6-day streak

I got this OLED display working!


No, you don't get an unboxing, but you do have this clip of me powering up the pi zero for the the first time!

The OS is up!


Look what came in the mail today!


Currently doing stuff for a dual credit course, but I don’t want to lose my streak, so enjoy this empty notepad window


I finished my URL shortener! It’s probably not the best, but it does what I need it to. The code is at github.com/jasonappah/router. Next, I’m probably going to rebuild my website and make it cooler.

Beginning work on a Airtable-powered personal URL shortener! There’s already apps out there that do this way better than I can, but it’s been pretty interesting working on this so far


I made a basic design of the case that’ll hold all of my components! Now I just need to make sure everything fits…

I tested my Lightning to USB adapter by connecting it to a memory card reader, and…. I haven’t even gotten all of my parts yet but I may have already hit a roadblock with my project. Basically, Lightning may not be able to provide enough power to the Pi Zero I’m planning using. I said may, because Apple doesn’t publish anything on the Lightning spec, unless you are in the made for MFi program, but to join, you have to represent a company or organization, and you have to sign an NDA, which I definitely cannot do. This would probably not be a problem with a USB-C iPad, so hopefully my Dad will let me test on his when it comes. But for now, I guess now we wait to see if the iPad can power the Pi Zero! I’m planning to have a separate LiPo battery as a backup in case the iPad can’t power the Pi.


Flashing my SD cards with Raspbian!


Switched my default shell to zsh today! I installed oh my zsh, powerlevel10k and a syntax highlighting plugin, what else would you recommend I do? Also thanks @matthewgleich for the help with moving my PATH over from bash


First parts for my project came! Now I can start work on a more detailed CAD design. I wasn't too sure on the dimensions of the adapter so I didn't want to do all the design and end up wasting my time


Whoops, I completely forgot to post yesterday. Didn’t code yesterday, but I’m back in Ableton after a bit of creative block


:yay: :yay: :yay:


I finally got around to adding some custom CSS to my scrapbook, and I added 2 features to the customizer: you can export your CSS straight into a gist to make it easier to add to your scrapbook, and the CSS auto-saves in your browser so you don’t have to worry if your browser crashes.

Finalized my Bill of Materials for Summer of Making!


I'm super excited! Let's do this! :ultrafastparrot: :ultrafastparrot: :ultrafastparrot: :ultrafastparrot:


when you’re debugging something and you just want it to be over


Almost got this working, but I like sleeping so I’m gonna go do that :)

Almost done with a feature that lets you export your CSS to a gist!


We’ll see if it works in a couple of minutes!


yooo it’s up! scrapbook.hackclub.com/customizer

I made a PR to (hopefully) get my scrapbook customizer up at scrapbook.hackclub.com/customizer.


Termux is really cool


Wow I’m so excited! /s


I got my customizer almost fully working! The CSS stuff is still being kinda quirky but in theory it should work once I put it on a *.hackclub.com domain (CORS issues still lol, I think at this point I probably need to rethink the way I’m applying the CSS). I also made it look a little nicer so the UI will probably stay the same, but if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

I made my scrapbook customizer thing look a little better! The code is here: github.com/jasonappah/scrapbook-customizer

I know it looks incredibly ugly (I’ll fix that soon lol), but my CSS editor for scrapbooks is partially working after working through some CORS issues!

I set up a custom domain for my scrapbook! scrapbook.jasonaa.me. Next I want to create a CSS customizer so it’s super easy to create CSS for your scrapbook.


I made a Python program with Selenium that bulk uploads videos to a CMS that a nonprofit I’m working with uses. I’m pretty proud of myself since this is the first project I’ve started and seen all the way through. If you want to check it out, the code is here: github.com/jasonappah/subsplashuploader