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Rendered a little animation I made in Blender for college. It’s only a 2D render for now, but I’ll eventually make a render for a planetarium. I spent way too long trying to get the seeds to behave, I really don’t want to spend more time on it 😭
I built a student portal/site for my school! In the future, there may be AI and official district portal features thrown in as well, but at the moment it's primarily being used for my school's course selection since that's what's happening right now at school. I'm so happy to have finished building it! It's a project that I've been hoping to launch since my freshman year of high school but never had the coding expertise to execute, and now it's open-source and live for the 1,700+ students at my school to access! Using Next.js, React, and the magic of the Google Sheets API, I was able to sell the course catalog that my school has (and I now encourage you to check it out)! It's now available at mybla.vercel.app :D It's been awkward walking around and seeing people compliment the project due to seeing my name in weekly announcements but I'm happy that it already has a happy user base even after being released for a short while.
Today was my second 🥈 introductory day to college! It was great and I could met more of my classmates and professors! Also I had my first 🥇 Anatomy Class of the semester and it was great and very cool! 💪 🦴 Here's a picture of the bird that is living on the tree 🌳 I showed yesterday! Today I made as well another PR to Hack Club :hack-club: :merge: but I'll talk about it tomorrow.
First post of the day! :tw_tada: Here's some pictures 📸 I took recently and that I didn't have had time before to share in here! Two of them are from a local bakery 🥐 🥖 near my house, the other is a statue 🗿 that I have shown in here before, and the other is from my school! 🏫
Today was my final high school day!!! :parrotdad: 🏫 This have been such an amazing :cooll-dino: adventure and the best of journeys, after 3 years, I finish this stage of my life, full with many moments and experiences, with new friends and a lot of things that I learned. I say goodbye happily, knowing that I'll keep with me forever all of the moments and people that made this the BEST years ever that changed me and helped me to improve in many ways. I'm glad to say that I'll be able to see my best friends during this next years and I look forward for the future, and everything that will come next during this month, on which I have my final exams and lastly my graduation. 🎓 post, I'm sharing a picture of the evening and one of the front door of my high school!
Today I learned more about CSS Frameworks including Tailwind CSS! Also tomorrow I'm going back to school after having online classes for a long time!
i got bored in class so i made a clock to get rid of boredom and make sure that time passes- time.hemeshch.repl.co
my fam knows me too well and surprised me w an açaí bowl for the first day of uni :hug: I’d show u a pretty pic of the arrangement but I feasted on it too quickly lmao
Wow I’m so excited! /s