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It's been a while since I've done a full update on the E-Fidget, so here it is: Version 4 was funded by #onboard, and it didn't quite work out (assorted issues with wiring and the relay-as-haptic-feedback idea) Version 5 was sponsored by PCBWay, and worked quite well with a linear resonant actuator for haptic feedback. Version 6 was a minor revision, with just a few tweaks. Version 7 added rechargeable battery support, but used an obscure, hard-to-source battery and was too expensive to sell easily. Version 8 was a complete redesign, following the same shape, size, and look of V7, but using a different microcontroller and a more common battery. It's still on the way! Now, everyone's favorite part: Pictures! Black is V4, Purple is V6, Blue with the big logo is V7, and other blue is V8!