so far, and I'm halfway in. I'll probably be a bad kid and stay up and read some more • I practiced esperanto on duolingo... I'll probably step up my practicing this friday because I'll be on my way to camp this weekend again. • Finished the rough draft of Episode 2 of my serial novel, Zero Gravity (now publishing on Kindle Vella and Wattpad!) • Explored some new songwriting ideas • Got my learner's permit... Oh, and my license to kill, but that's a secret 😉 • Wrote some stuff for school • Wrote this little scrapbook post Anyway that's all, folks. Stay hacky! PS: You get... A bad 11pm selfie because I took absolutely zero pictures of anything I did, and I don't want to spoil the next episode of Zero Gravity (even though it's kinda predictable tbh)
designed some pins for my school's deca club! they just arrived today and they look sooo good in person - pictures don't capture the quality 😁 (btw hack club should totally make some enemal pins! they're like 1-2 usd each but probably cheaper the more you buy)
mmm, there's #100-days left of 2023 - what better way to kick things off than a revamp of my life? 💜 introducing v2.cytronicoder.com, the latest edition of my portfolio which I started last year. featuring the comeback of my ✨ projects ✨ showcase, as well as a brand new purple theme + profile picture rotation based on my Slack profile pic over at slack.cytronicoder.com! :slack: additionally, non-hacky stuff: I opened up (sourced?) my two spotify playlists @ my profile (psst listen to the alternate version its honestly better) and my React workshop @ buildingbloCS! go check them out, and feel free to reuse the workshop materials :roo-love: finally, i'm really excited to tell yall that my abstract on single-cell embeddings and spacial distributions (quite a mouthful tbh) has been selected for both a poster and oral presentation @ GIW ISCB-Asia 2023 :partyparrot: now comes the part where I go on an indefinite hiatus to work on my final paper, presentation, and poster + school summatives
🇨🇦 Hack The North 2023! @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0, @fayd and I teamed up to make :goose-dance: Hack The Geese :goose-honk-left:! It was a game that attendees could play using the QR codes on their badges. Here’s how’d it work: 1. You’d scan your badge’s QR code to log in. 2. Your find someone who you’d like to compete against and scan their badge’s QR code. 3. You’d both receive a prompt, eg. “take a selfie with a someone with blue hair”. 4. You’d race to take a fun picture based on the prompt before the other player does. 5. You either win or lose, then you got to choose wether or not to rematch! You can go to htgeese.tech/album to see all the photos that folks took during demos with the game (and many more of me stressing over the backend)! We used a slightly cursed combination of a Next.js frontend and a backend written in Go which interacted with one another through Websockets…. yeah, very cursed and very jank. We also used Vercel’s new Postgres & Blob storage services which were surprisingly good. And, of course, we used Prisma…. including it’s slightly hacky spin-off Go client. Another awesome part of the game was @ImDeet-U045B4BQ2T0’s custom designed geese (GEESE!): :htn-goose-1: :htn-goose-2: :htn-goose-3: :htn-goose-4: :htn-goose-5: :htn-goose-6: :htn-goose-7: :htn-goose-8: :htn-goose-9: :htn-goose-10: Every player got one of these made for them when they first signed! The game was a bunch of fun to play IRL and we had people playing it throughout the demo session. Attached is a sick selfie of @fayd in his sunnies and the judge! And at the end of the day, somehow, we were selected as winners so we got to demo on stage and won a couple of prizes which was pretty cool! Here’s us playing a game with all the attendees and a couple of other photos from the weekend (including us working on the project while on #hack-night!). The GitHub is full of more photos and stories from the weekend: github.com/sampoder/hack-the-geese. O CANADA!
Also they published the HackUPC pictures taken by the staff of the event! Here’s a selection where my team and I appear
Bad internet so rip upload picture but I did a lot of random and different stuff today, like working on some issues and my rust todo cli project
YAY, Had a meet with the amazing @Holly for my club " Phoenix Hacks", and Had an amazing time, She helped me set up my club. Taught me about HC resources I can use for the development, and showed me the beautiful sunset pictures from (HQ) Vermont!!:beatsaber:
#w-of-the-day day 134 Today was a fun day. I basically took every mode of public transport touring dubai. Did absolutely nothing productive but had a lot fun PS: the first picture is me in front of the worlds largest Ferris wheel. it’s been closed for a full year and still no ETA to when it will reopen
Day 8 of WHW #hardware-party, I had to head out early because we had to go to our village :villager: for EID💫 . So, I woke up really early and did some wiring and assembled the bldc motor & tested the net thrust component, I got some reading around 1.1kg in net force, and then headed out. Rest of day was packed with EID preparation and i am awaiting tomorrow :akkoshrug: eagerly. Well, that was it for today! I'll see you all tomorrow! Bye, Goodnight! PS: After being yelled at by my father for driving:driftt: , (In his own words) "weirdly" :weirddude: i tried some cool art filters and edited some pictures.
