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thanksgiving today! had our first club instagram post, didn't really do much else.
day 2 of #bci! today my goals were to get the hang of using kicad, understand the schematic of openbci's cyton board (which is, along with hackEEG and piEEG, the basis for a lot of our understanding of what exactly happens in EEG boards) and spin up a bill of materials for everything going in our pcb. i got to the first two and didn't do the last one (although i will eventually get to it!), but i had a lot of fun! today was another great day because this is the most fun i've had in a while building shtuff (among other things: deciding who would be who in the openai drama, the f*ckboard, dinner at steve). tomorrow's goal is to spend the whole day just building the actual pcb (and then spend thanksgiving off?) we're building this out in the open so my daily notes are all here: cloud-ckujstd4d-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0jc_0e4ee6c5e5e546ce910bda3e3ad2ac10.pdf (this is part of #100-days! join us over there, we're working on cool stuff like #apocalypse and #dallas-day-of-service!)
Friendsgiving under the dish
added snow to my website for christmas ! and yes, it's christmas now, thanksgiving is basically over...
We are on our way home from camping at Turkey Run again!
happy giving of thanks! i made dinnerrr which didn’t turn out like planned lol but i’m pretty proud of it!
https://cloud-nwion84rw.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-nwion84rw.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg
Long time no see Scrapbook! I created a virtual gratitude wall last night. My club collected over 500 responses, so I coded a word cloud and designed a website to display info. Happy Thanksgiving! :aom:
Rewrote an old Readme today; went a bit overboard (GIFs AND Photos?!) but pretty happy with how it turned out. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
idrk why i colored it out butttt im planning thanksgiving dinner! we don't usually celebrate apart from dinners with friends but this year, i decided i'm going to go all out and cook a big dinner for my family!
I really want to rebuild my website and finish a bunch of other projects but I haven't been able to work on stuff I actually want to do because of school. I literally cannot wait for thanksgiving but I know my teachers are probably gonna assign hw over the break... In the absence of anything interesting, enjoy this screenshot of my to-do list looking much lighter than usual.