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:shipitparrot: 💌 #leaders and clubs ship :shipitparrot: 💌 i spent the last week working on Leaders Letters, a new blog article page for running advice and sharing stories - from club leaders, for club leaders. this was heavily inspired by purdue hackers blog and @matthew. when i read technicolor last year, my club was nonexistent, my administration had probably blocked me on email, and i was on the verge of quitting. but at a time like this, i somehow stumbled upon this beautiful piece of writing and the words "EVERY SCHOOL NEEDS A HACK CLUB KID". it forced me to realize that my end goal was to create a space for students like me with hacker culture that just didn't exist. okay, maybe i wouldn't wear a hack club sticker cape - but i could definitely be the "hack club kid" at my school. i found a second home in hack club and through the process, was empowered to start a similar ecosystem at my own school. fast forward to today, not only does the miraculous club that i once dreamt of running exist, but we have people like @TishaKaur @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA @AanyaKungwani from that club who have gone on to become a deeper part of hack club through hackathons, #days-of-service (#blossom), #forsyth-hacks :forsyth-hacks-2-bolt:, & #the-summit :leaders-summit:. we have had huge meetings with successful workshops that have propelled people to join hack club, but mainly a lot of smaller ones that just seem like hanging out with a group of friends and creating projects :taco-dance:. this year, i had the greatest pleasure of onboarding @PaulKim, @michelle, and @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV and we've created an even larger cohort of metro-atlanta hack clubs who are working to create #hack-the-aquarium :ocean-magic_wand:. when i joined hack club, it was something extraordinary and out worldly and allowed me to find "my people". when i became a hack club leader, i was given the platform and tools to help others like me find each other and a school-wide and now city-wide tight-knit community in atlanta. i am just so grateful i took this jump after hearing all the experiences of past leaders. leaders letters is written in next.js :nextjs: and tailwind :tailwind: and will be updated with monthly leader blog articles or stories that need to be shared. the goal of the site is to serve as a stagnant place for the greatest memoirs that will help boost and inspire future leaders, and in the process allow current leaders to have their voices heard. :heart-eng: my final ask is if you're a leader who wants to share your story, don't hesitate! send me a DM or make a PR with the instructions in the repository! and more importantly, if you're not a leader, apply to be one and remember that it's never too late to start. trust me, it literally changed my life and every day helps me change others' lives as well. :githubparrot: github.com/sahitid/leaders-letters 🔗 hackclub.com/letters huge thank you to @fayd & @ShubhamPatil for moral support and helping me with the website coding. also thank you @matthew for the inspiration (from realizing that technicolor & future letters needed a home). and lastly, thank youuu :blobheart: @SarahDowden for the moral support and conversations that kept me sane through the work.
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