Sprig GO Update! Worked on rendering. Picture of package I got from HC
Wanted to get this flower's picture since a long time but I am too lazy to step out of my home
Shipped the uil study tool on Vercel today at uil-study-tool.vercel.app (Github at github.com/Sarthak-Dayal/uil-study-tool)! There are still some optimizations I can potentially make to the model, but it works well for my current intended purpose of making my daily science UIL studying more fun. Also, began part 2 of the fast.ai course today so I can potentially build up to making an AI image upscaler to dive deeper into AI as I improve the quality of some of my profile pictures.
using my old camera after a long time
Flowersssss (I had this in my gallery, I am laxy to go out and click new pictures + touching grass is toxic to gamers)
This is Day #2 of my Sprig Adventure! Today I completed a few sprites that need rework so that's why I didn't upload a picture yet. Also it is day 2 of learning Brazilian Portuguese on Duolingo. Recommended of the one and only @Lucas and @luanderfarias!
(picture from #development-of-things-and-stuff) made some more progress on my pen holder design, its very sloppy but I rushed since I forgot to take my medication this morning and slept until 5pm : (
WHW day +6: after hours struggling with wifi connection, I have succeeded to get on hack club slack and make a post on the scrapbook. Here is what I did during my week without internet: • print time on serial monitor thanks to the RTC library that I've already install (i have also displayed them on my lcd screen but i forgot to take pictures) • read some books about C programming language to code my arduino better (don't have C++ books but it was the best I got without internet 🥲) this week I went finish my holidays to the mountains ... but I forgot to take my arduino 😭 no progress this week sorry if my project take a long time to get finished (I think i'll not be able to continue during school)
Didn't do much today but I did plan to calibrate my 3d printer further so that the case fits better than before. The picture is just everything I've printed for the project including the one failed case.
Tried capturing the pictures of Moon and Venus.
It's already the end of the 8th day of #hardware-party / Winter Hardware Wonderland! Time passes so fast :ultrafastparrot: :winter-hardware-wonderland: Today was an important software day! ~~ Basic Project Description ~~ Plant Location Chooser is a project that helps you choose the right place to plant your flowers. This is calculated via the Humidity, Temperature, etc. After a basic summary let's jump into today's software focused changes! :ultrafastparrot: ~~ Changelog ~ 1️⃣ Fixed a lot of bad data with the BME280 sensor. That was definitely annoying, the issue was that some of the contacts weren't touching. :facepalm: 2️⃣ Arduino now sends the results back, if the location is found to be unsuitable, then it also send the sensors data 3️⃣ The app now notifies the user on a bluetooth response. ~~ The Plan of the Near Future 🤖 ~~ Sync both the arduino and flutter codebases together and merge them in the repo ( It currently isn't one .. ) and maybe install the Soil Moisture sensor, will see about that tho. The picture is the current build_
Day 4,5,6,7 - We just got back from Florida today so we didn't really do much on days 4, 5, and 6, although we did do a bit of some visualization of how some of the mechanisms work in a more specific way. Today we designed and printed a bracket that perfectly lined up the gears that we printed so far. (Image foreground) We also modeled our wheels. We don't have enough time to print those today, but you can see a hazy picture of the 3D model in the background. I might end up printing one wheel overnight and check it out in the morning.
as a very non-techy intro to hardware, i found a broken digital film camera in the garage and fiddled around with it for a bit until i got it to work (pretty much opened it up, cleaned everything, put it back together lol). it works great and i got some awesome pictures from skiing! 🎿 gonna post some more pics on #karolina-is-swag too once i process them!
day 4 of WHW -> forgot to post but programmed my LEDS and the clock thingy ! (first picture) + day 5 of WHW -> reprogrammed the LEDS + connected my segment display to the clock !!!!
The end of the fourth day of #hardware-party / Winter Hardware Wonderland! :winter-hardware-wonderland: Time does pass fast! Today was as expected a very good day for me and of course the project. ~~ Basic Project Description ~~ Plant Location Chooser is a project that helps you choose the right place to plant your flowers. This is calculated via the Humidity, Temperature, etc. After a basic summary let's jump into today's changes! :ultrafastparrot: ~~ Changelog 1️⃣ Added / Refactored the Humidity scale! 2️⃣ Refactored the arduino codebase for cleaner and more maintainable code. 3️⃣ Created the android app with Flutter, that was a joy! Just got to add bluetooth aka the most basic feature. Sneak peek is attached! 4️⃣ Rearranged the cables for easier and more maintainable breadboard. Picture attached! The Plan of the Future🤖 ~~ Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day with lots of things! Firstly the android app will finally have Bluetooth support! :ultrafastparrot: And the light sensor might also be installed.
day 3 of winter wonderland, mainly just setup my system for developing my board. used github.com/espressif/esp-idf for this. don't have any images really so here is a picture of my board :salute:
Winter Wonderland - Day 4/10! (#hardware-party) I'm super tired today, so I'm going to keep this update short with bullet points: Progress: • Got motor mounting plate made on router! • Received last connector I needed to hookup battery to speed controller • Soldered different connector types to wire • Made first basic configuration for speed controller (completely untested) Next Steps: • 3D print motor mount slider block • 3D print pulley • Assemble all major components to bike • Wire everything (a lot of things!) • Cable management • Test the esc configuration I thought of another addition to the project as well. It would be nice to have a small bike computer with gps and a high contrast e-ink style display. This is definitely not going to be possible in these 10 days, but it's another thing to do after the base bike is done! As always, here's the CAD for reference, and I'm open to suggestions! (The pictures will be better tomorrow I promise)
The end of the third day of #hardware-party / Winter Hardware Wonderland! :winter-hardware-wonderland: Today was a somewhat big day for my Project aka Plant Location Chooser. ~~ Basic Project Description Plant Location Chooser is a project that helps you choose the right place to plant your flowers. This is calculated via the Humidity, Temperature, etc. Changelog 1️⃣ Fixed the HM10 bluetooth module for what it seems the fifth time. Today it was having trouble registering AT commands and it was driving me crazy lol. 2️⃣ I also added an HM10 Dev Mod for contacting the HM10 module via Serial. 3️⃣ After a long time, the BME280 module was successful installed, after I almost bent the pins :(. 4️⃣ A temperature option with a range has officially been implemented! Tomorrow Plan ~~ Tomorrow I plan to start working on the official android app using Flutter! I am so excited lol. As usual here is a picture of the board
Yeah, sorry pictures look a mess. But today is my day two for #hardware-party, although I could not work on my project has one important part is missing. I was just doing small basic LED. Hope tmrw I won't be too busy so I can do more things. But fun day it was indeed :ultrafastparrot:
❄️ WHW Day 1/10 It was storming this morning so I got the joy of rushing downstairs to start waterproofing! I had much panics. After that, I had school. When I got home, I spent time updating sensor accuracy and adding a status LED. All in all, I also got a lot of valuable weather data to work in making observations with! Tomorrow's Agenda • Start on real enclosure • Work on power sourcing • Deploy Video server • Join a Sprint 💨 Picture alt text: A picture of the night sky that finished off as clear. It looks like I won't need to worry about the waterproofing tomorrow!
❄️ WHW Day 1/10 Oh my god this took forever! 3 hours spent lubing and filming switches. Gonna suffer on econ tomorrow though. Ran into some issues with the fit - the films were a tiny bit too thick so I had to file down the clips. It took forever. I also set the print for the stencil to run tonight - hopefully it all goes well so I can cut the foams out on Thursday! Tomorrow's Agenda • Solder on the hotswap sockets • Test each socket with a multimeter Picture: The product of my suffering - 50 lubed switches.
I tried to install libraries for the pi display. After rebooting it won’t connect to any display… I’ll have to edit that in the sd card itself. More to come! Picture of it not working:
Today I updated the image file in the hackclub/global repo to use the main Assemble picture! Also I did the last commit to my Splatter Paint project and published my first github release, with this finished, I definitely need to start something new. :roo-yay:
#w-of-the-day day 36 didnt right a single bit of code today, but made some educational progress (studies and hw). anyway here's a picture of jeff from roblox doors saying hi
Bought a new domain using the hcb perk, also spotted a fibre install up the road, its hopefully coming to my house. have a picture of blahaj swimming around
Went to see Blood Brothers, and cried in confusion trying to use bank api's. Had a debate w mum on why she should sign a contract for bank. And put up this cool looking picture
I don't have a picture for this (yet) but tonight I was elected head projectionist! Enjoy this picture of our two DP70s, the 60 year old film projectors that are now my responsiblity